Once upon a campus, 5 young ladies believed that hotel management was running through their veins
(* wink wink*).haha..presenting 2 u..batch 4 of HE08.

From left to right: Teng, Mia, Cath, Uzoiey n simply me .
This picture holds so much memory.
It was early morning before lecture that we were overtaken by craziness thus took a lot of pictures with silly actions – one of it was this one. Maybe it was the breakfast thing..hehe..for we were not really in FULL mode that morning.
A friend of ours used to joke telling us its like picture of handphones advertisement..hahhaa..of coz we were just pretending holding the hand phones at that time ;).

Teng: The cutest n one of the smartest HE08 student that time. Was pretty much busy in the love department until the end of study year…but.. hehe..well, One of our friends said that we look- alike, n gave us the thumb up as a ‘buy 1 free 1’. Damn. Now, a teacher, mother of a baby boy and happily married to another teacher..perfect couple.
Mia: My room mate. Couldn’t believe we could actually talk about anything n everything!!from serious to the stupidest thing on earth..or at the back of our home , n laugh crazily– haha. Auww..i really missed those days. Now, pregnant with child number two, she’s an occasional lunch companion in a get- together or mini reunion held..of course in KFC!! J
Cath: or famously known as Khairunissa@kay now, is a cikgu – mithali to be,,was actually very friendly n down to earth person after getting to know her. My source of inspiration in the blogging world. Having a very Chinese look, people always misjudge her as a Chinese girl before..haha..amoi…ni hao ma..
Uzoiey: one of my close friend until today. Was a very happy go lucky lady in campus..and an active outing companion then n now..that is before u need to juggle work, marriage n family la..hehe. well,, now a mother of a baby boy. My collegue, my friend.
Me:?? What else can I say? I wish I was a little wiser and work harder in campus. But..as a phrase says..”never regret something that has once made u smile”. So, im not going to complaint. Hmm..looking at the marriage – o – meter..its just me n cath left. All are proud mamas n wives now. Ba cath..u first..i don’t mind. Though happily engaged with mr fiancé now, I really wouldn’t mind waiting for some time when he will be transferred here in Kota Kinabalu..so that married life will be like a married life.

By the way, none of us stayed in the hotel lines. Haha..
My fav pic of campus life. i wonder who took the picture that time..may be it was Jacky..,
O jacky..jacky..where art thou..now

Really missed those days..young..free..lazeee..hehe

And how could we forget this one..mocktail making in front of the lecturer's room?hahaha

Friends come n go..some..gone..forever. but some remain in the heart..warmer n warmer everyday.

BUt..there's a saying that says..

"dont worry about your the people in your past. There's a reason why they didn't make it to your future"

and..that's why..i would agree to the saying that goes..

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there!"

24 June 2008


o my blog.. (^_^)
Its been a while since I last blog.
A bit busy living life and seeking the way of everlasting happiness. – I guess.
Not depressed or anything, its just that..life, can sometimes bring you to the point of thinking what really is your destiny . - I remember asking myself when I was a kid,,was I really a being, and how a weird feeling it is to be alive and breathing . – that was innocence, speaking.
Life goes on.
Yep, life goes on.
And for me,, appreciating the simple work of art and photography is a way to make life goes on more meaningful..fun..and satisfying.
(^_^) I was about to delete a few of these pictures that i have taken with my handphones before..(the random pictures of kids and friends not in their best smile - they say)..since there's nothing to be proud of from it.
Fortunately i did not. :)
Challenging my creative side is pure satisfaction for me.
so,,these about-to be deleted photos are to here to stay anyway :)
..trying my best to put the moment of truth in a different perspective - which was a great challenge. Made it.
and got it into black and white mode with a wide black background, hopefully to give it a more classic touch (^_^) haha..hope it works.
Introucing 'Jason'. - the name of this handsome child.

' Innocence'

'Mother & Child'. One of my close friends, with her son.


A few nieces - happy, sweet and cute.

'Michelle'. My niece.

One of the blissful kids just now.


My hardworking mum with her favourite cat, which is often spoilt by the whole family ;)

'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' - i luv my friends.

and i would simply call this one 'Joy'.


If we knew that life would end tomorrow,
would we still waste today on our
quarrels? would we fritter the precious
hours away, taking refuge behind that wall
of icy silence, creeping out only to hurl
another barrage of angry words - invisible
missiles, but in every way as deadly as
broken bricks or bottles?

If we knew that life would end tomorrow
would we keep a tally of wrongs,
determined not to be the first one to give
in? Or would we cease to care who had
started it, knowing that no one is
completely in the right, and that in this
kind of war we shall both end up as losers?

If we knew that life would end tomorrow,
surely we would treasure today. Fill the
hours to the brim with love and laughter
instead of anger and bitterness, creating
jewel - bright memories which would
lighten our hearts instead of dark regrets
which could twist and destroy.

If we knew that life would end tomorrow...
but who can say that it will not? The only
time of which we be certain is today.
So today I will reach out for your hand.
Today I will say "I'm sorry" and "I love you".

Life is harder on the sea of love nowadays - not smooth sailing as it was. Been out and about with my partner this week in mad town (where people go crazy over small things..that dont really matter) :(
Not such a memorable Kaamatan this year i would say. more of a sad n full of resentment days with mr fiance (*sigh..)..wondering the 4W 1H question on live and love. - What, Why, Where, When, How.. + nokuro(s)..
TODAY, i accidently found this beautiful piece of art slipped in one of my Customer Service book - borrowed from a friend since last year, which he has just given back TODAY - ok, not going to comment on that one.. ;) A very meaningful poem (writer unknown) simply called TODAY.
What a coincidence. Could this be God's soft intervention and calling to me today? (thinking deeply now..)
Each and every words just hit me in the face :(
Forgive me o Lord for i have sinned.
p/s: o ya, kounsikou to my dear friend Ervina for the very cute,,melancholic picture of a panda.
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