28 July 2011

Becoming Mommy

Another blog post on the journey of becoming mommy?
:) Since i have quite a lot of free time NOW.
why not.

The first thought that came into my mind upon knowing that i am pregnant...was these:

A reason to buy all these exciting, colourful mommies magazines and books.
It is one of the great ways to educate one self for a first timer right?
I found myself enjoyed reading every article and digging into so many new things..that i thought i would never have to learn..or know.

I love reading.
Funny how the types of magazines/material u read will  change as your life style changes :)
I still remember getting my self all those wedding magazines before our biG day.
Now all those magazines are in the good hands of my upcoming bride-to-be friends.
It's for them to keep.

But not these..for sure.

You get married once.
But once you become a mommy..it will be forever.
aiseh..betul la kn.

So these are for keep..and will see to it that it will become a collection that i can be proud of.

What magazines are best to read for a mommy? 
Parentshood is great.
Motherhood  is not bad.
But the best..i would still recommend..Pa & Ma....or Mami & Baby
a Malaysian publishing.
Full of great articles..AND info on where and what to shop!! baby n mummies stuff.
I like.

Careful though..
cos there might be repeated or similar articles in the same month on different magazines!!
That's why i don't subscribe.
hehe..sudah pernah kena ba..

bah,, this post is just a sharing for those magazines junkies and who wants to learn things anew in the babies world.
 Mari kita sama2 membaca supaya nanti si baby pun rajin membaca..

27 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday :)

My first attempt on Wordless Wednesday.


"Tingu kucing2 sa tidur.."
25 July 2011

11 Days

hmm...what should i write.

11 days more.
Before welcoming a new life into our little world.

Have to.
Will start my maternity leave 2morow.
Cannot stand the swollenNess of my feet..the itchiness of my whole body. 
Yep, it's the whole bod now. 

How does it feel?
Think mosquito bites x 10 the itchiness. All over.

Educating myself on pain management. Post pregnancy. hmm..
Picture..? hmm..mcm tiada mood sda mau ambil gmbr time gatal2 skg ni tau.

But..will sure update you again..tggu... :)
16 July 2011

The Membership Card

Another cat story?
Just want to show off my membership card..finally.

I AM a member of the pride organization: SPCA KK
The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Kota Kinabalu.

though only an ordinary member, i will try my best to help in whatever approach possible.
Semangat membantu haiwan2 yg semakin berkobar2 ni kunun..
tpi skg ni tepaksa post poned dlu la sekejap.

I really like the look of the card.
Simple..and a cute blue background.

Do you know that you can also obtain one..by becoming a member of course.
SPCA KK is now having a free membership drive which last until the end of this year.
There is no registration fee.
Just fill in the form and sent it.
You are officially a member once you got the membership card in two weeks time.
Here..click the website here..for more info.

.it's been a week since we went to the cat shelter.
i wonder how they are doing..

One of the cats..playing with the ropes..purposely put there for them.

I always remind this to my self:
"if you care enough for something..
believe in that cause,
and fight for it."

some of my friends..don't understand why i love cats so much.
Hehe..come on..it's just like when you love and care for someone so much.
You would do everything you can to make sure they're happy and taken care of, isn't it.
Everything and everyone deserve love.
So do the cats..especially those who are unloved and unprotected.

I have a good cause that i believed in.
What about you?
4 more weeks before my expected due date..and i really feel it's OK to give my self and my students a pat on the back for materializing a community event with the Society for Preventions of Cruelty to Animals, KK (SPCA) It's a dream come true for me.
Ever since the first visit to the temporary cat shelter with my blogger friends Annieming, Chegu Carol and Deanona, i felt a deep responsibility in going there again and help. As much as possible. As fast as possible. Since i don't have much time..before the big C period. Confinement.

Under the community care club in the college, we managed to raise fund of a few hundred ringgits and fulfill some of the wish list of SPCA KK. 
Yep..and donated it when the team came to the college premise for an awareness talk on the preventions of cruelty to animals. A truly inspiring and eye opening  sharing by the President of SPCA KK himself..Mr Mohd Iskandar Ali. It was great to finally be able to meet the team of committed members of SPCA KK.

Here's a mini poster of the day's event.
isk..bangga juga la ba kn.. dpt ketemu akhir nya dgn mereka2 yg berusaha terhadap perlindungan haiwan2 domestik ni.. :)

And the best part was.. the real volunteer work at the temporary cat shelter the next day!
The students..who were also then a member of SPCA KK (yep..through the free membership drive until the end of this year) were all eager to lend a helping hand and bring positive change to the environment of the shelter.

And i thought these teenagers didn't have a good heart. 
They did. 
The damaged ceiling was cleaned..the food/drinks bowl were washed, the floor was cleaned and mopped..the grass was cleared.

And the most challenging task of the day was..
cleaning the clogged drain..surrounding the area.
From black murky water ..we saw little fish or i think it was the tadpoles swimming happily in the drain after the drain is finally able to flow water on its own.
Hopefully it stays that way.

The public should be more aware on what and how we can offer to help a cause..kan?
You and me.. we can do so much..no matter how little it is.
These young students of mine were also clueless about such society that exists to help 'those who cannot speak for themselves'.
The talk has open their mind. The real task has open their hearts. 
Hopefully more good things will result from this.

As final year students..i wish them all the best in their future undertakings..and should they continue to fight for the cause they believe in..well..that's another story to post. 
I'm sure.

Btw..got my SPCA membership card already. hehe..very2 happy..that's why i was even more motivated to organize these activities.
and..thnk heaven hubbi was there too.. tulung2 juga dia gi korek2 tu parit..sempat lagi join budak2 tu minum air kelapa..aiseh..
no pictures of me with any of the cats these time though,,too heavy la the cats now.. for me to carry.
But im soooo glad.. i met the familiar faces of the cats there again..Amai..Oily..Zoey..Charlie..
love to visit them again in the future :)

But until then..

cuti dlu la sa beberapa bulan a..hehe
05 July 2011

The Dream Journal II

..i started the dream journal a few months ago in this blog.
as a record to all the bad dreams i had during my pregnancy period.
i thought i will only be writing it once.
not until last nite..when i had the worst nightmare. in my life. ever.
04 July 2011

The Hospital Bag

Right..some updates..hehe
My belly is bigger than a ripe watermelon now..
and everytime a motherly person (yg mama2 bah..) saw me..they would comment.:
"tggu hari lagi ni kn.."
and i'll go..
*senyum dlu la* " mm..nda juga la,, ada dlm 4 minggu lagi"
And they continue:
"tpi..perut kau pgi bawah sda. kdg2 tidak smpai juga 40 minggu tu tau.."
Me: *gulp* + *sinyum2*
 and there was this friendly lady i remembered asking me to eat a lot of planta/majerin
supaya time deliver nanti.. lancarrrrrr :)

and so..with friends recommendation and advices.. i have started packing
The Hospital Bag

this is how it looks like:

First time.. n first baby..
i feel like packing for a travel.

Thank you to my dear friends and great websites who have given a lot of guidance and references..hehe..
Itu gmbar di atas pun belm lengkap lagi tu.. atukkoi...
the stuff above is for babe and myself.
Para ibu2 yg lebih berpengalaman.. kamu rasa2 ok sda kah tu.. atau..
terlebih sda?hehehe
kasi share2 a..pengalaman. :)

Meanwhile..i continue to enjoy a few more good weeks before i start my maternity leave and confinement period..which i dread.
so.. mesti jalan2 cari makan yg paling penting kn..
huhu..kalau mau minum air kelapa di tg aru beach skg.. yg first beach tu..mau pikir2 juga..bagus lagi panjat pokok kelapa sendiri..
tpi..yg penting happy dlu skg..:)

Had my last round at 1Borneo hypermall last weekend..i think.
tukkoiii..mau jalan dari Harris bookstore pgi Daiso pun macm mau patah sda tulang kaki sa.
hehe..gara2 mau kasi lengkap itu barang2 baby n me :)

For those who are also going on through pregnancy..i wish them all the best and take care slu..
I want to share this great website with you ladies..especially for mothers to be :)

It's called..

will update again soon.. i hope.
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