11 December 2012

My Facebook Blog aka Journal

 Hellow everyone..

This might the last time i will ever write and make an entry here.
I have a new 'home'!!!!

and its something very different..and not really a blog. hahaha... yaii.
anu bah..

its something i wanted to do long time ago..yep. a looooong time ago..so that its easier for me to share without  having to write tooo much..tooo long and take up too much time.  hehe.. i gues this is the norm for a working lady and mummy.. :)

i still love blogging.  and so.. this is it. the new home.


please click the link above so i can take you to my new home.. and share with you more. :)

It's a facebook group page actually. so only those who join or wants to read from Yours Sincerely, Nc will get to do so.  :) Its really a great way of sharing my thoughts and moments that i treasure with people whom i am connected with already in facebook.

So..here we go.

You are always welcome. Anytime. :)

Merry Christmas everyone. :)
17 October 2012

Daddy's Girl

No doubt.

Just a Wordless Wednesday.

..lama nda buat entry.


Introducing..my first laksa sarawak.
Cooked for breakfast.
Answering the challenge from a friend who bought me a laksa sarawak paste all the way from sarawak. heheh..
jadi..ini la kejadian nya.

oleh kerana mau try ..n pantang kena dare..trus buat ASAP - kunun.
and the result..my laksa sarawak - bajetXpress.
no prawns, no shredded chicken meat, no time for eggs.
everybody's hungry.
so just some taufu, beansprouts, somekind of fishball..hehe..
and..the amazing coriander leaves that brings that amazing smell.

macam mana mau buat?
actually ada bnyk cara. dari yg komplikated..ke yang ekspress.

i choose my own way.

1. fried garlic with little oil together with the fishball.
2. add water. boil it.
3. add the laksa paste. let boil for 10 minutes.
4. add coconut milk - according to how milky u want ur laksa to be. let boil for a few minutes.
5. add ur tauhu, taugeh..coriander leaves.


o..don't forget to prepare your noodles of course. hehe..

buat berasingan la..

rasa dia?
my hubby said..macam laksa.


It's not the usual apple that keeps the doctor awayyyyyyyy from me now.
It's this amazing tablet called spirulina.

Do you know about it? hehe..
some would know...some don't..some don't care less.
but this is the little supplement that i have taken when i was pregnant with my first baby before..given it to the baby when she's about 6 months young..n the mummy is still on it now.

what's so great about it?
it contains double double time the nutrients than many supplement or by just taking the original food alone.
56 X more irons than the ordinary bayam..spinach
5X  protein than a glass of milk
25X mor beta carotene than carrots
and..a lot more.

but..careful when you choose your spirulina.
choose only the one with the highest grade.

 of course.

..this is not a promotional ad.
just a friendly sharing and a testimonial of a consumer product. heheh..
Friday sharing ba..

* the comment button (just in case ur curious)..is somehow not functioning properly. you need to PREVIEW first ur comment. then PUBLISH. then baru kenampakan tu. Thank you Mia Memories for reminding me :)*
11 October 2012

Bloggers Mantra

Now here's a sharing of what i guess could be every bloggers mantra.

Written by Janice of 'Sharing the Journey'
(forgive me for not having the link)

Been keeping this for a quite a while.

Hope this adds colour our cloudy sky.

How can you not agree with that.

Till then..

..im getting mellow listening to the Backstreet Boys. mateiii..
it's me. back. on the blogging track. suddenly.
been missing out a looot here.
the working world is intoxicating me.
SO, i decide. 
that's it. 

everybody needs to work (of cos) and PLAY.
and i have forgotten..that my blog is my playground.
so here i am. again.

with a different layout and everything again.
ikut mood juga ba kn.

trying to keep it as simple as possible this time.
and this is one of the dynamic views template on blogger.
the blog list and followers list is on the right side. and the left is a list of all posts.
which..i like very much. cuma...tuuuuuuu..na. yg mcm navigation bar warna peach di atas tu.
i really have no idea how to change the link or get rid of it.
ive checked all the html carefully..(mcm la hebat sgt)..but..still cannnot o.
please. somebody help me.
if not.. just turn a blind eye on it la a. :)

Just an update.
Here's my Neve just this morning.
ready for momom.
i was about to leave for work.

That's all for now.
Will be back again.

16 August 2012

Happy Hari Raya

A happy Hari Raya wish to all my Muslim friends and blogger..
Enjoy ur Aidilfitri..
Don't forget to drop by some kueh raya a... ;)

and to all friends who are on holiday..
that includes me..hehehe me.
One sweet week.


Just my little amoi.
Who will turn a year older in a few weeks.
hmmm..time flies.

17 July 2012

I Just Need Ice water

Afetr a long day event at the college.
Finally seated.
And ..as you can see.
I just need really cool ice water.
The best.

p/s: omg..can this be considered an entry for a blog? huhu..panat.
12 July 2012

I Will Be Back Soon

..i miss blogging.

13 June 2012

What 's This?

Happy Wednesday everyone :)

Wanted to share a picture with all of you.
If you can only guess what is this.


We must have this element in our body.
70 percent of it.

bah teka2 dlu a..
tiada juga hadiah la.hehe..

cuma you will be surprised with what i will share you in the next post. 

Mummy n Neve @ 10 months young.

Have a great Wednesday.. 
03 June 2012


Have a great Sunday everyone..

This one's for u.
...sementara tu.. sa mau p tingu urang kawin ni ari.. hehe
it's the wedding season!!!!

01 June 2012

The Award

I told u i'm happy..
Time to show off ,  share with you, the award, in my hand.

and currently..i'm loving it.

I am a Manager. 
hehe..kiut kn award sa dpt.

and i owe it all to

u see..
In the midst of the aramai tii mood and the festive celebration everywhere..
It would make me really happy to share this breaking news with you.
Cewah cewah..

Nothing big actually.
It's just that,
I recently earn the title 


M  A N A G E R

for a multi million multi level marketing company.
Well..least for me and some other 30 more individuals in Sabah.

Here's the thing that made me even happier.

A crystal MANAGER title trophy and a pair of golden pins.
siok kn?

hehehe..i'm still an educator with my ever different yet loving institution.
But, i don't think it's wrong for me to feel proud for earning such a title with another organization. Right? Right.
It's quite hard for me to achieve such title because of my full time profession.
But in less than 3 weeks..hey hey.. i did it.
And the rewardssss is really really good.

. . Ok, yes. I am with ELKEN. if you noticed the logo in the picture above anyway.hehe..
A very established organization that focuses on marketing health and beauty products.
Quality health and beauty products.
Expensive health and beauty products.

But, which everybody can afford nowadays.
Inda lagi mcm dulu2.

mau dingar cerita lagi? mcm mna kunun sa boleh terjebak dlm semua ni? hehe..
bulih ba.

tapi kn.. kalu kamu ada cerita  o komen pasal semua ni.. lagi la sa hargai.

- - - - -
I know this thingy is not new.
But then the experience to me is very very very la the new.. :)

Please allow me to give a million thanks to my good friends and fellow bloggers Uzoiey/Zoi, Kay, and Mia for the support and trust that you have given me.

bah, nanti la sambung cirita ni :)
till then..

Enjoy our last nite in May..cos tomoro is June :)

The subject above refers.

Just a fine thought if anybody..any bloggers would still read this little blog. hmm..
Becos,,if there is..then,
There is..one very fine thing that i would like to share here. 

..ko rasa2 miaw..ada ka urg yg mau dingar o baca cerita2 ko lagi ni a..
siapa juga suru kn..jarang2 update (^_^)
09 April 2012


When everything seems down
..and nothing seems right,
with everybody seems to turn away from you,
and workloads is never ending..


I'm Happy.

Neve...with 6 tiny tooth now.
19 March 2012

A Little Sporty Now

Me? Sporty?
Not in this lifetime.
All the years spent in primary and secondary..i tried my best to avoid any sporty stuff, especially during the Sports Day. Paling2 pun marching ja la kan..hehe
The same thing happened where ever i go n work. 

Came any sports thingy..i try my best to be involved with only the indoor games. Tu pun kalu rajin la..haha

Not until i was involved with the Student Affairs department of the place i'm working.
O yea.

Imagine being the sole organizer of the very thing you have been avoiding all your years alive!
. . . 
I have no choice but to organize the Sports Carnival Week of my college.
nah..ambik kau.

Running here and there.
Teriak sana sini.
Making sure everything is in order and all players for all games started n end on time.
And i couldn't even tell which ball is used for volleyball or netball.
Mati kau.

But then..
Everything went well.

I had no choice but to take part in most activities.
This was just one of the many telematch games prepared by the students..but most staff yang jadi mangsa permainan a..

I played bowling for the first time three or five years ago. And that's it.
I wanted to have fun and joined my students group this time.
They had to teach me to throw the bowl..kalu inda..belubang ba lantai.

I hit strike 5 times. :) wlau pun dengan kelajuan bola 20kmsejam..hehehe

Being involved with the Student Affairs means to be involved with the students.
I can only sit in my office a few hours everyday without being 'disturb' by the students.. :)

I never won any medals in my life.
It's ok..:) 

But i did win this:
Spelling Bee.
Paling manang.
Sumua betul.

I love my job.
I love my students (when they're nice and nice..nice..)
The place where it all happen.

Centre Point Court.

:) nanti lagi la a sa smbung cerita semangat kesukanan sa skg kunun..kekekek..
It's been a while i haven't post anything for a Wordless Wednesday.
It's worldless wednesday.

Do you know that Centre Point (yep, kita punya shopping mall tu, CP)..has a court?
On the 8th floor.


Now you know.
13 March 2012

N E V E: The New Layout

Yes. I call my everything here..N E V E.
I just had the thought of suddenly re arranged and revamp this little blog of mine, so that maybe, mayyyyyy be, may be i will blog a little more often. That's the real motivation.

Why the name NEVE?
Simple: That is my precious baby daughter's name.
Which brings the meaning of radiance, bright..and the spirit of a promising princess.
And, since i do blog most about Neve (which i hope u won't get bored..)..so, why not.

I have so many stories to tell..ecehceh..
Just wait til i get the ball rolling..hehe


Click HERE and tell me what you think of the HOME layout..hehe

enjoy ur stay..

05 March 2012

A Special Meet

What happens when a baby blogger meets a mummy blogger?


yayyy....picture time!!
One fine Saturday afternoon, and i was planning to visit mummy Khloe's Pixie Baby Shop in 1 Borneo.
tpi ter jumpa pla di tengah jalan..hehe..so.. gambar2 trus ;)

Nadia was accompanied by her colleague that day.
and as usual..the baby will be the central attention..hehe..introducing Neve to mummy Khloe :)

Baby Neve tengok sja si mummy Khloe, and inda mau lepas lagi tu jari dia ..hehe
Nadia,, if you're reading this..siou a.. sb inda pla ter singgah betul2 di shop ko ni..sebab kn..


rounds of walks and sitting down with ice cream..
hehehe..next time la Neve..kana belanja makan eskrim :)

We actually seldom bring Neve out and about especially in shopping malls and public places..
because of the hassle and ..i just don't want her to be too exposed to the city air pollutants.
Not good for babies..i think.
But so far, she's a great little travel partner.
And a bundle to adore.

21 February 2012

Teda Tajuk Yang Sesuai.

" sia malas. boring."
"ari2 buat keja yg sama.. inda pndai siap2."

..tpi pndai pla post di blog..time MaLaS.

Sia Tatatp Malas ni ari.
14 February 2012

All My Love For You


a sweet valentine wish from baby Neve 

..huhu..suka tgk kamera ni o..

inda pecaya..?


o my our Valentine.. :)
26 January 2012

Nc Neve 2012


Ang pow laiiii...

aiya..suta lama tita blogging o..

How was your Dragon year?
Let's pray that it will a prosperous year to all of us :)

I have a few new year dragon resolutions..
masih boleh buat new resolutions ba kn..

1. To work smarter and be more graceful and calm but confident in any task given. Haiii..ni la ba ni, kalau makin banyak tggjawab kena buat di tempat kerja. But i'm happy :)

2. To take care and love baby Neve and all my families more :) 

3. Rajin2 p sembayang..hehe

4. To kasi kurang makan..haha..i need to lose weight. 

You can see it in the pic :)

Baby Neve and mummy with the rest of the family actually at the Borneo Paradise Beach Resort during the Chinese New Year's eve family dinner.

This year..Neve became the ang pow collector..:) tpi macam dia mau makan sja itu ang pow2 ni 

The following day..the whole family went to Kiulu for another family gathering..and..ni kali la..bawa si Neve tingu sungai Kiulu..hehe

o ya..resolution number 5 is..

5. to learn how to ride a dragon! 

boleh ka?

01 January 2012

OMG. 2012.

Happy new year everyone..
and this time around..it's the 2012.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


2 0 1 2.


but ..hey, watever.

Whether the sun stops shining before Christmas this year..
or all couples get married on the 12th December this year..
or i finally, somehow become a millionaire this year..

i just want to thank the Lord for a wonderful last year.
The best thing happened to me,,and my family..

It's Neve.
I think she got the most presents this time.

Not the perfect year..but sure was a blessed time.
Happy 2012 my dear bloggers..

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