27 January 2010

L E G i O N

(During movie)
I was so excited to finally get to watch Legion yesterday.
I have always been in love with angels.
I was glued to the seat the whole movie time not wanting to lose any moment and scenes in the movie

(After the movie)
I asked J to give me one word to define LEGION.
He gave me this: MENGARUT


I wanted to disagree so badly. But..
Yes. Its a crap. I agree. A whole lotta crap.
  • It seemed so easy for a lot of movie directors and producers nowadays to make a religion's belief a theme of their movies. Who are we to predict how He is going to end the world? So it is the angels who destroy mankind?
  • It is a replica of a modern, sad, cruel Christmas story. The whole story started (kunun) on the 23rd December.
  • The zombie-like (men possessed by angels) people who tried to kill the baby was a badddd idea. And then there's the time when Michael (yes, its the archangel Michael kunun) mention that "The dogs of heaven will be unleashed" , i thought..may be the movie really has something concrete to offer - then came the bandits. huhu..okay.
  • The fight between Michael and Gabriel. I personally despise that.
  • Have you watched GABRIEL before? Same theme. Same angel characters.

Nc says:
I love angels.
I know they are real.
I believe in archangels.
I love Gabriel.
I love Michael.

There’s this one phrase that Michael said to Gabriel I remembered the most:

“ You gave HIM what HE want. I gave HIM what HE need”

Legion anyone? Hope I did not ruin the mood. Sorry.

I love the movie. I hate the story?

Peace surrounded the church.
A good friend, a distant uncle, an ex colleague was sleeping in front of the altar.
It's time to pay him our last respect.
It was his funeral.

I took my seat near the front row.
Together with all colleagues of different races, faces and religion.
More people were coming in.
Some were still in their school uniforms, some were nicely dressed in office attire..
some were wearing baju kurung and head scarf.
Seated together facing the altar in full respect of the deceased, offering handshakes and exchanging warm smiles.
No issue here.
There was never the need of it.

The priest began the mass service and politely asked everyone to pray in their own faith, belief, religion. It was understood.
Not one voice of protest or rebellious action were shown during the service period.

This is Sabah.
The place where i belong.
Where everybody understood that everybody has different beliefs and faith yet can still be together under one roof.

Come to Sabah..and you will understand.

It's not about the word that classify what religion you are.
It's the faith and belief that you show - and practice.

The mass ended.
Everybody finally paid their last respect to the deceased.

nc says: angkol, siou a, sa te senyum time last respect. I could feel that u were teasing me then. (^_^) u will never change.
20 January 2010

When a Heart Stops Beating

Rest in peace.
mr Charles D.G.
everybody is thinking of you now.

I never thought i'd be writing an entry about u.
Despite the sad sombrero surrounding us now, everybody still manages to laugh remembering your antiques..and i can feel it strongly that you are watching everyone around now..saying..
"i knew it. korang rindu sia sda kn?"
while imagining ur sly smile that goes "I've passed this stage. Jumpa juga kamu nanti tu," (^_^)

Isk.isk..isk..just the way he was. Love him, hate him. Love him more.

Take care angkol.
We'll meet again!

nc says: when a heart stops beating, its not the end of the world. its the beginning of a new journey that will lead us back home.
It's been exactly a month since our cuddly cat gone missing.
I think he's in heaven now.
The little kitten above is i guess, the reincarnation of himself.
so cute.
So Gempiit.
Among all the four kittens, only this little one has the LOVE patch on its body.
Just like the father.
We love u miaw..be good..wherever u are.
We miss u.
I still feel like a newlywed.
hehe..am i not?

. . . . . . . . .
Align Center
who am i to fool here..
Long distance marriage.
we only meet during school holidays.

I was listening to a collection of kadazandusun songs yesterday. Reminds me of mi hubbi.
He speaks the language fluently. me? shame shame..
And this one particular song really hit me.
Kosorou Kopo Nangku Doho by Jestie Alexcius.
A very famous song. hehe
It was the song that i used as the background music for our wedding slide show.
I was searching for the most romantic english song..but couldn't find any.
The accapella version of Jestie's KPKD was perfect.
I knew mi hubbi would be proud of me. (^_^)

It's a simple slide show.
Not too much effect or transitions included.
They would just drowned the moments that you're trying to potray in the pictures.. or clips.
haha..not an expert though.
but.. bulih la..kampung2.
We never got to show to it to the guests during the wedding reception. Technical problem with the tv display that we're supposed to use. uhuhu.. nda apa la.

Care to sing with me..?
Enjoy.. :)

mcm anak patung kn?
She was one of the abandoned puppies near my kampung home.
I have forgotten the feeling of what it was like to have a dog..puppies around.
I've lost the feeling since..10 years ago? when our last pet doggie died.
i almost swore to never be attached so much to any doggie.

This beautiful creature came running to our house last weekend.
Two of them - at first.
The sight of puppies came running past our bamboo gates and green yard was such a sight to behold.
Then came another four.
Yes. Four.

(all pictures are a courtesy of my sister who was armed with a camera that time. i was too busy admiring their cute-ness)

si mama marah si bapa..sb dia pgi tengok itu rumah yg kena kusung sa...na sebelah bah.
Thats where the puppies were from.
They followed my father.
Jumped across a little stream and just go with their animal instinct, i guessed.
But, she gave them food anyway. haha..who wouldnt?

i gave one of them a bath. So comot but comel bah.

This one's was bathed by mother. The puppy just stood still.
It was amazing.
Mother said..dia kegatalan baitu, sb bnyk kutu.jadi, dia rasa lega.
I think so too.


They were so happy.
we were sooooooo happy as well.
Was thinking of taking all nine of them.
Yes, NINE of them altogether left in an abandoned house.

Full and sleepy.

Isn't he lovely?

The puppies followed my dad everywhere he went.
My father was getting cosy with the situation. But he knew we had to 'returned' them to the abandoned house.
We have kittens and cats around.
And we will not be around.
Cats and dogs left alone? not a good combination.

Puppy-napped came into action the next day.
A few friends were desperately looking for puppies.
We helped them.
Four of the puppies were rescued. The rest..God bless.
We'll try our best to look after them.
We saw..the owner of the land(yg piara anjing ni hnya pekeja dia actually) visit there every now and then. I hope he brings food.

nc says: the very same night, i dreamt of our pet dog that died more than a decade ago. he jumped right to me, minta dukung.
I think he is in heaven now.
Losing our precious miaw was one the saddest thing on Christmas last year.
Little blessings were delivered to us a day after Christmas last year.
God knows best..

Here are the pictures.

PitaPata Cat tickers

we put them in a little box. The mother cat kept re locating the kittens all over the house. But im so happy she stops doing it now. hehe.. it feels so good to watch them sleep together.

In nc's hand. This one is the cutest kitten. Looks just like the mother.
So small kn..

We call this one as the reincarnation of Gempiit.
Thats the name of our lost miaw.
Its a kadazan dusun word which means one eye closed. hehe..
Can you see the black love patch on the kitten's body?
Exactly like the father. Only this one a bit broken. Gempiit has a perfect love patch.

Spot the airplane.
one of the kitten has a jet skecth on the body. Mcm kapal terbang kn? haha.. we're definitely going to call this one JET. The active one so far.

Thats Gempiit and his wife.
It still bring deep emo whenever i see this picture.
Piit slowly moved near his heavily pregnant wife then and before u know it, they fell asleep.
so darling.
I really miss him.
so gerammmmm.

nc says: blm lagi tau ni tanak miaw2 smua she or he. Tapi harap2 smua sihat.
04 January 2010

I Wanna Run and Hug You

I really just want to run and hug him.

He used to run away whenever he saw my sister and i coming back from work. Because he will be the first thing we'll tangkap and snuggle cuddle2.
He hated attention - kunun.

Just show him the Friskies plastic bag and he would run to you - no matter what he was doing right then. Or, just shout his name loudly and he'll be searching where the voice came from, and see whether we had his favourite food.

He's the love of my family. Not a pet. But part of the family. J couldn't stand and understand our love for him sometimes. He was spoilt too much. oondos kadang2..in front of other cats. hmm..but he still our source of joy. My father loyal nap companion. zzzZZzzz..purrr..rrr

The whole family have dreams of him every now and then. We decided to build a little memorial for him in the middle of mum's flower2..just next to the aromatic kayu putih tree. His soul has not rest in peace yet. We are sure. He wants to come home.


The good old days. The bushes that leads to a hilly forest where he liked to roam and come home - everytime. Except this time..he never came back. The other cat is his pretty wife. She has four kittens now. A few days after he went missing. A day after christmas. We figured that all kittens are the nirvana of our their father.

Mother will sure miss the times when she gave bath to him. And how he smells of rosemary after each wet time. I miss that.

He slept on the bed with us. At his own cozy spot.
He was white. Maybe thats why i have gotten to like the color white a lot.
All his kittens are white..cute.
Will share the story soon.

Nc says: purr..rr...

My head was thumping. My throat soaked with the golden yellowish liquid which continued to affect and control my every move. But I felt good.

“ what are you doing.?” my mind seemed to speak to me.

“ You don’t do this. This is not you” .. the voice continued.

I hold on tight the green can which everybody seemed to look up as the source of divinity. People around me were dancing, laughing, singing. All under the effect of the little green can.

I was very much aware of what was happening around me. People were singing, dancing laughing. No matter how bad or great they were singing or dancing, it all showed one similar thing: Passion. They were all done from the heart. Like there was no tomorrow.

As night time was falling, I realized I had finished almost a liter of the golden liquid – in less than an hour.

I felt bored - looking at people drinking. I need to feel it too.

It’s not the first time.

I drink when I need to. When the crowd is right. When I think I should.

You know you’re not enjoying the taste” my heart blurted out.

“What are you doing?” For a moment, I felt the presence of my angelic soul beside me asking to stop drinking. But at the same time I felt the aura of the devilish me smiling and winking at me.

I grabbed another can from my other half’s hand. He pushed my hand away.

“ you’re drunk..” he said. I was not.

My head was swaying. But my mind was working perfectly.

Guests were making their way home. I was just beginning to feel the heat of the dance floor. Despite my swaying vision and movement, I still managed to show a friendly smiling face and answered every question from our guests. I felt proud.

The music became louder. I looked around. Some were dancing frantically to the out of tune song. A few teenagers lost in the battle of the alcoholic influence. But maybe, THAT was what they wanted - certainly not a scene to be proud of.

I sat down at the corner of the bench where the gongs where hanged, trying to focus despite my blurry mind. A man was sitting next to me. He started a conversation – in kadazan language. He knew I was the bride of the day. A friendly handshake was offered. He started asking question which I couldn’t really understand or listen, because of the way he spoke. His eyes showed that he was also under the influence of the infamous beverage. I figured he would not dare talking to me should he was conscious.

nc says: ada sambungan lagi, :)

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