26 January 2012

Nc Neve 2012


Ang pow laiiii...

aiya..suta lama tita blogging o..

How was your Dragon year?
Let's pray that it will a prosperous year to all of us :)

I have a few new year dragon resolutions..
masih boleh buat new resolutions ba kn..

1. To work smarter and be more graceful and calm but confident in any task given. Haiii..ni la ba ni, kalau makin banyak tggjawab kena buat di tempat kerja. But i'm happy :)

2. To take care and love baby Neve and all my families more :) 

3. Rajin2 p sembayang..hehe

4. To kasi kurang makan..haha..i need to lose weight. 

You can see it in the pic :)

Baby Neve and mummy with the rest of the family actually at the Borneo Paradise Beach Resort during the Chinese New Year's eve family dinner.

This year..Neve became the ang pow collector..:) tpi macam dia mau makan sja itu ang pow2 ni 

The following day..the whole family went to Kiulu for another family gathering..and..ni kali la..bawa si Neve tingu sungai Kiulu..hehe

o ya..resolution number 5 is..

5. to learn how to ride a dragon! 

boleh ka?

01 January 2012

OMG. 2012.

Happy new year everyone..
and this time around..it's the 2012.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


2 0 1 2.


but ..hey, watever.

Whether the sun stops shining before Christmas this year..
or all couples get married on the 12th December this year..
or i finally, somehow become a millionaire this year..

i just want to thank the Lord for a wonderful last year.
The best thing happened to me,,and my family..

It's Neve.
I think she got the most presents this time.

Not the perfect year..but sure was a blessed time.
Happy 2012 my dear bloggers..

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