23 November 2009

A Wedding Invitation


An invitation to u my dear bloggers friends to our humble wedding and be part of the memorable occasion.

Hope to see you there.

O, btw.. (^_^)
Wud like to take this opportunity to thank Nadia and Annieming for the little meet up last Friday hehe..it was way to cool to be with you ladies :) i like it. Perhaps next time lagi? time si nadia mau bagi kad kn?

and also to memeljoan who will celebrate her wedding day..tomorrow!! hehe

so..to all dear bloggers whom i did not manage to contact via facebook..this one is especially for U.

(click for better view ya )
nc says: Lord, hear my prayer..
19 November 2009


..im tired.
From all the running, finding, coordinating, thinking..and all -ing that u can think of.
i thought its all rest and relax once im away from work. but seems like more work need to be done.

*4 days before the wedding: super last minute shopping..
*3 days before the wedding: fix-me-please appoinment with my personal hair/makeup lady.
*2 days before the wedding: late evening church ceremony rehersal - and a gotong royong early morning till noon, the same day.
*1 day before the wedding: get the gowns, attire etc etc
* 1 day after the wedding: at home getting ready for all vendors to come and set things up for the saturday reception.
*2 day after the wedding: attend an engagement party of a cousin..n jadi tukang angkat barang2
hanimun??hhmmm..can u imagine the workload that need to be done first? isk3..

nc says: pray nc..pray..
18 November 2009

Two Lives, Two Hearts

..a tiring day indeed.
7 days more to go..and no time to rest. uhuhuhu..
nda la beseri2 muka sa nanti ni..
BUT..a worthy day indeed as J n i just got back from keningau to get the streamers from a cousin and in-law. hmm..it feels good to get away from the workplace and be anywhere but the office for now :)

hujan o jalan kimanis time balik. singgah sebentar di kadai2 yg ada makan2 tu...any of u have eaten thre? we did..today. hehe..mmm..2 and a half star only la :)

yeshhh, the very BiG streamer which will be used for the reception. i really love the clouds.

and...all of these are the courtesy of mySoundnLight taiko. :) xie2 ni Charles n Esther.

nc says: "two hearts, two lives. join together in friendship, united forever in love". gosshhh..i just fell in love with this. :) mmmwahhhh
12 November 2009

Purple Rose


I'll be getting my purple roses for my wedding bouquet.
hehehe..i was smiling all the way after the bridal house called and said 'ur puple roses bouquet will be ready for ur wedding' ..haha
I know..it is rare to find a purple rose. That's why i just said OK with the red roses before.
but..hey hey hey..u never know unless u try..and ask.

nc says: i hope i'll really get my dream bouquet. :) hmm..kalau tak roses..asal purple la kn..hehe..kalau nda..sa spray ja tu roses with purple hahaha
06 November 2009

Up Do or Down Do

2 weeks and 5 more days.. and this is on my mind?
ya bah..adui.

Calling all brides..i wonder which of these hairstyle appeals most to u?
hmm..i thought i've made up my mind. but..isk2..ntah la ni..
(both pic are courtesy of ContemporaryBride.com)

the 'Up Do'

the 'Down Do'

..i thought i prefer to let it down..and be free. but something keeps on bugging me to 'upDo' it and be the traditional glowing bride. last2 kn..botak la sia ni. my fair is falling - a lot.

nc says: i've got a large forehead. smpai ada kawan ckp..mcm padang golf! cis cis cis..nasib kawan.. i hate fringe. so, i guess i'll keep my padang golf. (^_^)
Our pre wedding pictures..only this time, the ethnic version.
The bridal house actually asked whether we can wear our own kadazandusun costume for the photo shoot. They were very eager for us to put on a pair of traditional wear - making it part of the photo shoot, without any extra charges. hmm..maybe its a marketing strategy.

That was charming.

The not so-charming part was,, we didn't get the soft copies for most of the picture taken - including our kadazandusun wear. sob..sob..(mahal eh kena jual..besa lah, cara dorang cari $$).

so, here's sharing with you..the scanned ones. mmuahhhh!

PhotobucketAlign Center
sumazau? mesti la..ni wajib ni.

main tapuk2 sama tu photographer.

kena crop bah ni..hehe

time ni, very very tired but still manage to smile..smpai kehabisan gaya sda ni. :)

nc says: nak cari lagu kadazandusun yg paling sweet, to surprise J. i canT speak kadazandusun, but i can sing one. haha..(^_^)
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