24 December 2008

The Heart of Christmas

My dear friends..n fellow bloggers..

Merry Christmas n a blessed holiday to all ^_^
see u next year
15 December 2008


^_^ i know ur smiling..

wokey..firstly, thanks Nads for the tag..i hope ur senyuming when u see this picture haha
n to all my bloggers fren out there , near or far - smile.. u look hot when u smile..haha (hmm..there's a song in my mind rite now..mcm repeat mode pla dari kemarin ni.. you know I CANT SMILE WITHOUT YOU..) ba, nyi a..smbil tingu ni tag ^_^

rite..lets do the TAG

1. Re-post the picture (yg I AM GRATEFUL BECAUSE..)on your blog and pls. acknowledge where it came from.
Kindly leave a comment on this post so I would know you've posted it.
- Thanks to Kris n NADia for this tag.. :-)

2. Write down 5 things you are grateful for and the 5 bloggers you are tagging.
- 5 things I am grateful for;
1. this life
2. my family
3. my JoY ^_^
4. my five senses
5. all God's creation

- 5 bloggers that i want to tag are;
1. ervina
2. cath
3. Pam
4. Gracie
5. Michelle Tan

3. You may copy this or write your own quote regarding gratitude:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD,
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
- Jeremiah 29:11

10 December 2008

One Drop Of Christmas

My precious readers,

Hehe..I’m onto a little Christmas biz this season ^_^ What better ways to pamper your loved ones OR yourself..than giving them a piece of heavenly scent.

Yep, im ‘marketing’ a collection of perfumes here by One Drop Perfumes (Egyptian Potion) which u CANNOT get that easily at ur next perfume shop (limited supplier). Though a Malaysian –made product (ya la, ingat btul2 heaven sent ka? Haha..metafora baitu..) , I have to admit that its damn good than any other inspired perfume oil. Long lasting, original scent, n no alcohol or water added. ^_^

Cant afford the $$$ perfume thingy..? this might (MIGHT..ok) be ur answer

Selling price? 12 MYR per bottle (individually wrap + choco gift)

Mahal ka?

Hahaha..bah, pg la kamu beli sndiri di kadai lain ^_^ or..you can buy this at a cheaper price of course, in the Peninsular Msia.

Neway,, this is a mini venture for me in the ‘dare to fail’ department.. and..ACTUALLY USING one of the EFFECTIVE (claimed by many) promotional tool that I have only preached to others before hahaha – well..Looking good..so far *pat on the back* ^_*

Comments and criticism are highly welcomed. Customer is always right.

all wraps are individually made o.. ^_^

some of my previous wrappings - boleh pakai ka? ^_^

hehe..o ya, did i tell u the perfume bottles are very small 2.75ml :)

05 December 2008

Sunset 26th November

..feels like posting some sunset pictures today ^_^
the pics were taken last week, at Tg Aru beach - my favourite sunset -watching hangout
i think this is my third entry with SUNSET stuffs haha
but..cant get enough of it..
I wish i could built a house facing the sea, so i can watch the sunset everyday. hmm..
- my significant other still cant understand my fascination with the sea and sunsets (sigh).
maybe its becoz ive been living .. listening to waves crash and smelling the salty sea breeze for almost 20 years.
anyway,, enjoy the pictures.

did a bit of editing here

the end of another day.

i luv this one the most. there were actually two amorous couples swimming at the beach that time. 6
can u spot a tiny dot between the sun and the sand?
no offence, who ever the couples are - but ur in my lens.
nasib baik my cam tak cukup power utk zoom dorang hahaha

01 December 2008


..yep. I luv the romantic- modern – cool vampire TWILIGHT movie.
But my best friend fell asleep most of the time during the movie haha..lack of action/ fight scene has to be the culprit, I guess.
A few blogger friends made reviews about the film, which fired my desire to grab the next ticket at the nearest cinema. Hehe..just mention angels, devils, vampires, lycans or any mystical creatures to me, il be the first in line.

mm..whats so great about Twilight? I guess it has to be the romantic side of the cold blooded creature and an astonishing fact they are vampires on a diet. ??? haha,, its quite funny to listen to Edward (the beautiful vampire hero) saying they are surviving on animal blood and compare it as human living on tofu.
Betul juga la kn? People CAN survive with TOFU (and tofu alone), but will u be satisfied??
Itu baru satu..what about falling in love with ur own ‘food’?? yikess. But that’s the romantic part. And that’s when the chaos began as well. Aint love blind anyway?.
(*_*) o my.. i could fall in love with a handsome romantic vampire anytime now..

The leading lady is a combination of a calm, confident and cool mysterious beauty. No wonder the vampire just fell for her..,Get this..
” I have no strength to stItalicay away from you anymore” said the pale, gentle Edward Cullen.
“So don’t” Isabella, the lady character replied.
Hahaha..n ur wondering how I can remember all these lines?
Mr Luva Luva(sing) - I’m a romantic freak.
Some people may label the movie as ordinary and boring (im referring to my best friend)...becos there’s not much adrenalin flow scenes (I have to admit that). But its interesting to see the characters unfold themselves in ordinary settings and happenings – no extraordinary places (that u know could not exist in this world) or too much spells and blood sucking scenes that makes you want to go “urgh..here we go again..”
Bah. Pg la kamu sndiri tingu tu movie kalu beminat cerita2 vampire2 ni..gosh I didn’t know the movie existed – not until I saw the review from Nadia and Savesandakan (cewah)..hehe..jan marah a,,sia pn mau share review ba juga kunun ni.

My other favourite Vampire/Angels movies..(that I can remember la..)
  • Constantine (is Keanu Reeeves still available?? Hahaha)
  • Gabriel (Gorgeous archangelSSSS!! U should see how the story twist)
  • Interview with a vampire (yes. It was Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt)
  • Van Helsing (wanna see how Transylvannia looks like?)·
  • Underworld I & II(bloody..bloody..bloody..interesting)·
  • An American Werewolf in Paris (the werewolves are bloody scary but the story’s superb)

Hey, im normal, okai.

I luvvvvvv MAMA MIA.?? (^_^) Watch it triple time already. Im no dancing queen, but ABBA’s sooooooooooo fine!

Ok, u go watch TWILIGHT now. Tekeluar tajuk sda ni.

P.S: enjoy the movie posters below ;)

Van Helsing's cool but GABRIEL is my saviour angel hahaha..mmuahh!!

Remember this one? American teenager who got caught up in a romance in Paris - one of a kind

I luv the wings

Yep - thats BradPitt, as one of the vampire in Interview with a Vampire.

Kate Beckinsale rocks

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