24 June 2011

The Face

I thought i'm not in the mood of blogging anymore..
but, if it's in your blood..:) and in a good mode of sharing..why not.
Yep, just a short one.

Here's sharing with you the latest ultra sound pic of little babe.
Can you see the face..hehe..
..and the two little hands covering it?


My first expression when looking at the picture was..
" My God..that's me. Really looked like me while sleeping. "
atukkkoi...my family agreed.
By the way..the picture was when babe was 31 week old.

Now..babe in the tummy at 8 months..is something like this..

basar nya...kah. memang la ba.

Sharing with you another info about nc..is that..i'm thalassemia carrier. 
I've heard about the illness before..but never really care to know about it, until i know i'm a carrier my self.
What is it?
You lack red blood cells in your system.
And you know how important the red blood cells are to your body, especially when there's a little one sharing with you the oxygen that the cells are carrying throughout you.
Google it more..you will understand :)

So , i'm trying my best now, to gather tips and advice from  mommies  alike who have been in the situation.
What's best to do..after delivery..and a lot more.

Do you know of any?
Care to share?
Just drop a comment ya..i really appreciate it.
and..no..please don't pity me.

It's just a medical condition that needs to be paid attention differently, specifically.


Share a..kalau ada apa2 yg kamu penah dgr o tau.

20 June 2011

Nc thoughts

Dear blog...n blogger friends..

..will not be updating much and might be on a long silence for this moment.

Will never be gone for good though..just a peaceful rest and a more soothing evedy day life without worrying what to post next in this blog.  If you're wondering what's up and about in nc's department now..well..nothing much :) just..

a growing tummy that i guess is still keep on putting weight.. My current weight is about 62kg..normally its around 45kg :) hope to lose slowly the extra weight once i continue blogging again :) 

i'm coming to week 33 in the pregnancy calendar now.. hmm..getting heavier and heavier. When people ask me the 'inda berat ka ko rasa.' question these days..mcm sa mau tumbuk dorang. Nanti la ko try sendiri..boring ba the same question and ur actually struggling to breathe. 

i'm a thalassemia carrier. Thus the natural low iron and red blood cells count in the system, making it harder to get enough oxygen and is having a faster heart beat rate. 

I'm still working..now. A bit harder to lecture now..SEMPUT. Will be starting my maternity leave the end of July. God bless. 

I enjoy blog hopping..to ur blog..dropping by wishes and comments if possible. But nowadays.. mau buka laptop sja pun.. malas betul. Except when i'm at the office.hehe.. 

All baby stuff and mommy stuff are ready. But is still looking for more tips on the berpantang time..gosh..i can't imagine living without ice water. 

mmbah...itu sja la.. Hope i'll be fine :)

Not complaining though..just a thought on this little journey i'm on now.
Thank God for the opportunity.

See you in the next chapter of Your's Sincerely..nc.

    Once a cat lover..always a cat lover.
    Love your pets people.. :)
    A quick post on the Take Me..aww Home Album II.
    As been promised.
    I could not get enough of the lovely cute-licious cats..
    thus..the pictures.
    This time..in neutral shades.

    Gosh..it's raining now.
    And just last nite..i dreamt of the cats shelter again.
    I hope they are doing fine.

    Check out the SPCA KK facebook page..HERE

    Here are pictures of the homeless cats sheltered by the SPCA KK (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)..which i have never uploaded anywhere..since the visit to the shelter last month.
    The pictures was meant to be for some creative project that i have planned (i guess) ..
    for the betterment of these adorable ones.
    But..kuch kuch hotta hai.
    Here they are.
    Though not a registered SPCA member yet..( i hope i will be), i truly support everything that the organization has been doing for these poor animals.
    Everybody can do something..to personally help those who cannot speak for themselves.
    I call this album:

    All pictures are under the trademark of iHaveADream Creations.
    The other side of me. In another creative art blog.
    But ..since the blog is currently under all sorts of things..
    It is posted here.

    If you want to give these cats a home..be sure to contact SPCA KK. 
    Here..click THIS.
    The cats are waiting.

    Album II will be uploaded soon.
    Yours Sincerely..nc © 2008. Template Design By: SkinCorner