sa masih on leave baini..
tpi kena suruh kerja.
balik opis.

urgent matters.
fortunately i can do it from home.
and cradling baby Neve at the same time.
talk about multitasking..

sempat lagi update blog.

Thank God we have Fridays .
I should be getting an employee of the month award for working during a maternity leave.

Happy Friday everyone..n have a great weekend :)

29 September 2011

Make Me Babies

And so i did.


Ada kah begitu pla kn..ala2 baby orgputeh kah ni.. (^_^)

Second attempt:
(inda puas ati kn..)

Sama juga.
hahaha..rambut saja la.

Third attempt:

..with Brad who?
bulih bulih..

Ready to feed your curiosity?
Just click HERE
And make your day.

Happy Thursday everyone.

*purely for fun*
*i can't believe i gave myself a chance to indulge in such website*

"..bila la ni. dpt buat gini lagi.."

@ Borneo Kellybays.
A nite camping out at the beach with my students.

"wlpun inda pndai berenang, sa mau lagi buat."

Hey everyone,
Your's is introducing a new segment in its humble blog.
It's called Nc's Hot Blog Chat..which will be featured every Monday.
Consider this as a 'pick-me-up' to hush away the Monday blues..or  simply a platform where you can share your thoughts and ideas on the topic..which i'm sure will enlightened you. 

The Hot Blog Chat for today..

Secrets To A Happy Marriage.

They say marriage is made in heaven..that's why it's everlasting.
But i'm pretty sure there are some other secret ingredients of that heavenly match. 
Of which only you know.

So what is the secret to a happy marriage?

Married and happy? Good.
Going to get married? Great.

bah, jan malu2 a..
Sharing is caring.
Let the blog chat begins.  

The Hot Blog Chat will be using the Facebook social plugins as the chat box..
Easy breezy.
You don't have to 'Post this to Facebook' if you don't want to.'s the thought that counts.

I love my kampung home.
Surrounded by the greens..
Birds chirping..
Squirrels jumping..
Bakas limpas-ing..hehe

Firewoods for 'suduon'.
My parents love arranging them into blocks, supaya senang mau ambil, diarang bilang :)
You see the tall tree on the right of the picture above?
I'm not sure what it's called, but the leaves smells of eucalyptus oil..wangiii.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

So what happen when THEY are awake?
Who are THEY?


dierang ni bah..

Awal pagi ni,,sda riuh.

What do you think they're up to?
Hehe..kena kasi makan kurupuk ba ni.. trus dtg beramai2.
Sempat lagi si Cukulat (our dog) kena marah si miaw sb p ikut2 diarang makan..haha

I adore this picture so much cos it's the perfect scene of a day at home.
A very peaceful morning indeed.
But not when the cats are awake..and hungry.

Inda sah itu satu hari kalu itu kucing2 smua inda bekumpul ramai2 makan Friskies.

So, that's a scene of my kampung home.
Care to share yours?

Yep..that's her.
Just this morning.

yayy..another entry on Cath-J Guest Blogger segment :) and i'm loving it.
Since joining the previous guest blogger segment on The Wedding Gown, i'm hooked.
And this's about the meet up, in the virtual world.
Everybody has the chance to be a fashionista and create their own look for the evening meet up :)
Through Polyvore :)
You have to register first of course.

This is the story..
"It’s a ladies outing.. assume that we are good friends (Something like the girls on Sex And The City movie) and we want to meet up at 1 of the nice fancy bar and restaurant on the evening.. But before that we are going to shop at some nice boutique 1st."

So, the scene is set..and i think i am ready :)
Here goes.

I really am not a fashion addict, but sure wants to be comfortable and feels 'this is me'  the way i dress.
Boleh pakai kah ni?
Since it's an evening nite out to a fancy bar/restaurant.. SiMpLe but eLeGant is my keyword.
hahaha..elegen la kunun2 kah..

If only i'm prefect enough to wear such dress :)
Luv the pink two piece dress - reminds me of summer.

 The two strap sandle (MYR 835 kunun2)..selesa nya pakai tu kn..
The bangle-bracelet-watch..hehe..3 in 1 la yg sa paling mau, kalau kena bgi free free..hahah
The pink crystal heart necklace and the butterfly hairclips..ah..just nice..
i think.

Macthing juga ka itu beg? it's from Prada..
Though not really a 'brand' person, having items such as this would really be nice..rite? 

Bah, don't forget the mekap2 if i know how,
I really don't.
But the nail polish looks yummy.. :)

OKIE..i'm ready.
Jom keluar.
Tinggal cari drebar lagi..hahaha

Thanks CathJ for this entertaining Guest Blogger topic 
- cheers-

Kaw suka kah.. kena bagi tau / tanya balik2 ..benda yg sama..sedang kan kaw sda tau jawapan dia?


NoT Me.

i luvvvvvvvvvvvv my current profile picture in  facebook so much.
It fits all mood.
Sorry i forgot the link to the picture. 
Thnks to Google though.
17 September 2011

Baby Neve Special Visitor

How was your Malaysia day yesterday?
A special visitor was in the house yesterday.
Who? Give you a clue.
9 months pregnant and a 3 year old son.
A blogger and a working mother.

It’s none other than Uzoiey@Zoi the mommy blogger and a good friend since campus time. 
All the way, just to visit baby Neve :)

It was great to have good companies at home and updates each other on happenings and stuff. Kay Masingan..ada kami cerita2 pasal ko ni..hehe..yg bagus punya ba..
Yong Yong, Uzoiey’s 3 year old son was also there. Adei..makin kiut ni. Dia p tlg kipas2 si baby Neve. Kena kiss kiss lagi. I’m sure he can’t wait for the arrival of his baby brother..or is sister? ;)

And another great thing about yesterday was, it was also Uzoiey’s birthday. Senang nya mau ingat kn, sb ngam2 dgn tarikh penting..i’m sure they had an enjoyable celebration yesterday.
Bah, happy birthday a..stay forever young and have a safe delivery.
The picture above is for you. cewah..

Don’t you love it when you have friends visiting you?
Isk2..mcm sa tulis cerita utk pendidikan moral ja.
But..this is how i feel. Sincerely. Tak perlu la ayat berbunga2 or perkataan

Enjoy your weekend people.. :)
15 September 2011


Suddenly feels like sharing with you our adorable but naughty and clumsy siamese kitten.
(told you i'm going to continue my cats rants..)

iya..she could not climb to or jump from high places.
mesti dia jatuh.
Sometimes she will fall from our couch will sleeping.

Name: C-yam @ yam yam
Age: 4- 5 months
Hobbies: Eat, sleep, play, 
Favourite food: anything she finds edible. bread n kurupuk (apa sja) is the favourite. 
Favourite hour of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Favourite sleeping place: in our living room cabinet n with my mum at nite


p/s: the comment box have been changed to the Disqus format. 
hope it's working well..
previous comments (from u my dear readers) are still available in all posts, but i seem to have complications in importing all of them to Disqus.
Siou a..
Thank u to Kay Masingan who have introduced me to Disqus. 
Feel free to comments..i would be glad to reply :)

"..ntah la napa mumy sa kasi gmbr sa sama ni cloth diaper..,tpi, ok juga ba kn.."

13 September 2011

Meet Our Cats.

Meet our cats.
16 of them..or is it 17..19?
ah..who cares.
You are welcome to meet pictures.

Another cat..we warmly call si not in the picture.
hehe..mcm la yg lain inda putih2 juga kn.
Kuat merayau.

The whole family lost count on how many exactly cats we have in the house.
Too many?
May be.
But as long as we can keep them sheltered and attend to problem.

Why have so many cats?
Rezeki or not..i believe these cats are 'bestowed' to us for a reason..
(mau 'muntah' kali org yg anti-kucing baca ni tau..)
They have the whole forest and our home yard as their playground..
Some of the cats sleep and manja2 with our dogs..
Some followed my mother and father when they are out 'memutung'.. (betul..)
Some..just sleep, the whole day.

You will find them almost everywhere around the house.

Meet the house favourite cats.
L-R: A siamese kitten, our little 'Garfield', and Akin the taiko in the house.

Friskies time!!
The cats favourite time of the day of course.

. . . . . . .
aiya. cats story ends here.
The babe's awake.

nanti sa sambung.

ciao miao for now.
but more cats story in the future.

can't help it.
12 September 2011

The Unloved, Unwanted.


This cat.
Somebody. Irresponsibly. 
Dumped this cat nearby our home last weekend.  
Dumped, like..put them in a 'karung' and let them decide their own destiny.
Yep. There were two cats (according to my father who saw two 'unidentified' cats wandering the bushes not far from our house). And there was this 'karung' believed used to GET RID of the cats.

Entah la.
Only one cat found her way to our house.
The other. 

ada luka2 n mau hilang sda bulu dia di kepala.

My mother put some gamat oil on the cat's injury.
Gamat normally works.

The face.
Ko nda kesian ka?

kalau ya pun nda mau sda tu kucing.. kenapa tggu dia besar begini dlu baru buang?
Sebab dia bekudis n luka?
baru nda mau?

A cousin is ready to adopt her.
But we will make sure she heal first.

Bkin geram.

07 September 2011

Words for Wednesday

It is frustrating that people (especially those close to you)
 do not understand (refuse to understand) 
one's fascination and love for animals.
I love you.
Will be there for you.
As long as i could."

- Nc-
06 September 2011

The Full Moon Baby

The full moon celebration of baby Neve..
which all family members and relatives have been waiting for.
Including me n kena kc selit2 our birthdays in the celebration too! kekekek..
A 3 in 1 celebration la ba trus kn..siok lagi..since all of us are August babies.
Baby Neve 5h August
Me 25th August
Hubbi 29th August


The simple yet yummilicious yam fruit cake that has all our name on it.

Blowing the candle..
si baby te tidur jadi si dady n mumy la wakil..hehe

..with proud grandmother and great grandmother.
Siok ja si baby kena o-oi smbil ambil gmbr..:)

Tidur la baby..dlm ayunan.

Thank you for the full moon wishes.
May all blessing be with you and everyone..always.

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