Picture this:
An old couple.
The man with a walking stick, worn and torn shirt,
an expressionless face.
The woman, holding on to the man on one hand, a plastic bag full of empty aluminium cans on the other. Her face expresses only one thing: life must go on.

This is a real life senior citizen couple whom i have just witnessed a few hours ago. Amidst the crowd of the hustle and bustle of Centre Point surrounding.

S a d.

I have actually seen them a few times before making their rounds in the same building..looking for lucky cans to gather and sell, i guess.

My heart sank every time i see them.
The only question that came on my mind was..
'how could they??'
THEY: their children/relatives/families left them to fight their own life just like that???


Don't they care?

Despite the mysterious background of the old couple, i am positive that they STILL have a family somewhere..
I am truly amazed at how the woman stand by her man (her husband, i suppose) when he's walking on stick. Truly. That is pure love. Real love. Commitment to a promise of being together for a life time.

(courtesy of Google)

We will all grow old one day.
Do not abandon the old.
They brought us here.

Remember: what you give, you get back. so give LOVE - unconditionally.

*This message is brought by Your's Sincerely..nc.*

..gosh..in no mood for merdeka day.. since..not everyone in Malaysia are truly merdeka yet-especially in their thoughts and actions.

nc says: kalau sa tenampak lagi dorang next time, sa mau bagi sesuatu..momom kah.. minuman kah..dont know whether they will accept or shout at me or not. But at least i tried. Promise.
25 August 2010

I Feel Great

I feel great.
Just great to be alive and breathing for 31 years.

and for all the joy, happiness, bittersweet things in life that have abundantly been bestowed upon in various forms..with or without realizing it.
I should be thankful.

..and so.. i woke up today with this particular song ringing in my head.
i like the tune. ignore the lyrics.. :)
and enjoy the music.

i can feel the music in me.

( B.O.B feat. Bruno Mars)

nc says: thank u dear friends for the wishes. ..to all the beautiful girls out there.. yes, YOU. this song is for you..listen to the song.. and feel great. bcos thats what u are.
..was down..n down n down..these few days
but it is true when people say that music can heal your soul and make u smile
A great song always saves a bad day.
and..i could listen to this one, over and over again.
Headphones on. Loud.


O.K...I woke up in heaven today
She kissed me I floated away (away)
Never felt anything so great
Alright, now I brace myself for the fights
I’m light as a feather tonight

**Cause I can’t feel the ground
Someone let me down
I never felt so high as I do now
Its too good to be true
I don’t deserve you
I never felt a love strong enough to
Stop this world from spinning
Stop this world from spinning

And I see heaven when she looks at me
In her smile is the most amazing dream
And in her eyes I fall asleep
And I hope
Hope that she can see through the smoke
Of my imperfections into my soul
And my heart where she has control (she has control)

Happiness like this can never last (can never last)
Turns into the memories of the past (turns into the memories of the past)
??? (going just as fast)

for the Ne Yo fans out there..this is for you.
dont be bothered by the 'SHE' in the lyric..ladies.hehe..just turn it into a 'HE'

nc says: kadang2..lagu bukan sekadar lagu. boleh mencermin kn diri kita dan penyuntik semangat2 yg sewaktu dengan nya.. betulkn? :)
i H a v e A d r e a m  C r e a t i o n s
The other side of nc.

Some of my dear readers are, i'm sure, familiar with this little blog of mine.
If this is your first time stumbling upon this, then.. introducing to you, aNother blog of mine that i would like to file under the Creative Pursuit archive. :)
where.."Everything is created to show how inspirations and passion can turn a just-another-moment into something valuable and cherished. It's the thoughts that counts."

After a few months of posting and sharing this new passion, i think it is time to take it up into the next level.
Bringing front my initial mission when starting the blog.
What is it?
To contribute to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Kota Kinabalu.
I love animals. 
I hate animal cruelty.
I guess this is one of the many ways we can help a cause. :) . .in our own way.

And so.. promotion time.heheh..
A ten percent of every transaction will be donated to SPCA KK. 
Small amount? Every cent is golden if we truly want to help.. right? 
And so..if ur interested, check out the blog. You will understand.
Whisper your dream now.
Promotional price will be limited until the end of August.

For fellow bloggers and friends, thank you very much for your support.
You're the best.

nc says: i luv what i'm doing. its my dream.

Where else? at our very own Lokawi Wildlife Park of course.

I've been to the park quite a few times..but have never EVER watched the Wild Borneo Animals Show. Have you? Then i'm sure you're amazed as me? hehe
One word that describe the Borneo wild animals : INTELLIGENT

Right, catch the show at 11.15 am or 3.30 pm everyday at the amphitheatre.
You might want to come early as the seats are always full.

Look at the crowd. I was with 80 students myself. There were also two groups of school-going children and a lot of foreign tourists. And THIS is during a WEEKDAY.
"O..ini biasa sja ni. Sikit sja ni" said the park staff. :)

I truly had fun. Watching the visitors having their rounds with the animals..entertaining.
One of my student LOSE in a game of ripping the coconut husk to Mowgli (a seven year old orang utan). Just look how happy one of the boys to hold the uLar SaWa and a tourist who got to be up, close and personal with a civet. Actually, sa pun mau p join bah, tpi, kasi chan yg muda2 dlu la..haha

One of my favourite is the parrot who raised the Malaysian flag. Gosh, aren't they intelligent?
But wait till you see the same parrot playing dead! Inda lagi mau bangun2 tu..sblm kena ketuk tu meja. The staff called the parrot to wake up but it only lifted its head up, kunun.

See the parrot? Playing dead after being 'shot' by the staff. So cute!

The first time i went to the park was during its soft opening in 2007. And a few more rounds in between. But the park has always something new to amaze people. Ruby the nocturnal tiger (forgive me, i dont really remember the name of the species, but she's the one near the birds cage at the entrance) is still there. I was happy yet sad at the same time. How would YOU feel living in captivity for the rest of your life? :( but on the bright side..they're well taken care of, and have a 'home'.
ANYWAY..sad stories aside.
The picture above shows a Binturong or a bearcat. kiut kn?
You will feel like hugging this one for sure. Besar tu..

Last but not least..hehe
A picture with a big reptile - not a favourite actually. I despise snake, especially ular sawa, since it makes me imagining how this harmless looking reptile is swallowing my helpless cats!! - everytime i see one. But then, just for the record. SNAP!
A picture of me, ular sawa, and an ex student of mine. Nice!

Entah, bleh kah nda this video. My first time uploading a video via blogspot.
It's the one where the parrot plays dead. Enjoy!

nc says: misti mau bawa satu family pgi tgk animal show next time. happiness gerenti. apalagi time tu burung terbang2 atas kepala..huhu..

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