18 September 2009

The Romantic Bride

(^_^) friday's leisure sharing.

Calling all brides to be,

Ever thought what kind of bride u really are..?

That deep-in-the-heart feeling when planning..and dreaming about ur wedding?

maybe this little quiz link will help u.
cLicK HeRe (a courtesy of brides.com)

..and as for me?
well..hey hey hey..
I knew it..i will always be that hopeless romantic in the love department.

The Romantic Bride:
You've spent a lifetime dreaming of your prince, the castle, the fairy-tale ending. Your closet of frilly confections celebrates your feminine side.
nc says: i've got a confession to make: i was a tomboy since like..i was born? ,, short hair n have never wore a gown or dress- not untill high school. and NOW? haha..

The Scene:
You say "I do" somehere macigal - a castle, or botanical or sculpture gardens.
nc says: macigal..is to dreamy.lets do it the traditional way..but i guess i will be having my own 'garden' for the reception..hehe..with lots of green around - eco friendly bah.

Must-Have Accessory:
nc says: who doesnt? I've found mine. Blh la jadi princess - even if its just for a day. :)

Unique Touch:
Rose petals.
nc says: ya..lots of them..i hope.

more to come..but here's a glimpse of our bridal house photoshoot.
nc says: to err is humane. to love..is oso humane what..heheh..:)

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