27 September 2010

Mari Mandi Sungai

I've done so much during the recent school holidays and will be blogging one story at a time about it hehe..
One week of unpaid leave was worth it - for a quality time spending with my beloved ones.. and also taking time to decor decor our new home..hehe..nda pandai siap2 ni...the excitement come and go..hmm..will only blog about it..perhaps later in life - haha..kidding.
Money can't buy Time. But i'm willling to bargain..hehe

Right..the best part of balik kampung mentua that i like will have to be mandi sungai.
who doesn't?

Mi hubbi refused to take me to a public swimming pool everytime, 
"bagus lagi mandi sungai," dia bilang.
ok bah bos..
so..to the little sungai we went..back at his home, and down hill..down..down hill. Where u need to go up up hill first before reaching the kampung.
And this time.. he brought me to a new trail. Funny how everytime we go mandi sungai.. ada sja jalan baru dia kasi tunjuk ni.. and THiS time..across the green paddy field.
As i have never walked or touched a sawah (paddy field) before. seriously.
Kesian kn..
A little cousin tag along  to "andi ungai.."- dia bilang.
The river is just in front of the paddy field.
Beautiful..isn't it.
I was left behind as i was busy taking pictures (with my Nokia only).
The best part was jumping from one level of sawah to another..i felt like i was in one of the Jackie Chan movie that has paddy field in one of the scene. Hehe..don't remember the title though..

And the river view from just nearby our home. 
Once you hear the rushing water.. you feel like you want to dip in ASAP.
Notice the water level? It's soo little now actually compared to the yesteryears..according to my family. Perhaps its the drought that caused it. But i sheepishly felt thankful.. as the water level is just nice to have a cool dip and never has the risk of drowning? hehe..especially for young kids.

And..we're there.
What a peaceful sight.
It's one of the hidden jewel of this small kampung.
A treasured spa and relaxation avenue only for the exclusive..haha..
There are a lot of spots along the river where u can have a nice dip and forget about everything.

And this time..it is HERE.

nc says: will be coming back for more.
22 September 2010

Out To SaLuT

I lost a bet with mi other half the last World Cup.
Yep, you guessed right.
A meal for two at Salut.
(and it's only the recent school holiday that we had the chance to go there.isk isk isk..)

..nasib bukan di Africa.
But, it's okay..i Love SaLut!
The seafood restaurant, of course.
If you want any more fresher seafood than this.. you have to catch them yourself.
By the way, this post is also dedicated to my good friend Ervina, who wishes to belanja me there in the future? hehehe..

Bah.let's see some stuff here.
The surrounding and the inside of the restaurant. Peaceful..kalau time lunch..nda ramai org. Try going there at nite..bulih tahan.., not forgetting the mosquitoes bite as well.
What do you expect from a floating restaurant in a mangrove area?

I can never get enough of the beautiful boardwalk that reminds me of my growing up years in kampung Tanjung Aru before. Take a walk here..while waiting for your food. Relaxing..very serene view. I love the smell of the salty mist of the water. Everything just brings me back to my childhood.

And...the order of the day..
Kailan with mushroom and oyster sauce
Sweet n sour prawn
Steamed garoupa
Sup sayur masin n tomato n ikan
nyehehe..that's for the two of us eating.
Nda pa, kasi kanyang bos dlu.
Drinks of the day..
Air bandung n dragon fruit juice.
Nice colour kn? pink2 ni..

30 minutes and a few burps later.

And we had this all under the price of rm100.
Just nice for a seafood restaurant.
By the way.. where is SaLuT?
It's in Jalan Sulaman Tuaran..you can never miss it as there will be a BiG signboard of the restaurant on the road side.
Good Luck.

nc says: org cakap makan fresh seafood mahal. memang mahal juga la. but salut is just nice..the price and the taste. Come and you'll understand.
19 September 2010

At the Edge of HoLiDay

School's holiday is almost over.
My life is back to normal.
..i found out myself saying this to my other half everytime school holiday's in and out.
'Kenapa?" he asked. 
Why not. 
An ordinary n and in-out life turns colourful and lively when you spend time with your loved ones.
Don't you agree?
Okay, save the best for last. hehe

Isn't the picture nice?
The girls have blogged about it. Now, witness it nc's version. hehe..
As you have read from Annieming and Angel's  blog..the unplanned meet (i wouldn't call it gathering, since we actually met for a reason hehe) took place at Old Town White Coffee CityMall.

Its been a while since i attended any bloggers meet or gathering. And since this is the first time meeting Angel..i say, this is great. I tag Annieming along..hehe..Kay Abdullah was supposed to be there as well, but urm..was not able to make it. The whole chit chat session was simply relaxing n (i have to say this again), GREAT! i wish there will be more meet or gathering in the future.

nc says: for more pictures and the real reason i met Angel and Annie that day..check out my iHaveADream Creations. hehe

06 September 2010

The BlogWalking Award

Thank u Cath for the BlogWalking Award :)
Baru dpt buat ni..

Okay,, lets get some answers here.

1. Apakah yang bermain di minda anda sekarang?
1. Regrets. My cat of 8 years died yesterday. We wanted to bring him to the vet today. Too late. I never blogged about him. He was too camera shy..he was a silent pride.
2. Surprise, angry, relieve, praying. My hubbi's on the way home now after crossing(driving)the great river just last midnite. crazy. no call. everybody was thinking of going home only. - he said.
Si iTam. He was black. Loyal. Jaguh.

2. Apakah nama samaran anda:

3. Siapakah 3 orang yang paling kamu sayang?
three..i don't know..its too hard to limit everyone into just three.

4. Panggilan untuk si dia?
joibit. His real name.then he'll go crazy and we'll start the calling names war. i like it.

5. Hadiah yang diimpikan daripada seseorang yang istimewa?
that istimewa person..my dad used to give me a gold Parker pen on my birthday. n that was what i hoped for..n still use until now.
my other istimewa person.. my other half..he's sooo not into present..so anything will do. may be a trip to the moon ..

6. Blog mana yang selalu anda lawat?
A lot. From what u can see in blog roll. Blogger friends..photographers..arts junkies..cat lovers..blogs widget..story tellers.. :)

7. Tag kan kepada 15 blogger
sure..i'd like to tag these to my new found buddies via BorneoColours.com and my fellow blogger friends of course.

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Have a great day everyone..
Life is always good. It is our choice to make it or break it.

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