28 November 2008

Lets Tag - from Nadia (~_*)

thaha..i cant believe si nadia btul2 tag sia o,, (^_^),,so tepaksa lagi kena buat ni entry ari ni,, sb..weekend ..offline......hehe

Ok, lets do it

1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW! - ok,, i took tadi pagi,, msh freshh kunun..huhu
2. Dont change ur clothes - OKie
3. Post that picture with No editing.
4. Post these instruction with your picture.
5. Tag 10 people to do this..

ba..jn katawa a.. (^_*)

(muka tapuk2 begmbar ba tu hahaha)

and..the 10 people are...

1. michelle tan
2. pammie
3. mia
4. Cath
5. Val the dusun aroma
6.ervina ivy
7. Frisco D.
9.bulih ka sia tag org yg sda kana tag..hahaha
10. aha...sia dpt sda.. SAVESANDAKAN :)

ok people,,if ur free,,please re post this tag ya..:)

P/s:thanks nadia.
After a round of tense, unexpected complications and changes..the wedding of the year of the Baga family finally took place at St Cathrine, Inanam last Monday. I was the bridesmaid - haha. My first n absolutely last as any maid of honour..hehe..anyway,,thank you for the experience, Esther (she's my fiance's cousin).

It was great..everybody was in a wedding mood,,despite some unexpected changes of the whole wedding plan..that could not be avoided. But then, i guess it was a blessing in disguise..as everything turn out to be even better and unique!
The bride was actually required to wear a kadazan costume for the church wedding ceremony and the big entourage that should accompany the bride was given a red light.Hmm..
Whats up...??

After another round of pujuk-ing the priest in charge,,hehe..white gown it is..but with a twist of the traditional touch - hence, the sarong that symbolizes the KDM culture. cantik ba juga kn..:)
As the bride's maid of honour i did not get much opportunity to snap a lot of pictures of the whole ceremony..,, and most of the picture are blurred,eeeee..geram ny..

but, here goes..congrats once again to the perfect couple.

The cute little flower girl - pandai posing o..tau

Esther & Charles exchanging wedding vows,,watched by the ring boy. ala, siou a ring boy,, inda cukup wide tu angle camera mau ambil smua org..i was sitting in the front row (pengapit kn..control..huhu) - tepaksa kurang begerak,kunun.tpi sempat juga la ambi gmbr hehe

The last minute Kadazan ladies (all cousins of the bride).

Miss Biki n Abigail..all dress up and ready for the occasion - FYI..nobody planned to wear any traditional costume that day. But then,, as u can see..its simply fabulous.

The bridegroom best man.
I like this pic. but too bad,, its really blurred. i did my best to save it haha.
well..we were the target of 'jokes' all uncles n aunties n cousins there as being the next in line.
Ok ba,,sabar kamurang.. hahaha

i think i found my wedding photographer..turn out he's the cousin of my fiance's aunt. U see,, bjasa juga sia sama ko kn..haha..

Yep.the bride's wedding flower/bouquet ka? was literally GIVEN (by hand) to me.
macam pass2 baton pla hahaha..
kena lagi..
hey hey hey..its FRIIIIIdayyyy..
the DAY of the week everybody's waiting for :)
i logged into my facebook account this morning and everybody was just thrill that IT'S FRDIAY.
im happy as well actually, since the weekend smells nice this week..lotsa happening n stuff to attend to,,hehe fingers crossed.
The curiosity cat in me MEoweD..so, i google the word Friday, to know the secret of this great day of the week. and whatta surprise...
no wonder..everybody loves Friday.
Here we go (Wikipedia - ly speaking):
The name Friday comes from the Old English frigedæg, meaning the day of Frige the Anglo-Saxon form of Frigg, a West Germanic translation of Latin dies Veneris,
"day (of the planet) Venus" - auww..
(hehe..and in Sanskrit..)
Friday is Shukravar (or a derived variation of Sukravar), named for Shukra, the Sanskrit name of the planet Venus.
(:) astrologically speaking..)
Friday is connected with the planet Venus. This associates Friday with love, peace, and relaxation, as well as with emotional intensity and quashed dreams.
Now u know why u love Friday.
of cos, there are a few not- so - gud stuff about Friday..but..lets not spoil the mood here, right :)
so..lets enjoy..the day..
Thank God it is FriDay

Feeling a little bit bitter these few days..i realized..as long as i'm alive, i can change my Life, my Perspective, my Attitude - towards life and people around me. And that my saviour is always looking out for me.
What an enlightenment to know that. Keep me going dear Lord.
. . .
But what have i done for Him?
Of all the songs i have known and learned before..this song just popped in my head and heart. i feel so glad..to know that it is not just a song - but a reality.
sing together now.. :)

What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!
O what peace we often forfeit,
O what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.
Have we trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged; take it to the Lord in prayer.
Can we find a friend so faithful who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness; take it to the Lord in prayer.
Are we weak and heavy laden, cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Savior, still our refuge, take it to the Lord in prayer.
Do your friends despise, forsake you? Take it to the Lord in prayer!
In His arms He’ll take and shield you; you will find a solace there.
Blessed Savior, Thou hast promised
Thou wilt all our burdens bear
May we ever, Lord, be bringing all to Thee in earnest prayer.
Soon in glory bright unclouded there will be no need for prayer
Rapture, praise and endless worship will be our sweet portion there.
* btw, do u know that this song was created by Joseph M. Scriven in 1855. He wrote this hymn to com­fort his mo­ther, who was across the sea from him in Ire­land. It was orig­in­al­ly pub­lished anon­y­mous­ly, and Scriv­en did not re­ceive full cred­it for al­most 30 years.
11 November 2008

Chasing Kipandi Butterflies

Hmm..how should I start..
The day was magnificent. We get to board our little bus at 9am and arrived at the place (thank God we reached there safely) a few minutes after 10.
Thank God we reached there safely?
Well yes, first of all, we were using a local 29 seaters bus that is not design for the Moyog – Tambunan steep road. Secondly, none of us has ever been to the place – we solely stick to the ‘5km after the Moyog school’ direction by the staff of Kipandi whom I contacted earlier. And…yes,, it was a few steep kilometers (after the Moyog school) before we reached the park – on the right side of the road (if you’re from Moyog).

If anybody asked me next time on the location of the park..this is what I will say:
Just drive as if ur headed for Gunung Emas (the famous stop over along the Moyog – Tambunan highway), as soon as u reached the steepest corner at the end of Moyog area, watch out – the park is on you’re right. You cannot miss it – because by that time, your eyes would be scanning every inch of the road side to look for the park sign board.

I can vividly recall the worried expression of the young bus driver (sebab mcm kami bawa dia pg Tambunan sda ni haha). Yep, it was 47km before Tambunan.
So, how was the park? Great! A friendly atmosphere with warm greetings from the young tour guides. I think some of the ladies have fallen in love with them hahaha.
Our 20 pax group was separated into 3 smaller goups by the cute tour guides. Everybody wanted to join the cutest guides group. And so, it was only four of us left with the average looking guy- next- door guide (no offence ya )
Anyway, we spent about an hour going around the Native Orchid Garden, the Insect Museum and the Butterfly Garden itself. It was WOW.. I’ve never seen so many exotic insects and butterflies in my life hahahaha(I’m referring to the insect museum that is ). The displays were a combination of our local rama rama and luar negara ones (as the guide described it). But too bad all the names were scientific ones, which were hard to pronounce – what more remember! I ask the guide so many times on weather the little creatures have any local or kampong name. dia cakap dia blm tau lagi hahaha..kesian gia..byk lagi buku sia mau baca ni..dia cakap lagi ni.
I guess the part that I loved the most would have to be the butterfly garden it self. But the beautiful insects were so few to be seen that day – because its not their season yet (the guide said lah).
I did manage to capture some pictures of the beautiful creatures with my sony cybershot. Less than perfect of course. It’s hard to focus on these little wings.

O ya, the fellas managed to slip some time on a hilly trekking endeavour, which was not part of the itinerary. Hmm..im sure this was the work of some sweet talk by the fellas to bring them to the hilly mountain. But since it was just the opposite of the park, and I can see them at the top clearly from my coffee table, I guess it was no harm. A 61 year old British guy was with them as well – how could I say no.

Well people, if you’re a nature lover,, a visit to this park is a must. It was establish four years ago, but not a lot people knew about this wonderful place. So guys,,next time ur on your way to Tambunan via Gunung Emas, make sure you stop by here ya - Kipandi Butterfly Park
some of the butterflies that i caught on camera

please..dont ask me the name of each species ya :)

got quite close to this little one

spot the butterfly

aha! this is the hill that they climb,,tak la tinggi sgt juga,, but slippery
can you spot people there waving..haha

i took this picture from the park's canteen. sipping my teh Boh while waiting for them to finish their trek

flowe power - inside the butterfly garden

i almost wanted to touch it - the butterfly just came out from its coccoon

some of the display- guide cakap,, foreign butterflies

the green grass of the orchid garden

the famous pitcher plant here in Borneo

more monkey cups @ pitcher plants

the Orchid Garden

there were not many orchids blooming that time, "bulum musim" (guide)

the surrounding view of the park

i like this one - gmbr mereng2 ni..
the butterfly garden

yep - one of the young tour guide (far right) with the fellas

05 November 2008

Irritation of the Day

ok, 2 entries in a the same day??
cannot meh??
i feel like shouting at some people now for failing to WALK their TALK.
..and..no, it has nothing to do with my significant other this time, if that is what is on your mind.

Very irritated at some people when they just drop the last minute bomb at you.
And the most irritable part is, u cannot voice out ur irritation for fear of losing ur ________ (fill in the blank with any proper words, except for SAFETY, LIFE, MONEY)

Lesson learnt?
Copy cats do exist.
Dont trust people too much.
Always be ready with Plan B.

..making mountains out of hills? maybe..but, it s just plain IRRITATING when people do this.
So DONT (esp if it involves trust n tangible VALUEs).


1. Ko rasa2 hari ni ko hepi ka?
**haree ni..besa ja,, happi sikit lagi kemarin

2. Jadi apa yg ko tia suka pasal ari ni?
** pasal semalam

5. Ko pernah piara ikan?
** tolong kc makan sja la

6. Apa ba yang ko rasa bikin stress btul skarang nih?
**pikir masa depan kunun

7. Bila yang paling last ko cakap sama 1 drpd adi bradi ko?
** semalam

8. Kestau sikit apa barang mahal ko pakai skarang nih?
** liptup sia
9.Ko rasa2 ko pernah ka, dalam apa cara skalipun la, kna tembirang oleh org yang ko pecaya?
** pernah o - kurang assam btul

10.Kalo begadu, ko ka yg cakap sorry dulu?
** tinguk keadaan dlu la, kalu btul2 rasa sendiri punya pasal - ba, pandai2 la ba kn :)

11.Mana ok? Hari ni ka kemarin?
** kemarin, sama arap2 bisuk pun OK

12.Ko kenal sepa2 yang depan dia ko bulih buat budu2 ka?
** sia jadi budu2?mcm teda o..dorang tau sda ba hahaha

13.Sepa yang paling last ko kasi keciwa?
** paling last?bulum ada lagi - tingu la nanti haha

14.Mana ko lebi suka, yang lawa mata ka, yang lawa senyuman?
** mata

15.Bila tu yang ko btul2 rasa mo tumbuk tu urang?
** angan2 ja la, tpi nda pernah sampai mo tumbuk btul2

16.Ko punya warna mata sama ka ngaa mama bapa ko punya?
** mengkali la tu

17.Ko suka bagi ceramah sama urg pasal dadah?
** kalu sia ada masa la, n teda topik perbincangan lain ni
18.Urg yg plg ko mau skarang ni tau ka ko mau dia?
** mau yg mcm mn ni? mau tumbuk? mau tampar? tau la kali tu,
19.Pil yang ko plg last ambi?
** antibiotik
20.Ada ko p skola baru2 ni?
** mimang sa di sikul setiap ari, tpi yg utk kanak2 dewasa blm cukup matang

21. Ko ada kawan baik ka masa skola menengah?
** macam...ada. tpi time tu saja la

22.Apa yang ko dengar skang?
** kawan sia menyanyi

23.Ko tunggu call dari sepa ni?
** tu urg yg sia rasa mo cubit skg ni

24.Apa prasaan ko skarang?
** di persimpangan dilema - mau minum yoyo ka starbuck

25.Ko teda keja rumah ka nie??
** nanti la, balik rumah dlu

26.3 fakta tentang org yg paling last mesej ko?
** -galangas
- kiut
- naik sda taraf idup dia kunun
04 November 2008

A Lucky Day

Haha..out of the blue Monday (yesterday), I got a great treat from the best of friends – makan makan!
My blue Monday slowly bloom into a bubbly yellow early morning after having a western breakfast at Pete’s Corner in Asia City – thanks mandak,,next month my turn ah,,hehehe (^_^)
mm..there’s something special about Pete’s Corner. A little food corner that serves set value meal for different times of the day. The place is normally crowded during peak hours of breakfast & lunch – better be fast people..or you’ll miss your little table.

You’ll always would want to come back here after your first dine in, as the food is really good (for a simple western meal) and a hot mushroom soup that only cost RM3. There you go – something to savour and smile about after a feastful breakfast at a friendly corner.

(^_^)…was still smiling all the way till late lunch time.
Why the becoz?? - my second lucky star strike upon me.
A long time friend whom we haven’t met since late last year finally show up granting her belanja makan promise hahaha. Bah cath, if you’re reading this..next round p mana sda tu? Beverly hills?hehee..oraits.
Our mini reunion was without mama Mia, who I’m sure was not aware of our out of the blue gathering..woopss..(Mia,,ko tny si cath a..).
Its been a long time. We were campus mates, room mates,,n now..hey hey hey..still good mates.
Our pretty provider of the day (hehe), looked a bit too serious anyway. Hmm..couldn’t help my self but wonder, whether it’s the natural evolution of the teaching profession ?? SOMEBODY,, create a song for TEACHERS pleaseee..
Maybe we should have another version of the song “I..bu..ibu.. engkau la ratu hatiku” for teachers, with “Ci..gu..cigu..engkau la ratu hati ku”. Its not easy being an educator..u know.
Anyway, a great day indeed with the fellas. Not to mention the big food we order,,I guess it was LuTea for us – haha (Lunch + Tea time).
ni la wajah2 gumbira makan sandwich mahal

men suap2 lagi tu,,haha

wajah ayu seorang pendidik yg tgh memotong bread basar haha

the lucky bread!

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