28 July 2009

Finding them a Home.

..no,, they're not our cats.
These three adorable cats are abandoned, unpurposely though by their master.
There were six of them. Now left only four.

These cats are actually owned by the only neighbour of ours in our kampung area. A single guy living with six cats! can u imagine..how he could really take care of all of them. but ..things are different now,, since he has moved to another place,,thus leaving behind these lovely creatures.

It has been about a month now these cats have been roaming nearby their master's (make that X-master) house. No food, no water,, only the verandah of the house as their shelter and the vast forest as their playground.

I wish i could take them back home - all of them. It's just impossible now. :(
We (my family and i, of course) go back to our little kampung home during the weekends only.
It feels good yet saddening to see these cats live on their own there. No matter how much food and water we left behind for these cats..its imaginable that they will have to face hunger for the next few days.

But, im sure they are a survivor.
Pretty good hunters..i can assure you.

Giving them a home only during weekends is not good enough.
I'm not sure whether blogging about this will work out something or nothing. But..i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I call it as "Project Cats".
It's not going to change the world. but hopefully it will bring light to their part of the world.

The happy cats..freely roam our little house whenever we are around.
They don't really have any specific names..but looking at their fur..might give you some ideas.

Cat 1: The oldest and loudest. He has this cute tiger-like color on its mouth which makes him look a bit funny, amusing yet tough! He's a gentleCat though :)

Cat 2: The only female around a.k.a big sister of the two. Very motherly (since she likes to lick the fur of the other two) and have a mascara-eye thingy, which makes her look stunning hehe

Cat 3: My favourite. He's tiny, doesn't meow a lot..but manja gilaaaaa!! if he catches you around, he'll walk sexily (moving the tail upwards) and just rubs his head against your arms. auwww.. my dad cannot stand him sometimes! haha

Cats just love resting on your feet and rubbing their faces against it.

How tiny is the hand of the black cat. But mind you,, what sharp claws..

Okay, some CATactions now.
I just love watching them sleep,, with so many actions.

Isn't he cute. Why would anyone leave behind such a cat? :(

The manja one. Silent,, yet killing you with love.

These 3 (actually there are four, but the other one refuse to come to our house - pemalu)..are very close to one another. They would sleep together and no problem with eating together from one big plate. Adorable.

Nc says: People say that cats have nine lives. But these cats have more. Pure survivors.
How can you refuse them? :(
24 July 2009

"You'll be blessed"

I would recall the things that I’ve gone through these few days as blessing in disguise(s).

When come to think of it, there should be no days in our lives that we shall call as an ORDINARY day. Everyday and everything is unique in its own ways.

A long week of nothingness (sebab kena bagi holiday 1 minggu kn).. has suddenly become a week full of opportunities and creative spaces. Hahaha..what the heaven am I blogging about here? (^_^)

‘nothing’..just a sudden inspiration out of the blue bah...,

I still couldn’t believe I spent almost the whole week watching a Korean drama series called MY GIRL. (thnk u ya,, my jantoong ati for it kekekek)

But I still can’t help it, that I need to mention to the whole world that it is such an inspirational n motivational story for me. Yep, so what did I learn?

1. It’s time to face the world head on with a smile on your face. – ‘Baasya!!’
2. No matter how complicated a situation may be, don’t give up.
3. Cheer up. Even if tomorrow’s the end of the world.
4. A lie might save a life.
5. Forgiveness is priceless. (an art I still yet to master)

And that’s only the FISRT blessing!

An old lady knocked my window one sunny afternoon and asked for a kind ‘donation’, in return of a religious bookmark for me. I was with a heavy sigh (sb mcm rasa inda mo bagi haha) but with a big smile (sb nda mo kenapatan kn) on my face. Siok2 tingu MY GIRL kana kacau ni.. *grin*

I gave an
rm1 note to the old lady anyway. She was about to give me the bookmark when I kindly (aiseh..) decline it,,saying I’m not of that particular religion. Her face was a bit shocked yet smiled and thanked me… blessed me..sb sudi jugak bagi kn, walaupn bukan seagama. (^_^) hey kemmonnnn..this is 1Malaysia..haha..

But seriously, I was glad I did that. Whether she’s happy because a bookmark is saved or I was an easy victim.. or any other things..i AM stil glad I did it. Nyeheheh.. there you go:
You’ll be blessed (as Yoo Rin would have said it).

That’s two blessings.

Lazy lazy lazy.
But I forced myself to walk and ride the bus to the office today for a talk on h1n1. (Owh,,don’t ever say you understand what the bus commuters are going through if you have NEVER ride on a bus before – especially with the new system now.)

Hmmm..though the travelling part made me restless (apa nda, what should be a 20 minutes bus ride, ended up being 45 minutes , and that exclude the walking bit one has to do from the bus terminal to where-ever-your-destination-is).
Nevertheless..another blessing. Isn’t walking good for your health?

(^_^) and..only NOW i really understand the real nature of the disease.
YO! It’s a pandemiC. Correct information from the right resource will help. And so, according to a doctor from the Health Ministry, H1N1 is not selsema babi..for heaven sake.

Avian flu + Swine flu + Kita punya flu = A(H1N1)
..leave the pigs alone now.

Don’t worry (yet) if you’re coughing or sneezing like h*ll.
But if your fever temperature exceeds 38 degree celcius – WORRY!
Instead of going to some private clinic, go and seek help from the hospital.
They know what to do.

Trust me.
I went to two private clinics when I had all the so –called symptoms. And they told me,” don’t worry you’re fine” …I still didn’t feel FINE and in the dark of the real nature of the pandemic. (‘mgkin yg batuk2 n be ingus smpai mo mateee sda mgkin baru la simptom2 dia bah kali’ was the only thing I can think of).

*wink2* ..a final visit to the government hospital (which only cost me RM1), finally put my heart at ease. I brave my way to the H1N1 counter and asked the bonus question:

Macamana bah tau kena H1N1 atau inda?

“meh, sini..” the nurse checked my temperature.,and said
“Ok pn ko ni, baru 37 darjah celcius, normal tu”..but still convinced me to go meet the doctor to get some medicine for my flu and cough.

O well..that’s a relief. Hehe..but still I didn’t feel FINE,
since I felt quite a warm temperature in my body.

So, while waiting for my number to be called in the medicine counter(lepas jumpa duktur),
I kindly meet the nurse just now to check my temperature (again!).
..hehehe..nasib kena layan.

“ko nda demam pun niiii..sama juga suhu mcm tadi”
(with an irritated expression sda dia) hahahaha..
*smile smile*
(takut kena marah nurse).

..and thank God. I’m FINE now. No flu, no fever, just dry irritating cough.

Ain’t that whole messy h1n1 thingy a blessing? (^_^)

Well people, at least now we know the drill: If your fever temperature is more than 38, go, get help.

…How many blessings sda a..altogether..kikikik..

Don’t count. Just receive. You’ll be blessed.

nc says: life is a bowl of soup. If it ain't ur taste..put in a lil flavor.
20 July 2009

If you Were here

A week of holiday.
hmm..sounds like freedom. maybe..for some.
Everybody else works..im at home. what more can u NOT envy?

..recovering from flu actually.
J says: Caiyo Caiyo
,doing fine and well now..but REALLY lost for ideas to color my days.

. . . .

o my jantoong haty,,if u were here, i'd be dancing happily now.

..and with the news of the could-be tsunami in these few days..should we not be worry of the safety of our family n beloved.

God knows.

Nc says: my never ending dreams of twisters n big waves are haunting me since young.
If the wind or the sea should take my life, may i be one in u (wind n sea) eternally.
09 July 2009

Presenting: Life.

..am currently tired of people 'bullsh*t*ng' what supposed to be a relaxing n peaceful morning with stupid jokes that makes u want to smack them hard!


OK Okayyy..

I'm getting married.
I CAN accept those going-to-be-married jokes.
But..everyday?the same crap? tulunggggggggggggg la.

.. ............................

..was angry. very much.
but not until i read a fowarded email to me that made me to stop and smell the roses.

Please read, if U care about Life.

Life Is a Gift

before you say an unkind word -
Think of someone who can't speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food -
Think of someone
who has nothing to eat.

you complain about your husband or wife -
Think of someone
who's crying out to GOD for a companion.

before you complain about life -
Think of someone who died
too early on this earth.

you complain about your children -
Think of someone who desires children but they're barren...

you argue about your dirty house someone didn't clean or sweep -
Think of the people who are living in the streets.

whining about the distance you drive -
Think of someone who
walks the same distance with their feet.

And when
you are tired and complain about your job -
Think of the unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your

before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another -
Remember that not one of us is without sin

And when
depressing thoughts seem to get you down -
Put a smile on your face and think: you're alive and still around.

Nc says: thank you God for life.
thank you dear for listening.
thank you friends. thank you all.

we are what we are.
to err is humane.

i'm not complaining - anymore.
08 July 2009

Morning Blessings

Did u see the rainbow this morning? hanging over the clouds in Kota Kinabalu?

Did u see the rainbow yesterday morning? hanging over the clouds in Kota Kinabalu?


..and i feel so blessed with just watching it.
I wonder if there's another rainbow tomorrow morning..

it took a long time to decide to click the rainbow with just a handphone. but. im happy i did it.

..was on the way to Kepayan this morning. the rainbow was fading.

(^_^) rainbows hanging over KK every morning.
We can live with that.
Maybe it's a sign.

Maybe it's just God's way to show us that no matter how dark a day could be..there will always be a rainbow dancing ..thereafter.

Nc says: hari2 nampak rainbow. best juga. n teringat pla kartun ni.
sepa penah tgk Rainbow Brite? angkat tangan...hehe..my fav katun dlu2 ni.
cantik ba the hair :)
That's Rainbow Brite.

07 July 2009

A True Award

A beautiful morning and a beautiful award.
Thanks nadia for the award.

and..its my job now to pass the award to my true supporters (cewah..ada kah juga nih?) hahaha
nyway,, would like to pass this award to YOU (yes, YOU),
where ever u may be now,
who took time to visit this humble blog of mine.

I heart U.


..hmm..there it goes again.
the hearty feeling of missing someone deeply.

. . ... . ..(sigh)
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