21 February 2011

Nature's Call

Not THaT nature's call :)
It's the call of the green..i think.
I have always loved going out and explore (though not to the extreme)..where the green is.
..especially where there's a river..waterfall, island..any of nature's treasure.
I was lucky enough that last weekend health allowed me to go to a few places together with my colleagues..to search for the camp site of our college this coming month.
Yes. We make it a great deal..since we need a place that can put up with the attitudes of 200+ youngsters.
ooo...it's going to be THE CAMP this March.
And im as excited as the students.
Hmm..tapi.. tingu la.. apa sja yg sa dpt buat.
kali..p lawat2 dorang ja..uhuhuhu...nda dpt join smua aktiviti sda. Kasian.

Ok, what did we found?
cantik leh..
Just look at the happy faces..and one excited boy going straight to the river banks.
It's  pure magnet.

Hubby was there to accompany me..and ended up being the MAP that day. hehe..sebab dia tau bnyk jalan kunun. hmm...sa rasa dorang cari ikan karuk dorang yg telepas tu..hehe
I just love the green reflection of the water.

Hehe..not going o disclose the name of the place yet.. and perhaps..some of you know this place by now.
tapi kn.. adadahhhh..cantik nya...
Muat2 utk ramai org..and ada sungai yg cukup luas utk buat macam2 aktiviti.

This young boy..(a colleague's nephew) was also excited. Dia mau ikut kunun itu camping nanti.
3 Days 2 Nites. Can you handle it boy..hehe

and..this is me. hehe
masih slim bah.. haha
entah la.. but doctor said im underweight..low red blood cells..and everything.
I'm trying my best to improve.


This is what i ate today. Lunch.
Not sure whether its the best choice..but its one yummy and freeee..lunch today.
As an invited guest to the students' food presentation activity..we were given the honor to taste the food and evaluate their oral presentation.
Tuna mayoinnase sandwhich, chicken nugget, fried rice, boiled sambal egg, chicken curry, popiah, pasta,and...
a big rich chocolate creammy cake made by a boy-rock student. can't believe it.
The taste of the cake? 5 stars.
Sa mau order dari dia ni. hehe..
bah.. till then..

btw.. my dear blogger friends.. if you happen to know a place/a campsite that can accommodate 200 students, with the backdrop of a river, big enough for rafting thingy..and lots of bamboo nearby..
do inform me ya.. hehe. around and outskirts of KK area.
nanti kita p jalan2 sana
14 February 2011

Love - Nc

Happy Valentine's day to you..
I iz back in the blogging world - finally.
After finding enough confidence and cool to write an entry without feeling woozy or nauseas every minute.
Because..yep, i'm pregnant.
hehe..almost 4 months now.
Apology for being so secretive (kunun).
 The plan of sharing the good news with most friends, especially in the blogging world was postponed..postponed..and postponed..because of the morning sickness.
Mau taip satu ayat tinguk skrin pun pening. mcm mn dii gia..

I remember two months ago..i couldnt even sleep, sit, or walk properly because of the nausea attack.
And now..im glad its all over. well..almost.
Unless if i see people spit, limpas tong sampah o tandas bebau..bau goreng yg melampau and smelly body odour. That really kills me.Other than that..i'll be o..kay. 
hehe..now you know my weakness.

So..on this Valentine's day..what better way to spread the love and joy than thru my litlle blog.
Happy Valentine's day everyone..
Thank you to my friends who have been understanding and sharing tips and advices on being pregnant.
gosh..its a whole new world for me. Kadang2 macm inda mau menerima kenyataan.
But..im happy.

o yeah.. :)
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