17 October 2012

Daddy's Girl

No doubt.

Just a Wordless Wednesday.

..lama nda buat entry.


Introducing..my first laksa sarawak.
Cooked for breakfast.
Answering the challenge from a friend who bought me a laksa sarawak paste all the way from sarawak. heheh..
jadi..ini la kejadian nya.

oleh kerana mau try ..n pantang kena dare..trus buat ASAP - kunun.
and the result..my laksa sarawak - bajetXpress.
no prawns, no shredded chicken meat, no time for eggs.
everybody's hungry.
so just some taufu, beansprouts, somekind of fishball..hehe..
and..the amazing coriander leaves that brings that amazing smell.

macam mana mau buat?
actually ada bnyk cara. dari yg komplikated..ke yang ekspress.

i choose my own way.

1. fried garlic with little oil together with the fishball.
2. add water. boil it.
3. add the laksa paste. let boil for 10 minutes.
4. add coconut milk - according to how milky u want ur laksa to be. let boil for a few minutes.
5. add ur tauhu, taugeh..coriander leaves.


o..don't forget to prepare your noodles of course. hehe..

buat berasingan la..

rasa dia?
my hubby said..macam laksa.


It's not the usual apple that keeps the doctor awayyyyyyyy from me now.
It's this amazing tablet called spirulina.

Do you know about it? hehe..
some would know...some don't..some don't care less.
but this is the little supplement that i have taken when i was pregnant with my first baby before..given it to the baby when she's about 6 months young..n the mummy is still on it now.

what's so great about it?
it contains double double time the nutrients than many supplement or by just taking the original food alone.
56 X more irons than the ordinary bayam..spinach
5X  protein than a glass of milk
25X mor beta carotene than carrots
and..a lot more.

but..careful when you choose your spirulina.
choose only the one with the highest grade.

 of course.

..this is not a promotional ad.
just a friendly sharing and a testimonial of a consumer product. heheh..
Friday sharing ba..

* the comment button (just in case ur curious)..is somehow not functioning properly. you need to PREVIEW first ur comment. then PUBLISH. then baru kenampakan tu. Thank you Mia Memories for reminding me :)*
11 October 2012

Bloggers Mantra

Now here's a sharing of what i guess could be every bloggers mantra.

Written by Janice of 'Sharing the Journey'
(forgive me for not having the link)

Been keeping this for a quite a while.

Hope this adds colour our cloudy sky.

How can you not agree with that.

Till then..

..im getting mellow listening to the Backstreet Boys. mateiii..
it's me. back. on the blogging track. suddenly.
been missing out a looot here.
the working world is intoxicating me.
SO, i decide. 
that's it. 

everybody needs to work (of cos) and PLAY.
and i have forgotten..that my blog is my playground.
so here i am. again.

with a different layout and everything again.
ikut mood juga ba kn.

trying to keep it as simple as possible this time.
and this is one of the dynamic views template on blogger.
the blog list and followers list is on the right side. and the left is a list of all posts.
which..i like very much. cuma...tuuuuuuu..na. yg mcm navigation bar warna peach di atas tu.
i really have no idea how to change the link or get rid of it.
ive checked all the html carefully..(mcm la hebat sgt)..but..still cannnot o.
please. somebody help me.
if not.. just turn a blind eye on it la a. :)

Just an update.
Here's my Neve just this morning.
ready for momom.
i was about to leave for work.

That's all for now.
Will be back again.

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