Nine hours a day..? spent here.

This is where this not-so little blogger works..
for the last 2190 days.

"I woke up today feeling Friday"
So many things happen last weekend which made it felt as if its just a normal working day.

I woke today..
realizing i only managed to trim my left hand nails..
the right ones..inda kesampaian.
gara2 mau layan si kiut kn..:)

inda apa. 
yg penting happy.

Our second wedding anniversary was also last week.
Only managed for a little dinner..
itu pun..dgn tefikir2 juga mcm mna sda baby di rumah kn.

what can i say..
Just sing la..
'bay beh..baybeh bay bey ooooo..'

Jeles juga la sama yg becuti2 ni..isk3...
25 November 2011

Neve and the Wedding

,,nope it's not Neve's wedding - yet.
It's Neve's first time attending a wedding ceremony with us.
And it was at where mumy n dady exchanged vows last 2 years.

I think these few pictures are enough to describe everything :)

The feeling of being down the aisle again..on the eve of our wedding anniversary..AND with baby Neve this time, was overwhelming. 
Hehehe..mcm yg ketara lama nda p gereja o kn..

Baby Neve fell asleep during the mass actually..smpai sa nda dpt begambar sama itu bride..supaya baby dpt tidur..

Tired but happy.
Baby Neve was such a baby to all her aunts and cousins..
haiiiii...gini pla kalau bawa baby sndri sd pgi ramai2 kn..

Tomorow..ada lagi.
It's the wedding season.. :)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

20 November 2011

Life With Neve

I really miss blog walking..
and so, i am NOW spending my luxe time blogwalking ,on a Sunday.
 itu pun kalau sempat blogwalk smua..
time is really a luxury now.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .
AND, it wouldn't be complete for me to just blogwalk and not post anything?

Sharing with you life with my Neve now.
She is coming to 4 months. .and can already lift up her head on her own. 

This tiny princess just loveeeee being brought walk around. Anywhere. 

Kalau kau duduk and dia belum puas tengok2 n jalan2..
Nevermind..its a good exercise for anyone attempting to dukung her.

btw,, how is your Sunday?
Hope everything is great.

Happy holiday to all the teachers.
You deserved it.
14 November 2011

All Dogs Go to Heaven

"All dogs go to heaven.."

though its just a saying..
tell me its true.

..good morning my lovely blog readers.
God bless.
08 November 2011

Oh Neve..Oh Busy

I really miss blogging.
Work commitments take over.
apa bleh
ni pun..nasib2 dpt curi masa.

Just want to share with you baby Neve's many expressions.
Like this.
3 months now..can't believe time flies that fast.
Makin manja sda.

Hope to find a little more time to blog soon.
Have a nice day everyone..
lama nda blogwalking sda ni..
but ur all in my heart..hehe
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