30 December 2010

Not Just A New Year

It's a few days before the new year and i feel ever so guilty for not updating anything here..
especially when i noticed that a few comments kept dropping by in my last post - O Christmas Tree.
Thank you very much for the visit n comments ya
The silence doesn't mean it's unappreciated.

A lot of happenings since pre Christmas had been pushing me to write and share with everyone..
but gosh..i just couldn't find the momentum.

 Hopefully this coming new year will bring me right back on track
and be the blogger i should be
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

O yes..something is up for everyone i'm sure in the coming year of the Rabbit :)
As a wise man says:
"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. 
A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves."
Let' us all be the optimist that we are.

Happy New Year everyone..
It's not just a new year..it's a whole new period of time for us to begin anew n continue this walk on earth.
I'll be staying in this new years eve..making sure everyone steps together to 2011.
Meanwhile..if you're celebrating it outdoor..have fun..
and please read the message below ya.. hehe

(brought to you by Google search)

nc says: selamat tahun baru smua.. tahun depan bnyk good news mau share sini ni tau..

14 December 2010

O Christmas Tree

All over the city, shopping complexes are painted with red, green and golden themed ornaments and decor.
It's Christmas!!
Having read Chegu Carol and few other bloggers on their Christmas preparation makes me wonder if i should put up a Christmas tree at home. 
Anyway..if i really decided to put up one.. i hope its going to be something like..
nyehehehehe..nda la ba giant sangat mcm ni. mana la muat rumah ku yg kici.
but the idea of decorating a Christmas tree with teddy bears???
o wow..its my first time seeing this.
Cantik kn.
ok ok..hehe..where can you find this Christmas tree?
It's standing perfectly at the Karamunsing shopping complex.
Lama da tak jalan2 di sana..sekali masuk ..
i was really2 amazed.
This is truly unique.
O yes. And you can walk underneath the tree as well. 
Look at that.
The Christmas tree is actually combined with a few nicely decorated stalls ..so the tree is like a gigantic roof top. Simply woW.
hmm..i think i know what i need now.
nc says: sebenar nya.. persediaan utk hari Christmas yg sebenar adalah terletak dlm hati kita. itu yg paling penting kn. Christmas adalah peringatan utk kita ttg Kasih dan mengapa kita di lahir kn. (eseh...be khutbah laini..)
Tapi.. kalau ada hiasan2 sampingan.. tambah meriah.. hehe.. aramai tiiiiii (^_^)
If you're a fan of fantasy and fairy tale..don't miss this movie for anything.
i repeat - ANYTHiNG.

Having just experienced Narnia just now..it feels amazing how it seems that i too (ceh..kunun)..was brought back to Narnia. ok ok..allow me to give you THREE good reasons WHY you SHOULD watch Narnia 3.

Reason 1:
Ben Barnes.
i mean..King Caspian.
If you've watched the previous Narnia 2 movie, you'll understand what i mean. hehe
Yep, he's in the third movie as well.

Reason 2:

The great leader of the land in his solemn and pure greatness.
Sometimes it makes us wonder the real 'function' of Aslan's role..
"why isn't he helping the kids?..why does he let it all happen? Where is he?
Why isn't he there in time of danger?"
...sound familiar?
of course.
You know the answers.
A preview of Aslan's country - beyond the waves.

Reason 3:

The kids cousin who was accidentally dragged to Narnia.
A non believer of fantasy, fairy tales and dragons..

Until he became one.

A real spit-fire hero.
And guess what, ( i don't mean to spill the beans..but,)..boy Eustace will be the continuing hero of the next and next and perhaps till the Last Battle of Narnia.

bah..cukup laini. Kamu gi tengok sendiri a.
tpi jn tgk 3D..mcm rugi. 
best lagi tengok teda pakai tu cermin mata. balik2 mau jatuh. 
n tidak berapa menonjol ba 3D efek dia. 
ada bnyk part teda 3D efek pun.
bulih2 sa inda pakai tu cermin mata.

nc says: i want to name my cat Aslan. bulih kah. (^_^)
o ya, ALL pictures are courtesy of Narnia..eh,, Googles.

Ok, the official trailer

And here's a preview of the previous two Narnia movies (if you haven;t watched it)..with one of my favourite soundtrack in the movie: No Need To Say Goodbye.
11 December 2010

Annieming Christmas Giveaway

It's been a while since the last post.
There are so many stories to share..but, ...
will post about it soon.

. . . . . . . . . . .

This post is dedicated to Annieming 
for the Christmas Giveaway.

Hehe..i decided to put up this one for the giveaway picture.
Harap2 itu santa hat boleh kena pakai ramai2 ba kn..mcm itu rabbit2 dlm gmbr..hehe

It's actually a little sundry shop that sells rabbits at the same time. Located in the Asia City street shops.
Taken late last year. Time masih muda sikit. hahaha

If only i could have one of those rabbits!!

nc says: this is one of the best giveaway i have ever joined. kalau tak menang pun tak apa.
It's to support a friend and in the glowing spirit of Christmas :)
Merry Christmas semua..

This, made my day today.
A certificate of appreciation for being part of the Borneo Bloggers Award
which was organized by Borneo Colours, just last October.
Have been waiting for the mail man to hand me this actually.heheh

Thank you Borneo Colours for organizing a great event for the bloggers in Borneo
and Thank You to Daniel Doughty for giving us the appreciation. 
Now i have another memorabilia to 'show off' (pinjam ayat si Wyne dlu hehe), courtesy of Borneo Colours.
uiks..mahal ba ni tandatangan ni .. :)
Though the certificate arrived a little bit crumpled in the mail..(odoi gia..) it is still priceless.

By the way..have you read the Finalists Special Interview in Borneo Colours?
All finalists were asked a few questions regarding the blog scene and what we think about it.
I've done mine. We were all given a different sets of questions. 
Well...there's this ONE question..
that i would like to share with you..and to hear your response as well.
Not towards my answer though..but your opinion. :)
Come on..let's put our heads together and we might share valuable thoughts here.
Here's the question:

Describe to us in your own words, what is the main problem when starting a new blog.
A new blog is very easy to create. You only have to register and..sometimes..that is iT, for some people. They do not know what to write. Finding materials to write about would be one of the challenge of a new blog. But then, if a blogger realized his/her purpose starting the blog..everything will fall into places.
(my answer)

nc says: bah,, kamu lagi jawab a :) kalau mau baca yg lain2 click SINI
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