Happy Merdeka day fellas..
Feels good to be a Malaysian,,
just got back from church today..singing the national anthem NEGARA KU at the end of mass..woo hoo..its been a long time since i sang that song,,
hmm..what is really in my mind now..
its not a sin..right..haha
Enjoy ur day people.. mmuahh!!
26 August 2008

Forever Young (^_-)

well well well,,happy birthday to me..
the day finally arrived - not in style, n no big hoo haa watsoever (same old same old).
no regrets of course, for never any hope of a celebration or candle blowing party.
but was hoping could enjoy the moment with my closest partner - but he left for work on the day it self - doii gia..
Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...life goes on.
thanks soo much to my dear friends for all the birthday wishes, lunch gatherings and slices of cakes,,hehe.. it was all soooo wonderful
yummy yummy yummy..

(i shared this birthday cake with 9 August child colleagues)

but still wondering a bit..why my friends can 'celebrate' my day better than my beloved :( , and even have to leave on the day it self.

does this called for more understanding and compassion on my side..?..hmmm(sigh)


a promise of a big cake the next month - wont be as original as the anticipating feeling on the day itself..n wont make up the lost moment anymore..but..tak pa la.

Really appreciate his patient with my notorious behaviour.

OKai,,life goes on (again) n new resolutions are made.

This time focusing on the financial department and of course the 'happily ever after' chapters.

Dear God, thank you for i am still alive today,

please forgive my sins..in what i hv done..n in what i hv failed to do..should u take my life tommorrow.

Please bless my family, friends, relative, my two cats at home, my dear dear fiance, n to all the people in the world..

protect them from harm, bless us with good health n well being,

guide us with ur love..so we can live in Ur love forever n ever.


p/s: happy birthday to u as well my darling (29.08)

12 August 2008

The Tip of Borneo

and..another week before that.. :)
19 July 2008 – 20 July 2008

Yep. Tip of Borneo..sorry..u have to see my face for the 5th time. But ur just TOOOO beautiful to be admired.
Was down and out in Kudat 3 weeks ago, in awe with the magnificent Simpang Mengayau,,drenching a few drops of honey (and its wax), and buying myself a symbol of my Little Life’s Pleasure – a mini gong (key chain) from the Sumangkap village.

Trip number five was a bit different from the rest of the trips that I’ve made before to the Tip. We stayed there until sunset and sing ourselves crazy at the oh – so – pretty beach. The fellas truly enjoy the moment – u can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. I was glad I made this trip with them.

We decided to have a go at the longhouse.
Hmm..I never stayed in a long house before..
Its great!haha.. and felt so peaceful when sleeping in my kelambu. I would recommend you to stay for a night or two at the Bavanggazo Rungus Longhouse and experience the traditional food, dances, crafts..and hospitality of the people. 5 stars? No stars can match this place – so original yet comfortable.

O ya..at the Gombizau Honey Bee Farm..no..i was not stung by a bee.. – we get to see bees in action (making honey la..), and taste the original (sucking the honey from the wax).
Sweet, lovely,, although a bit guilty of taking honey now – watch the BEE MOVIE please people.

Last stop was at the Sumangkap Gong Making village.
Nope, there were no people playing gongs to welcome us – but there were a lot of gongs in the making (^_^)
I wish the place was more organized rather than simply a competition of who can sell the most gongs.. L sad,, but true.
It’s a very beautiful village with a great strength. But not really well – taken care of, I would say. Nevertheless, the trip was still fulfilling.
Would I still go to Kudat or the Tipof Borneo?
Of course! (^_^)
The Tip of Borneo - 5pm


mother nature's gift

see,, even a doggy knows how to appreciate mother nature

sunset view at the beach of the simpang mengayau

i luv this place!!

macam ada special effect ja kn,,hehe - teda ye

i took this pic with my handphone


a new attraction at the tip of borneo - a homestay - a must try!!

will be there soon! hehe

one of the chalet for the homestay

trying to 'catch' th sunset


my little life's pleasure

colourful crafts sold at the long house

breakfast is served - a touch of modern comfort & traditional setting :)

inside the long house

the cutest child in Bavanggazo

..a week before that: 26 July 2008 – 27 July 2008

Moroli river? Mana ba ni..
Hmmm..all the fishes in the sea n river..jan jeles..fishes here in Moroli are taken care of extra special..because they can do something that all the fishes in the world were not taught – MASSAGE.

partnerss in crime - singgah sebenterr di Pekan Nabalu (bili tshirt glo in the dark Kinabalu lagi kunun) - trus pakai a,,

well, another weekend, Another discovery.
Welcome to Moroli river..kg Luanti Baru, saaaaaaa…na Ranau.Taken care by our local people, this place is a a real gem to the blooming tourism industry in Ranau.Using the tagal system, the fishes are pampered.. because..they are the stars, the hero of Moroli.Ba, mana ba ni tempat ni..? sa….na sebelah Sabah Tea Garden saja. 200 meters away from Sabah Tea and you can already see the village signboard and a very friendly stream below.You should see for yourself how the ever understanding tompinai Jeffrin (the owner) guide us to be gently and softly massaged by the fishes. Haiiii..gitu pla perasaan kena kiss2 oleh ikan..hahaha :)
pictures of the kampung style chalets

yep,, this is it - so cool kalau mandi sungai

one of my tourism fella being KissKiss by the friendly fishes

A word of caution for those who never come in close contact with any sorts of fishes before..prepare to be GELI tahap dewa..with the wet kisses of the fishes..huhu (^_*).
I swore to myself that I would not get into the river with the fishes..but it was so tempting to see the fellas enjoying themselves with the fishes..and tompinai Jeffrin ever feeding the fishes.Its just amazing to see the fishes do their ‘work’..but u will feel more amazed and proud of ur self once u drowned urself with the fishes.. – nope don’t try this with other fishes in ur mind ya.., the result might be different. So I end up with eyes – closed and freezed? while ‘sitting down’ in the water – kena massage la kunun – rupanya kena kiss2 ikan..hahaha Well the best part of the whole itinerary was the body rafting session – which was supposed to be a friendly river trekking.
All wet n crazy,, its more exciting than riding the banana boat – n of course a bit risky (kalau kena antuk tu kepala sana batu – binjul), but that’s the thrill. Imagine letting urself flowing freely along the river – no life jacket a..
Want to know more of this place?
Don’t hesitate to contact me ya :)
macam di spa..hehe

Mr. Jeffrin ever so loving with the fishes :)

a bit far from the royal fishes - where u can swim freely(syiok tau!!)haha

patient visitors, waiting for their turn to be 'massaged'

hehe..kesian..geli this little boy (kena paksa dadi dia)

no,,he's not being attacked by the fishes - he's being massaged by them. according to the owner, the more fishes come and massaged u,, the more 'angin' u hv in ur body, hehe

dorang ni la yg paling banyak angin,, huhu

hmm,,dont try this with other fishes in the sea ya,,

i luv this scene the most as it reminds me of the body rafting that we did - woooooo hooo

fishes are supposed to be afraid of people,,right? wrong. not these fishes

do u really want to know how that feels like? hehehe

alala..u need to go there :)

So ticklish ba, hehe (^_*)

06 August 2008

Here in Borneo Kellybays

Was not at home for the past 3 weekendsss..bz..bz ..bz organizing trips n activities for my tourism fellas..tired..burnout..u name it..yet luckily enjoyable..and a real eye opener to all the prescious things that we have so near to us..but have not yet been discovered by most of .. – us.

Well, I was planning to blog this a day after each trip. But..bz bz.. (-_-)

2nd August 2008 – 3rd August 2008

A great fan of the outdoor and soft adventures, I chose the Borneo Kellybays for a weekend of water sports hoo haa and camp by the beach side. Just a few stones a way from Tuaran – im sure not many of our local people have heard or been to this wonderful, peaceful place..since the place concentrate more on the foreign market and has only opened its gate to orang kita for the past few years.
So welcome to Borneo Kellybays,, where u can enjoy a mangrove cruise, beach sunset and mount Kinabalu magnificent view, all at the same time.
I guess everybody enjoyed themselves very much, especially when the buffet table was ready and groomed with mouth watering food. Nevertheless, breakfast time was the most precious for me,,with the cooling mangrove scene, fresh air and eating together as a big family – wow.

Came banana boat time..everybody seemed restless and dying to go for the second, third may be non stop banana rides – wooooooooooooHoooooooooo.. I hop on to the last banana well before noon –when we’re supposed to get ready for cheking out time. Sing with me now…BABY hOp..banAna..hop..banana.. (^_^) !! all stressful feeling seemed drowned everytime we were tossed out from the banana. The most unforgettable banana ride for me – I guess, well,,for a non – swimmer & water phobia me. Being thrown 7 times from the banana boat..wooo hoooooo,,sadap ba la air laut – hahaha J

The weather was so good to us that weekend – just what all the orang puteh hunt for everytime visiting Sabah. From sunny day, sweet sunset, star filled sky at night, and waves crashing the beach floor,, I was not surprise that some of the fellas did not sleep at all. Waking up to the sun rise – from ur tent..at the beach side, greeted by the morning waves – is truly MARVELLOUS.

..gosh, I cant believe I already miss the place.
Lets go to Kellybays ;)
(^_^) i luv this bamboo boat

foot prints on the sand..

Kellybays awaits you from afar

my partner in crime hehe

mesti la posing dlu

our big..big campfire..

the calm mangrove..so peaceful

sing - "here i am..at six a.m in the morning.."

isnt the sunrise beautiful

perfect sunset!

wooo hooo..posing everytime kena buang di laut!!

very enjoyable banana ride

this is how u do it..hehe - cant stop shouting oo

choose which ever u want - paddle boat, kayak, or being thrown from the banana boat!

unforgettable breakfast!!

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