23 December 2011

Merry Christmas to U

Don't we all deserve Christmas..?
Of course we do..
Haiya...banyak2 keja pun, Christmas tetap ON..hehe
because,,,it is that magical moment when love rules our heart and warmth surrounds.

So, wishing you a very Merry Christmas
and hope the new year will bring us joy, peace and everlasting love.

Merry Christmas!!!!
CathJ.com is having a giveaway especially for this season.
And i am not going to miss out.

The giveaway?
You have to click the picture below to know more.

haish...harap2 bertuah la kunun nya this Christmas.

Christmas time is nigh..
Let us all not put so much of our lives into silver bells and the never ending worldly wish list..
. . . .

A lyric of a song made me realized..

" Every breath is a second chance to live."

Isn't this the perfect Christmas gift to ourselves?

*penuh dengan keinsafan*
(utk ketika ini la..)

15 December 2011

The Other Blog

I love blogging.
And i am proud to be part of the bloggers community and connect with people whom i may never meet in person, but seemed to know one another well in the most wonderful way you can imagine.

There's something that has deviate my time away, awayyyyyy from this little blog of mine.



I call it 'the other blog'.

haishhh...mau inda mau..kena buat.
i don't receive a lot feedback from the readers though..since they're not bloggers.
so, its a little bit hard for me to know how well it is in the eye of the readers.
jadi kn, sa mau minta tlg ba ni.. dgn para2 blogger2 yg di hormati sekalian..

do tell me what you think of 'the other blog' that i'm spending most of my time on.

bah, kounsikou in advance a..


The other one that's keeping me busy.
12 December 2011

Reunion, Work, Logos

Here's some updates from nc..
kekekek..mcm la ada yg berminat kn..
but i really feel like updating my blog this rainy afternoon.
Paperwork..sasr dlu kamurang saaaaaana..

we had this little reunion last weekend.
with some of our university mates back in UMS.
We had it at the Roof Restaurant in Imperial Hotel, KK.
Urm..it was a great venue,, because it seemed we're the only people accommodating the place. 
Kay of Tulus Dari Hati was part of the little reunion.
Notice which one is Kay?

A few nites back before..
our college held an annual dinner for its staff..and i got an award!!!
award apa? hehe..ada la kunun tu.
Our college was given the 5 star rating award by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Only two colleges in Sabah got that award.
So..mari2...study di sini..
haha..sempat lagi promosi.

Thats me..kunun, being presented with the sijil award (doi) by one of our bosses.

And finally of course..
a few more nites before that..
i got the chance to visit Logos Hope with my sister..
I thought i was not going to buy any books.
ada juga 4 buku ni kena beli..
siap beli poster itu logos hope lagi.
sa lakat bilik sana kampung...hahaha
cantik bah kn..

Nope, i didn't buy this book.
Tapi kalau kena kasi hadian..bulih juga ba kn.

Hehe..hope to update again soon.

Have a great holiday to all
01 December 2011

Faces of Neve

We blog about things that we love..right?
And right now its just Neve Neve and more Neve..before she grows out of her baby fat..
and out of me.
The babe is growing up fast.
I really miss her when she was just a little little one..

A few more days before reaching 4 months.
Nine hours a day..?
..is spent here.

This is where this not-so little blogger works..
for the last 2190 days.

"I woke up today feeling Friday"
So many things happen last weekend which made it felt as if its just a normal working day.

I woke today..
realizing i only managed to trim my left hand nails..
the right ones..inda kesampaian.
gara2 mau layan si kiut kn..:)

inda apa. 
yg penting happy.

Our second wedding anniversary was also last week.
Only managed for a little dinner..
itu pun..dgn tefikir2 juga mcm mna sda baby di rumah kn.

what can i say..
Just sing la..
'bay beh..baybeh bay bey ooooo..'

Jeles juga la sama yg becuti2 ni..isk3...
25 November 2011

Neve and the Wedding

,,nope it's not Neve's wedding - yet.
It's Neve's first time attending a wedding ceremony with us.
And it was at where mumy n dady exchanged vows last 2 years.

I think these few pictures are enough to describe everything :)

The feeling of being down the aisle again..on the eve of our wedding anniversary..AND with baby Neve this time, was overwhelming. 
Hehehe..mcm yg ketara lama nda p gereja o kn..

Baby Neve fell asleep during the mass actually..smpai sa nda dpt begambar sama itu bride..supaya baby dpt tidur..

Tired but happy.
Baby Neve was such a baby to all her aunts and cousins..
haiiiii...gini pla kalau bawa baby sndri sd pgi ramai2 kn..

Tomorow..ada lagi.
It's the wedding season.. :)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

20 November 2011

Life With Neve

I really miss blog walking..
and so, i am NOW spending my luxe time blogwalking ,on a Sunday.
 itu pun kalau sempat blogwalk smua..
time is really a luxury now.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .
AND, it wouldn't be complete for me to just blogwalk and not post anything?

Sharing with you life with my Neve now.
She is coming to 4 months. .and can already lift up her head on her own. 

This tiny princess just loveeeee being brought walk around. Anywhere. 

Kalau kau duduk and dia belum puas tengok2 n jalan2..
Nevermind..its a good exercise for anyone attempting to dukung her.

btw,, how is your Sunday?
Hope everything is great.

Happy holiday to all the teachers.
You deserved it.
14 November 2011

All Dogs Go to Heaven

"All dogs go to heaven.."

though its just a saying..
tell me its true.

..good morning my lovely blog readers.
God bless.
08 November 2011

Oh Neve..Oh Busy

I really miss blogging.
Work commitments take over.
apa bleh bu..at.
ni pun..nasib2 dpt curi masa.

Just want to share with you baby Neve's many expressions.
Like this.
3 months now..can't believe time flies that fast.
Makin manja sda.

Hope to find a little more time to blog soon.
Have a nice day everyone..
lama nda blogwalking sda ni..
but ur all in my heart..hehe
24 October 2011

Prayer for a Good Day

..i had a dream last nite..
which made me realized that life has so many secrets yet to be revealed.
..which made me realized that life should be lived,

. . . . . . . . . . .

Let's start our day with a prayer.
It's the faith that counts.

"Dear Lord,as I arise
And bend my knee to pray
I ask please place your guiding hand
Upon this busy day

All my yesterdays are said and done
Tomorrow may never be
But I give you full reign over this day
To make the best of me

May each little word I speak
Be filtered through your love
May all my thoughts be connected
To the heavenly courts above

And use my feet to take me
To where you want me to be
Guard my eyes that they would only
See what you want me to see

Give me a heart that longs to show
Others the way back home
And with these two hands help me
Fashion glory for your throne

From the great expanse of eternity
One day is all I can borrow
So help me Lord to take care of today
And we'll talk again tomorrow"

This beautiful morning prayer is by..

Anita Humbertson 

"The best way to spend a Friday is . . . . ."

Yep..please fill in the blank..and u might save a sadistic live today.
Everybody likes Friday.
But sometimes it feels just like any other day.

So..mari kita chat chat sni ,
macm mna mau kasi jadi lebih BEST ni FRIDAY.

jn luki2 ilmu a..hahaha..
sharing is caring bah..

20 October 2011

Thursday Thoughts

"If you care what other people think about you..
you will never be happy with yourself."
Everybody is the same.
It's the attitude that makes a difference.

- siapa inda setuju..angkat tangan a..-

19 October 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I can't help but share this on my blog.
It's the cutest Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song i have ever encountered.
The animation is simply amazing.
macam terharu sa tingu o..kunun.

Just for a while..forget the chaotic world
and enjoy the innocence of the song.

Isn't this the song we all have been singing when we're kids..?
The animation just gets you.

*hehe..no big case actually, i'm just intoxicated with paperwork today and THiS saved my day*

bah, jom tengok.
Kiut ni. 

i can't wait till baby Neve watched this. heheh..
Big trus her eyes. 
7.25 am..

..can u imagine my feelings.

17 October 2011

and so..Love is.

A beautiful Monday everyone?
Remember the Hot Blog Chat segment last Friday?
On..what is LoVe.

Here is the most perfect song that can define what love is in the most beautiful way.
You will feel peace. Trust me.

Here..click the youtube video below.
It doesn't take too much time to download anyway.

btw..thnks so much to fellow bloggers..Aemy Shamy, CathJ. , a-Me, Si Aki, Beaty, SjB, Alv0808 and Kay for ur thoughts on love..and for keeping me company in the Hot Blog Chat.
What's the next topic?
Stay tuned.
And there is a surprise.

Okay. Listen. Feel.
Have a blessed day.

Here's the lyrics.
"Love is not proud
Love does not boast
Love after all
Matters the most

Love does not run
Love does not hide
Love does not keep
Locked inside

Love is the river that flows through
Love never fails you

Love will sustain
Love will provide
Love will not cease
At the end of time

Love will protect
Love always hopes
Love still believes
When you don't

[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/b/brandon_heath/love_never_fails.html ]
Love is the arms that are holding you
Love never fails you

When my heart won't make a sound
When I can't turn back around
When the sky is falling down
Nothing is greater than this
Greater than this

Love is right here
Love is alive
Love is the way
The truth the life

Love is the river than flows through
Love is the arms that are holding you
Love is the place you will fly to
Love never fails you"


Siok kn?

p/s: love for me..is the most overwhelming feeling when looking at my baby Neve.
Love heals.

Everybody is inspired..somehow, by LoVe.
But when asked, we get a thousand and millions definitions of what love is.

Perhaps it's the complexity of the subject 
or the simplicity of words that can be used to produce the real understanding of this wonderful thing..

Is it wonderful, ..cos' some says it hurts.
What do you think.

Chat on..what you truly think LOVE is.

Happy Friday everyone.
This is NC's Hot Blog Chat.
On a Friday.

Never fails.


Kim Kardashian wedding?
Why not.

..because i get to play dress up at Polyvore and be a guest blogger at Cath-J Guest Blogger segment.

Here's the case,

"Kim Kardashian invited you to her wedding.. and as you all know the wedding dress code will be BLACK and WHITE.. you don’t follow the dress code.. you will not allowed to enter to the wedding reception…"

Black and white.
What a glamorous and luxurious combination.

All i have to do is to imagine..and be it all.

A Wedding Invitation

Monsoon silk dress
£225 - monsoon.co.uk

Miu Miu silver heels
$640 - bergdorfgoodman.com

Bottega Veneta leather clutch handbag
$3,380 - net-a-porter.com

EFFY COLLECTION diamond jewelry
$1,590 - lordandtaylor.com

Diamante jewelry
40 AUD - funaccessories.com.au

Jon Richard crystal ring
£10 - debenhams.com

Please tell me what you think..hehehe..
I really fell in love with the dress above.
And all the jewelry..omaigad..somebody, please..
if you need any idea for my next birthday gift..(doi dogo..)
The above would be perfect.
kuang kuang kuang...cis.

bah, mari kita serbu reception si Kim Kardashian.
Kalau kena reject..boleh buat aramai tii sendri2 bah..yg glamer punya kn. 
hahaha..tema, kekal black n white.
bling Bling!

10 October 2011

Back to Work..

My maternity leave ended two weeks ago. Actually.
So here i am, back at work.
Updating, blogging.
The only thing that can deviate my mind from baby Neve..for a while.

hmm..so this is the feeling.
Bah, back to work lah.

(a hug to baby Neve before off to work this morning..mcm mau bawa dia sja ni pi opis)

Let's see if i can do any..

The Monday Hot Blog Chat..
nanti la a..

I'd rather be at home now.
06 October 2011

The Conversation

It's really disturbing.  ok, irritating, when having to deal with a trainee staff.
A so-called confident trainee staff.

What happened?

well..it was something like this.

Trainee: ada apa2 perkara lain2 yg kita mau bagi tau tentang baby? (referring to baby Neve)

Me: mm..kdg2 dlm 2 hari baru dia berak..ok kah tu?

Trainee: (senyum confident) tidak. tidak normal tu.

Me: (tediam. i've done my research actually. singaja sa tnya dia. mana tau ada jawapan lain) .

Trainee: slu kalau baby..dia msti berak dlm setiap dua atau tiga jam.
(ok. seriously..i know not my baby Neve..because..i know why.heheh..tpi..layan dlu la jawapan si trainee lelaki yg bergigi besi)

Trainee: berapa kali sda dia berak dlm setiap 2 hari sja?

Me: dlm 3 kali sda la.., jadi mcm mna la tu?

Trainee: (bingung sekejap)..Kak, mcm mna tu a..(tnya kakak yg nurse betul2 di sebelah dia. yg actually sibuk melayan patient lain juga)

Nurse: dia berak dlm setiap dua hari? oh..ok bah tu. Tiada apa2. Taie dia ok juga kan? (smiling at me)

Me: ya. tiada apa2 kn..?  (sa pun senyum2 juga la)

Trainee: (tediam)

ahaha..that was only part of the monthly clinical interview for baby Neve, which was yesterday.
There were other ridiculous questions that were asked.

Ikuti seterus nya..

Trainee: (sambil tingu nota2 dia yg kena highlight berwarna warni)..kalau baby tiarap, dia boleh angkat kepala dia kah?

Me: o..sa inda penah kasi tiarap lagi ni, tpi memang dia blm boleh angkat kepala dia sendri la, sb baru dua bulan.
(adoi gia..please..share with me if you have a two months old baby and he/she can lift her/his head)

Trainee: (mcm muka yg hilang confident sda n masih lagi tingu nota), kalau dia tedengar bunyi kuat tiba2..dia tekejut kah?

Me: iya, (being nice) + (senyum bah..)

ok lah, kasi kesian la ba juga kn.
so, i ended up answering all questions from the trainee..with a very nice yes, no.., kadang2..and a smile every time. 
I suddenly remember the time when i was a trainee student myself.
Give them a chance to learn.
Tapi jgn la ba kasi keluar nota depan2 customer..patient?
Ber highlight lagi tu..waduh..

The moral lesson:
Sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhir nya kenapatan juga inda pandai tarabang di langit, lalu jatuh ke tanah.

" haissh..kenapa la sa kasi keluar nota berhighlight sa tu a.."

Happy two months old my babe..

....berabis dia inda mau pkai itu topi kuning.
tpi senyum juga kijap, sebab kena ambil gmbr kn.

Stay happy babe..
today you kena jarum2 lagi..hehe
second month vaccination.

The Hot Blog Chat is only ON today.
Sorry for the delay..gini la ba ni..kalu ada a little babe to take care of.

So..here we go.
Since most fellow bloggers here are lovely lovely ladies..
Then this would be the perfect topic on the Hot Blog Chat this week.

The Perfect Gentleman.

My dear lady blogger friends..
I am sure we all have that idea of the perfect gentleman that we hope is somewhere..somehow..meant for us.
Hehe..don't deny.
It's time to put it in words. Here.
And if a gentleman might be reading this..?
Game on..just drop off what ever is in your mind.

Enjoy the chat fellas..

sa masih on leave baini..
tpi kena suruh kerja.
balik opis.

urgent matters.
fortunately i can do it from home.
and cradling baby Neve at the same time.
talk about multitasking..

sempat lagi update blog.

Thank God we have Fridays .
I should be getting an employee of the month award for working during a maternity leave.

Happy Friday everyone..n have a great weekend :)

29 September 2011

Make Me Babies

And so i did.


Ada kah begitu pla kn..ala2 baby orgputeh kah ni.. (^_^)

Second attempt:
(inda puas ati kn..)

Sama juga.
hahaha..rambut saja la.

Third attempt:

..with Brad who?
bulih bulih..

Ready to feed your curiosity?
Just click HERE
And make your day.

Happy Thursday everyone.

*purely for fun*
*i can't believe i gave myself a chance to indulge in such website*

"..bila la ni. dpt buat gini lagi.."

@ Borneo Kellybays.
A nite camping out at the beach with my students.

"wlpun inda pndai berenang, sa mau lagi buat."

Hey everyone,
Your's Sincerely..nc is introducing a new segment in its humble blog.
It's called Nc's Hot Blog Chat..which will be featured every Monday.
Consider this as a 'pick-me-up' to hush away the Monday blues..or  simply a platform where you can share your thoughts and ideas on the topic..which i'm sure will enlightened you. 

The Hot Blog Chat for today..

Secrets To A Happy Marriage.

They say marriage is made in heaven..that's why it's everlasting.
But i'm pretty sure there are some other secret ingredients of that heavenly match. 
Of which only you know.

So what is the secret to a happy marriage?

Married and happy? Good.
Going to get married? Great.

bah, jan malu2 a..
Sharing is caring.
Let the blog chat begins.  

The Hot Blog Chat will be using the Facebook social plugins as the chat box..
Easy breezy.
You don't have to 'Post this to Facebook' if you don't want to.
..it's the thought that counts.

I love my kampung home.
Surrounded by the greens..
Birds chirping..
Squirrels jumping..
Bakas limpas-ing..hehe

Firewoods for 'suduon'.
My parents love arranging them into blocks, supaya senang mau ambil, diarang bilang :)
You see the tall tree on the right of the picture above?
I'm not sure what it's called, but the leaves smells of eucalyptus oil..wangiii.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

So what happen when THEY are awake?
Who are THEY?


dierang ni bah..

Awal pagi ni,,sda riuh.

What do you think they're up to?
Hehe..kena kasi makan kurupuk ba ni.. trus dtg beramai2.
Sempat lagi si Cukulat (our dog) kena marah si miaw sb p ikut2 diarang makan..haha

I adore this picture so much cos it's the perfect scene of a day at home.
A very peaceful morning indeed.
But not when the cats are awake..and hungry.

Inda sah itu satu hari kalu itu kucing2 smua inda bekumpul ramai2 makan Friskies.

So, that's a scene of my kampung home.
Care to share yours?

Yep..that's her.
Just this morning.

yayy..another entry on Cath-J Guest Blogger segment :) and i'm loving it.
Since joining the previous guest blogger segment on The Wedding Gown, i'm hooked.
And this time..it's about the meet up, in the virtual world.
Everybody has the chance to be a fashionista and create their own look for the evening meet up :)
Through Polyvore :)
You have to register first of course.

This is the story..
"It’s a ladies outing.. assume that we are good friends (Something like the girls on Sex And The City movie) and we want to meet up at 1 of the nice fancy bar and restaurant on the evening.. But before that we are going to shop at some nice boutique 1st."

So, the scene is set..and i think i am ready :)
Here goes.

I really am not a fashion addict, but sure wants to be comfortable and feels 'this is me'  the way i dress.
Boleh pakai kah ni?
Since it's an evening nite out to a fancy bar/restaurant.. SiMpLe but eLeGant is my keyword.
hahaha..elegen la kunun2 kah..

If only i'm prefect enough to wear such dress :)
Luv the pink two piece dress - reminds me of summer.

 The two strap sandle (MYR 835 kunun2)..selesa nya pakai tu kn..
The bangle-bracelet-watch..hehe..3 in 1 tu..ni la yg sa paling mau, kalau kena bgi free free..hahah
The pink crystal heart necklace and the butterfly hairclips..ah..just nice..
i think.

Macthing juga ka itu beg? it's from Prada..
Though not really a 'brand' person, having items such as this would really be nice..rite? 

Bah, don't forget the mekap2 department..hehe..as if i know how,
I really don't.
But the nail polish looks yummy.. :)

OKIE..i'm ready.
Jom keluar.
Tinggal cari drebar lagi..hahaha

Thanks CathJ for this entertaining Guest Blogger topic 
- cheers-

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