28 May 2009

A Patch of Love

..in the mood for a patch of love.

ever seen a LOVe patch on a cat before..? i have. everyday. beautiful.
but now it's almost gone. our beautiful active pet cat is suddenly stricken with some kind of wound that's making him(i dont to call him an 'it' - i think all animals deserve to be identified as human) losing his love patch. (..sigh) ..and he's still acting as though the pain is nothing.

..but the vet said he's going to be okay. i really hope so.
i dont mind God taking off a few years of my life for this beautiful creature.

hmm..crazy..? may be.

..wat ever.

Each person is unique and if I could
be a friend to him or her, then there is
a degree of love between us. But my
love is not always kind, no sweet talks,
neither exclusive nor cheap.

Love is respecting a person's dignity,
regardless of standards that people place
on them. And love must be accompanied
by virtue to be beautiful.

God loves everyone, not only on
certain days and times but always. And
if our love can be half as good as His
love, then we are well on our way to
Heaven; where love is perfect.

- By: Susanna C. Chung

25 May 2009

The Ceremony

23rd May 2009 -finally. I witnessed the beautiful ceremony of about 300 people receiving the holy sacrament of confirmation – that include my significant other. (^_^)

It’s a big step for him and for both of us, of course. I’ve been accompanying him to attend the Sunday classes every school holiday since last year – and never regret any moment of it. I couldn’t be happier.

Some of my non Christian friends were asking me what the ceremony was all about. (^_^) All I can say is that it is a religious ceremony that every Catholic has to go through and be bestowed with the seven gift of the Holy Spirit. Hehe..if you are a Catholic, I’m sure u know what the seven are.

The ceremony began early just so to make sure everybody was there to register and gather. And guess who met me that oh-so-wonderful morning? Mr. Greg Chai of Kupi –o – kaw – kaw, who happened to be there also for the same reason – to witness his son confirmation ceremony of course. I tag u sir – hope u don’t mind.

Long lost friends, neighbours, students, that I bumped into made that day more memorable. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And I guess I was lucky that I get a great photographer cum brader in law?? haha to click away all the important moments. All the pictures below are a courtesy from the lens man him self. Low profile punya org – nda mau kena reveal nama wo..huhu.

“I did it all for you’” ..was my other half’s answer when I ask him what he felt after the ceremony was over. Smilingly he offer me that phrase. Hmm..i’m not sure whether that’s the words I want to hear..but,

“Thank you, my luv” – nc.

"I’m a soldier in Christ’s army

Confrimation made it so

As a soldier in Christ’s army

I’ll profess my faith wherever I go.

No! the devil shall not harm me,

I’m the captain of my soul.

I’m a soldier in Christ’s army

Marching to my heavenly goal."

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