30 March 2010

I want to train a dragon

so , urmm..how do you train a dragon?
hehe..lets do it Hiccup's way :)

A very entertaining movie.
Night Fury (the dragon) is so adorable..hehe..with that green cat's eye.

Have you watched it?
Come on come on :)
We need to let ourselves loose in fantasy sometimes.. and this is the time hehe
Highly recommended, though a lot of movie critics gave a bad review of the movie. Maybe because of the 'kill dragon' element that is in the movie.
but..it's for u to decide.

nc says: bah,, mana mau cari naga ni ..haha
..we received the blessed sacrament of matrimony.
H a p p y.

It felt like just yesterday.
Sometimes i forgot that we have married - haha
Absence does make the heart grow fonder eh.. :)

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

nc says: growing up and growing old together with your best friend is the best part of life.

I really want the whole world to know about this.
This place.
A foodies day out with mi hubbi, and i recommended to him to eat at this place?
Ok, this place? I will keep you guessing first.

I was planning to give a great food review on this place because of the food above.
Thailand Style Fried Rice.
Rm 8.90
Interesting. It tasted so nice.
That was hubbi's food.
Our heavenly chinese tea.hmm..

Okay, where's my food?
That's the problem.
My order never made it to the kitchen. But i was 100 percent sure that it hit the waitress ear and notebook, since she asked me first on what i would like to eat.
Mi hubbi's fried rice came in just 5 minutes after taking the order.
It looked so good. I finished almost half of HIS plate. I was hungry.
10 minutes passed.
Okay,, something's wrong.
My food was still not served.
5 minutes passed.
I called a waitress and asked her to check on my order.
She looked a bit surprised and came back to me informing me that my order was not there - tapi kalau mau order boleh,,sekejappppp saja....
I was still hungry.
I said OK. (sbb dia ckp sikijappppp saja)
10 minutes passed.
Hubbi said..this was the third time my food order went wrong (yep, it happened twice before, a few days before)
He finished his food.
Mine was still not there.
I lost my patience. I lost my appetite.
Called the waitress and said "I want to cancel my order."
Dia cakap, sikijap lagi, mau siap sda.
"sudah la kamu lupa order sa, mau suruh sa tggu lagi?"
She called her supervisor (i think).
Supervisor: 3 minit lagi miss. lagi pn sda kena buat.
Me: sa tak mau sda. Lama sda sa tggu.
Supervisor: waitress tadi cakp tiada order dari kamu.
I felt like shouting right then. But didn't.

The lady supervisor face turned sour.
Kurang ass*m.
No wonder your restaurant don't have much customers.

At the cashier counter:
Me: Kamu cas juga makanan yg tidak kena serve tadi?
Supervisor: tidak ( with super duper sour face)

And off we went..

see the empty seats?? it was the peak hour for lunch time.

Anyway..i chopped off my long hair.haha..here's the new look.
bulih la ba juga kn :)

nc says: customer is always right. bukan merajuk teda makanan. saja hiland kesabaran tggu makanan yg nda smpai2.
kalau makanan sedap, tpi servis bidah..customer tetap akan lari.
btul o tidak?
17 March 2010


hehe..just want to share with you the other side of me in my new baby blog.
I call it
It's a place to share my creative pursuit in little crafs and designs.
Want to know more..? hehe
Don't be shy shy to visit me there.

If you have a dream, believe in it.
(come on.. u know i'm not talking about nightmares haha)

Align CenterFollow your dreams :)
Click on the picture below and i'll take you there.

nc says: best juga bah kalau kita share2 dreams and desire sometimes kn.. :)
Mari mari mari mari mariiiiiiiiii (^_^)
Have u heard about Mari Mari Cultural Village?
It's in inanam. Along the road leading to Kionsom waterfall.
Its the biggest cultural village in Sabah, i guess.
And full of the exciting cultural activities that you can participate.

hehe.. i was on tour with my students.
The tour package was quite expensive. rm130++ for an adult visitor. The students got half the price. I got it fOr freeeeeee hehehe..

I heard quite a lot of bad impression before i get to visit the place.
1. It's expensive.
2. It's a fake.
3. It's a double fake.

Align Center(^_^)

1. It's expensive: yep, for an independent visitor. since everything must be arranged with a travel agent. but for the environment, tour guide, activities, n buffet food..i think it's worth it. hehe..i guess.

2. It's a fake: i dont think so. You should go n visit ur self. the place is wonderful. reminds me of a real kampung.


3. It's a double fake: i hate to say this but.. i just realized this when one of my student mention this to me. It's a fake becos after each visit in the cultural houses.. u can see the murut/kadazan/lundayeh boy or man or lady just now all transform into a modern day one-of-us. - in front of us. I mean, they were walking around us with torn jeans , black glasses and stuff. (maybe they have just finished their shift) Well.. It just ruined everything. so much for the cultural feel.

ANYWAY.. here are some pictures i'd like to share.

The Lundayeh house. this one's built just nearby the river. the walls are made from tree bark.

A Dusun traditional house. Cute. hehe.. complete with spider webs. big ones. :)

We get to cook our own lunch that day. The traditional way. Chicken in bamboo anyone? sedap..
This one was used for us during the welcoming ceremony. hehe..

I really love the Bajau house. Huge. And this is just the kitchen.

Spot the lecturer. :)

The Rungus longhouse

nc says: bah.. mari la. kalau berani.. hehe
Mum called from our kampung home just now.
With the saddest news that is breaking my heart now:
Two of the seven kittens at home died today. Three more are sick. :(
They vomited. Couldn't eat or drink.

Gosh. Why God..

i was just blogging about this very cute kitten last week. He died this morning.

One died yesterday, another is still sick now.

my most kesayangan. he's the only one with the love patch inherited from our lost cat.
Now, no more.

02 March 2010

So it is March.

So its march 2010.

I’ve been away for a few weeks: wire-less.

A lot of things happened the past month and I couldn’t care less to blog about them. Yet, I thank u my dear blogger friends who have dropped by despite the silent from me.


Hmm..Chinese New Year was spent in the hospital visiting my father who had an accident while using a parang. Deep cut in the hand. Lots of blood and he lost a few veins. Incident time: 4pm. He was only taken to the hospital around 8pm the same night by mi hubby after he fetched me from work. Gosh..i wish we were back earlier that night. But there were no way of communications. Thank goodness J was there that time. By the time everything was settled (my father admitted to SMC), it was 12 midnight. The next few days were spent by all of us taking turns visiting him in the hospital.

That was ChineseNewYear.

School holidays were also working holidays for me, fortunately. A good one and a half week away from work was healing and refreshing. Our office premise did a lot of facelift. That explained the unusual holidays given to all staff.

What else..?

No extraordinary activities or recreations took place, since we have to take care of a very special patient at home then – father. Hehe..he was doing fine but it will take time to heal and I can see that he is getting bored with the limited things he can do with the big bandage still attached to his hand.

And so, it’s mi hubby and the kittens who kept me company all the time. I couldn’t get my hands off them.haha..they’re getting bigger. All 7 of them. I love them too much. Maybe its because they’re the kittens of our lost cat..whom the whole family never had enough of. We loved him too much. And now we love his kittens wayyyyyyyyy too much.

What about Valentine’s Day?

Hehe..nothing special. I have a date with the whole family since all of us went to visit father at the hospital. J and I actually managed to bite a lunch at my favourite food stall in 1B (while the rest of the gang went shopping) and we were served by an ex student of mine who whispered to us “Happy Valentine’s Day”. That was cute.

The rest? – is history.

Let the March-ing begins!!!

the real reason why we're late home the day my father had the accident was to get our delayed wedding photobook. i still wish we could got home earlier.

everyone like the outcome anyway.

the house little joy. the kitten.

seven of them.

nc says: thnks for reading.. i luv u.

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