31 March 2011

Ni Hao Ma...

Wo hen hao..
Feeling heavy though..and i'm swollen..every now and then.
Any tips to reduce the swollen - ness? feet and hands? 
hmm..it's not comforting when people say my feet is 'kiutttt' when its swollen. atukkkoi..
But generally..i feel great.

Its week 21 now. 5 months and counting.
People will always looked surprise to know that its just 5ive months when they see my belly.
They'll go.. 'besar o'.
mm..important things is we're both healthy. Fingers crossed.

With God's willing. I know it's going to be okay.

Aktiviti masa lapang skg?..hehe..

masih sempat p karaoke sama koliqs n students :)
Pajak lagu Lady Gaga. hahaha..

..sorry a..muka kasi tutup la,, bidah bah,, pucat2 ni.. tpi tatap mau SUMBANG kn lagu :)

Sorry for the lengthy title :) 
It suddenly crossed my mind that there are a few questions that people always asked me nowadays..and..sometimes i feel like sticking a fact sheet on my forehead..for some peace and quiet.
dui..jahat nya.. mmm..nda bah.. cuma kadg2..balik2 kena tny soalan yg sama dlm satu jangka masa yg terdekat..inda ko gerigitan? tpi.. sabar sja bah kn :)
..and i'm sure all pregnant mothers experience the same thing.
Bah, ni kali la..heheh..some updates and FAQ answers from nc - sincerely

Top question: berapa bulan sda?
nc answers: mau lima sda..( dibundar kn..ke bulan yg terdekat heheh)

Favourite question: Lelaki kah perempuan?
nc answers: nda tau lagi ni.. (betul2 blm tau..n i don't mind )

Followed by: Belum scan kah?
nc answers: sda, bnyk kali sda..tpi blm dpt tingu lagi.

Next: Rasa sda kah dia tendang?
nc answers: mm..sia pun kurang pasti mcm mn bah rasa pergerakan ni..tpi mcm blm kali ni..sb tabal lamak di perut kn..:) lagi pun doktor ckp..dlm minggu 20 slu nya.. (tggu dgn yakin sja la kn)

Dreaded question: Mana ko mau baranak?
nc answers: di hospital la ba kn. mana2 yg terbaik la kn :) 

Another favourite question: Apa yg ko slu mengidam n suka buat skg?
nc answers: tiada juga la, sa suka minum soya bean sja la, sb itu ja minuman yg ngam. kalu suka buat.. tingu tv la kali..esp 'So You Think You Can Dance' sama main Happy Aquarium di fesbuk.. sama main sama kucing2 n anak anjing di rumah. (cewah.. bnyk pula rupanya)

And most will asked me this: Anak pertama?
nc answers: hehe..iya :)

A cousin asked me this- this morning: kanapa basar/bangkak purut ko?
nc answer: senyum2 ja (malas mo jawab..n sa tau juga dia main2 ja)

Finally: nda berat kah perut ko..ko rasa skg? (especially from single ladies)
nc answers: mm..bulih tahan juga la  :)

heheheh..so that's it.
The questions that are frequently asked now. 
Sometimes i got tired answering..sometimes excited..because the answers changes..as weeks go by.
yep, another 4 months to go..n i hope its going to be a smooth journey.

bah..mari kita tengok2 katun yg menceria kan la kn? 
Have a wonderful holiday..

07 March 2011

Something to Share

Hehe..rajin pla update blog ari ni.. sb tak berapa bz.. n ..im happy :)
because i just had my favourite food and drink today for lunch. Atukkoiii.... dari minggu lalu lagi sa mau makan sana ni.. just because of these..hehe
Find these only @ the 88 Food Centre in Asia City.

mau tau apa? kikikikik..
kasi kicik ja la gmbr a..because it might be offensive to some (^_^)
Kon Lo Mee campur2 haha.. @ rm6  + Teh C Special @rm2.50
very2 nice combo..for me :)
the taste of the kon lo mee is different from any other shops out there.. sb tiada itu sos/kicap yg hitam yg slu kena guna..haha...sorry2..im not that good at describing food. Nowadays..i just follow how my heart and mind dictates it. Hope you don't mind my language..;)
anyway..the taste is five stars.
And so does the teh c special. 
I just love it.
But..if you have any other shops that u think serve great kon lo mee..please do share a.. mau pgi try ni. heheheh..

oraits..another little story to share with you today.


It's the ultrasound picture (that i snapped with my hp) of the little child inside me last week..
just 17 weeks and few days old..
yep..you can barely see it kn.. :)
But when looking at how the baby moves the hand and feet (time kena scan) brings me a feeling i've never felt before..hehe..undui gia... 

ok then.. nanti lagi share2 story with you all ya 
Have a wonderful2 Monday..
hehe..sorry for the tittle..
but that's exactly how i feel right now.

People say that pregnant women would feel hungry most of the time.
Hmm..but not me..and i hope that doesn't necessarily mean a bad sign.
Perhaps it's the big meal that i've had this morning...well..most of the main meal time in a day.
pastu..tak la lapar sgt..cewah..tu pun mau bagi tau kn.
Just a thought..

I've changed the layout n template of my blog again. haha..just because.
I haven't really found THE template or layout that brings me that 'forever n ever'  mode, yet. But for a blogger.. i guess it's normal ..is it? hehe...
since it keeps us refreshed :)

So what does a pregnant lady do on a Sunday afternoon?

Lazying around.. n spending time with my Happy Aquarium in Facebook.
It's the only and first game that i played on facebook and i'm hooked.
I have 3 Happy Aquariums now..and waiting to get the real one soon to put at home.
hahaha..and fill it with lots n lots of anemone fishes :)
o yeah.. :)

till then..tata.. :)
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