29 November 2010

The Perfect Christmas Gift

I have announced it in my other blog..
and i am going to put more juicy details here.
But first..allow me to state that..it is not a shop that is mine.
Rather..thanks to this unique concept store, a lot of people can display and rent spaces to promote their work.
hehe..bagus bah..kn?
And so..the name of the shop that i managed to get hold a little space is..the Dream House.
It's located at the Megalong shopping mall, Donggongon.
A place that one should visit.
It's the longest mall in Sabah.

If you are searching for the perfect Christmas gift this year..
why not have a look of what iHaveADream Creations has to offer.
hehe..it's from the heart.

Merry Christmas everyone..
Let's decorate our hearts with joy of the Lord and share the Christmas love with everyone.

nc says:
ramai yg salah phm sa buka kadai ni..hehe..tak pa, sb memng ni kedai konsep dia berlainan. 
Cuba gia kamu pgi sana.. mesti kamu paham.
Sa pun baru paham lepas sa TER jumpa ni kedai..n BANG!! this is the place that i want to start/continue my creative passion.
Sincerely, i LuV this award.
Only from the GoRGoueS Wyne

And it's sooo thoughtful of her to create such awards and present it to blogger friends.
It keeps us motivated to write and share.
You have inspired me.

nc says: o ya, itu bloggers survey on the previous post masih ON. nanti sa analisis lisis dlu a..then kasi share2 dgn sumua bloggers. Of course u can see the statistic there.
But..i bet, u will read it later.
Extra analysis bah..
Time for another blogging tips from NC..sincerely.
But this time..not just from the various resources that you can find in the WWW world.
But RAW and RIGHT from the heart and mind of NC who will be analysing and sharing
the results and findings after you answer the polls/questionnaire below.
P R O M I S E.

The more of you bloggers participate, the better and the more accurate the analysis will be.
WHOA..hehe..but of course.
Don't worry.
This is what i do.
Analyze. Critize. ..and Maximize.

And what better ways to have a survey poll than with Nuffnang. Right?
(come on..i'm not going to be hellRich anyway hahaha)
I'll be running this poll questionnaire for two weeks to accumulate your answers.
It touches on blogging elements that you surely want to know.. 
on how your readers truly responds to.
FiVe simple questions..
and three bonus analysis of Nuffnang.

Let's start.

nc says: don't forget to leave ur comments after answering the questions ya..It's a bonus analysis on knowing who YOU are. (^_^)
12 November 2010

The Balance of LiFe

I've lost another cat. Yesterday. Mysteriously. Again. Gone with the wild.
Taken by the wild? Nobody knows.
S a d.
That's the family fourth cat that's has mysteriously disappeared from our home.
. . . .
My laptop - hangus. Motherboard hancur - they said.
I dare not switch it on again.
For five faithful years it's been with me. 
Never having any problem, except for a few inescapeable formatting job.
(please don't ask how the heaven i managed to make THiS entry now)

The thought of Karma and the balance of life hit me, in the midst of this.
My white cat. Gone, disappear just like that. 
Is it just sooo a coincidence that my father shot a white crane (bangau bah) near by our home yesterday, and that the body still hang on top of a tree this morning.
(otiru no monimbak ii tapa..nga..everyone at home was unhappy)
Bad karma?
Doesn't matter now.
I could not even show a picture of our precious putih since motherboard is down and hancur.
I had a chat with a relative a few days before..of getting a new and smaller laptop.
Since the weight of the current one is killing my back.
And now..
I don't know.

nc says: putih was the name of our cat. Coincidently, three newborn kittens join the clan a few weeks ago.
And one of them was as white as snow. Putih.

A gift from the blogging experts..and i would like to share this with you, my faithful readers and followers.
O yeahh..we cannot deny that the comments that our readers leave in each entry of our post motivates us to write more..and better. And sometimes the comments is the ultimate objective of one to keep on blogging.
But if comments are what you are after..then hear this.
There are few reasons actually on why readers will NOT leave their comments on your posts.

From the mind of a Successful & Outstanding Blogger.http://www.successful-blog.com/
1. What you write is so complete, that I don’t know what to say except good job. I feel silly writing that, so I read and move on. 

2. You’ve taught me something I didn’t know, and I need to think about it before I even have a question. Much like number 1, I don’t want to embarrass myself. I’m better off moving on. 

3. I get ready to type a comment, but I notice you only respond to a few friends who mostly share inside jokes. I won’t take the risk of being overlooked in public. 

4. The folks who comment on your posts like to argue and I don’t. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to fight my way into the crowd. 

5. You rarely respond to comments. So, there’s no point in writing one. 

6. Your blog has geeky attitude and I’m not geeky enough to keep up

 7. I really like your blog and your post, but I’m too tired, busy, or any one of a number things that you can’t control. I’ll comment the next I come back to read. 

8. You end your posts with a giant general question like “What do you think of the Big Bang Theory?” That question is such a big one. I don’t have time to answer it. I feel strange answering with a lesser comment. 

9. You put up a fence by making me login to comment. I have too many passwords already and I don’t know you well enough to add one to my list. 

10. Your content wasn’t fresh and exciting, and I couldn’t find anything YOU inside it. It seemed the same post that I’ve read on 10 other blogs. If I commented, I would have to tell you that.
  • PLUS ONE: Your post was negative. Negative is scary. Most folks don’t like negative stuff, because they know they could be next to be the recipient. I don’t comment, because I don’t want to be part of it

nc says: angguk2..geleng2..(^-^)..
(my kitten2 which keep me company all the time)
don't worry..i'm not expecting you to drop any comments on this post..not even because of any of the 10 reasons above. hehe..for me..it's a personal choice. What about you? hehe
But if you really want to improve your blog and engage your reader attention - then, this post might inspire you.
Good luck :)
Read it more..HERE

08 November 2010

i LuV Awards

O yeahh..another part of the blogging world that i luv.
By you.. from you.. to you

Blog Paling Sweet 2010?
hehe..thnks Stella for this.
You have a sweet blog too.

Another lovely award from my blogger friends..Sheena and Michelle..
thank u for it ya..i urm..a..almost forgot about it..hehe..
And..the seven things about me? A rule for the award.
1. I love blogging.
2. I love Love.
3. I love Cats.
4. I love you.
5. I love HIM.
6. I love him.
7. I love them.

Now you know what i love.

And these two award is for YOU too :)

nc says: dapat award. Siok nya hehe
06 November 2010

A Foxie Boutique

It's the grand opening of a good friend's boutique today.
Located at the ground floor of the Star City Complex, one can never missed it, as the boutique is painted in red with an eye catching fox in the boutique's sign board.

I have to salute and congratulate these foxy ladies for materializing their dream of having their own business.
I hope i can follow their foot steps in the future.
*finger finger crossing*
The boutique sells ladies attires and accesories. Cute and cheeky.
Just like the taukehs. heheh..
Price wise..competitive.
Highly recommended.
Me with the foxy ladies of the boutique.
I was not able to take much pictures that moment. 
I ran out of battery charges.
But pictures will never be enough for me to describe what Foxie Boutique has in store.
You need to be there.
Now i know where to get my dresses for wedding wedding and dinner dinner invitations this December.

nc says: sambil2 tolong kawan2 promosi bah.. :)
..just want to share with you what i have learned from the B2.0 event.

 "It's easier to create a new blog than to maintain one"
A true point to ponder for all bloggers shared by one of the speakers of the B2.0 event.

hmm..true indeed.

"Blogging will never die as long as we do this three things:
1. Inspire
2. Inform
3. Interact
..in the blogosphere."
..quoting Mr Addy Kho , a blogger who specializes in e-commerce, eBay, and affiliate marketing..
One of the speakers for the B2.0.

I hope i have inspired you.

..i had fun.
But no more club or pub scene, please..hehe.
catch more pictures at.. iHaveADream Creations.

nc says: the Boutique Cupcake was adorable. I almost want to just KEEP iT as a souvenir.
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