This is cool.
Do read ya.. you might be interested, especially if you love blogwalking.

Another cat entry?
Yep..this time it's especially for a good friend Kay of Tulus Dari Hati.

One of our cats at home delivered 4 cute kittens about 2 months ago..
Two of the kittens look like these..

Aren't they adorable?
The eyes are actually pure blue.
They're jumping off the sofa and everywhere reachable nowadays.
And..they're not afraid of our dogs :)
Good thing that the dogs do not attack them as well.

Another two of the kittens look like this. 
A black and white..which we have a lotttttt at home :)
Only managed to take one of the kittens picture though..yg satu tu.. ntah p mana dia lari2 time tu.
Cute kah?
hehe..of course..all kittens are cute. Adorable. 
Makes me crazy.

Two of these kittens will be adopted by Kay.
kan? hehehe..

The Siamese..and the black n white kitten above.
The whole family is actually reluctant to give away these kittens..but come to think of it..
it's impossible to take care of all 15 cats altogether..especially when they're all grown up.
Ko imagine ja time mau kasi makan.. ribut2 dorang tu..ko  pun pening.
And..since Kay is a cat lover her self..i'm sure she will take great care of these kittens.

If you're looking for kittens to be adopted..(yep..we have another cute adorable one, just one month old)..just tell me. I'm not a kitty cat supplier or pengedar kucing a.. just looking for a good home for them. 
No, we don't plan to let all our grown up cats to be adopted anymore. They're of a very high sentimental value.
Their kittens..why not?
And no.. i'm not going to shelter them away at the SPCA cats shelter. 
I have always thought of our home as a mini shelter anyway..bcos..for ur info..none of our 15 cats are originally ours.
We only have one cat.
He died. Went missing..and left a legacy.hahaha..ntah la generasi ke berapa sda tu.

Okie..will be sharing u more pictures soon, this time with Kay and the two adopted kittens.

*All pictures are courtesy of LucyLiew Photograph, my sister*
Bah, this is it.. :)
i've been wanting to post this since last nite.. but was just to tired to do anything. we go.

21st May 2011
An unforgettable visit n community work at the SPCA KK cats shelter.
see the cats..? Too cute to be true..
How could anyone throw away/disown such creatures..

20 May 2011


i Realize. this.
i know. U know.

18 May 2011

Ko ada 3 BLOG?

This post is to clear any questions or doubts on who is nc and which one is really nc’s blog. You are welcome to read and give ur sincere comments or be a silent reader  i don’t mind. Just want clear up the air..nyehehe..

16 May 2011

i Am a Teacher..

I am surrounded by teachers.. :)
..and i guess i am one.

Remember the first time you met your first teacher? 
Became a teacher's pet/favourite? 
Fell in 'love' with thaatttt teacher? 
Made a teacher cried..
Made a teacher laughed and smiled..
Be proud of you?
whoaa...banyak o kn.. pengalaman dengan cigu2..dari time keci2 lagi :)
and it made me smile.. every time thinking about it. la gmbr time sekolah rendah..a picture with one of the teachers.
i'm sure u can guessed which one is me. hehe..
i was a full bodied tomboy..nyehehehe..but with a cheeky girl attitude.

12 May 2011

Macam Macam

 My feet is swollen..but my heart and mind is oh so passionate about The Borneo Blog Shop activity..hehe
what to do..

10 May 2011

Semua RM5

Harga minyak naik..
Harga gula naik..

Tapi jngan risau..
The Borneo Blog Shop tidak akan naik harga..malah turun.. turun...pada kadar yg sepatut nya.

I love to begins things anew on MONDAYS... :)
 It's going to be short and sweet today.

I have changed my previous blogshop name and link to the new one below.

Welcome to 

Kenapa lagi ni tukar tukar..?
kalau sa ckp..suka atee sa..boleh ka? hahahaha

I figured out there will be more than bundle items that will be on sale and advertise in the i have to get rid of the word 'bundle' to make way for more options. 
itu sja ba.
coming up very soon.hehe..
apa kah dia..?
tunggu ja a :)
Semua murah2 punya.
Because, just like the concept of Bundle Republic before, the new blog shop will be featuring used item (eg: the bundle clothes) and more..this time, that are given second chance for a new owner. hehe..
Consider it nc's way of creating a flea boutique..yep.
guna itu perkataan boutique instead of market..kasi sedap sikit dingar ni haha :)

so, don't forget to drop by, say hi, and follow and get great offers in the future :)

04 May 2011

NUFF Happy

Just want to share my happy happy ness with you all :)
bukan nya apa juga.. but got my first cheque from Nuffnang!!!!
Even though it's the minimum value that one can claim..but i am very2 happy to receive it.
Pembakar semangat ba ni kn.. supaya berusaha lebih lagi. hehehe

Never heard of Nuffnang?
You better..cos it's for real..and a great source of network and wonderful wonderful things.
Bundle Republic is on the LAST DAY of promotional offer.
But there will always be lots of other stuff to be featured.. AND..where YOU ..CAN take part.
Check it out NOW here

03 May 2011

Picture time :)

As much as i love being pregnant..i really missed being light with no hassle of having my rounds at 1 Borneo..or even my college premise. hmm..kaki da la bengkak skg..jari jemari ku pun sakit ni..
baru 26 weeks..but..people say mcm sa mau beranak sda, bila tgk perut sa. atukkoi...
is it really that big?
hehe..nanti kita tau sama2..ada special project ni.
hmm..bnyk pla projek2 spesial kunun dtg di kepala sa time2 gini..smpai balik2 kena suruh rilek, jn buat o fikir itu ini. but what to do.. all insiprations (kunun) dtg time ini..maybe its the baby :)
selagi sa mampu n mau akan buat.
tapi,, setakat ni pun,, bnyk sda projek tergendala sb inda kena suruh buat oleh bos di rumah. hmmm.

Thank God i have my students at the college.
Events and happenings keep me on my toes..cewah..
but there are lebih suka dudukkkkkkkk sja..smua pun malas mau buat.
just enjoy the babe kicking2 :)

Wanna see some pictures? hehee
with my students kunun..

58kg and counting.

i miss my old self..
setahun yg telah berlalu..uhuhu..kicik, ringan, ..kicik..
but God bless.. for what i am today. Amen. 

Check out Bundle Republic promo items :) It's day 4 today. Last day tommorow :)
click HERE

Exciting stuff and offers will be coming up soon.
aha...this is one the project that's taking up space in my mind n heart ;)
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