23 December 2011

Merry Christmas to U

Don't we all deserve Christmas..?
Of course we do..
Haiya...banyak2 keja pun, Christmas tetap ON..hehe
because,,,it is that magical moment when love rules our heart and warmth surrounds.

So, wishing you a very Merry Christmas
and hope the new year will bring us joy, peace and everlasting love.

Merry Christmas!!!!
CathJ.com is having a giveaway especially for this season.
And i am not going to miss out.

The giveaway?
You have to click the picture below to know more.

haish...harap2 bertuah la kunun nya this Christmas.

Christmas time is nigh..
Let us all not put so much of our lives into silver bells and the never ending worldly wish list..
. . . .

A lyric of a song made me realized..

" Every breath is a second chance to live."

Isn't this the perfect Christmas gift to ourselves?

*penuh dengan keinsafan*
(utk ketika ini la..)

15 December 2011

The Other Blog

I love blogging.
And i am proud to be part of the bloggers community and connect with people whom i may never meet in person, but seemed to know one another well in the most wonderful way you can imagine.

There's something that has deviate my time away, awayyyyyy from this little blog of mine.



I call it 'the other blog'.

haishhh...mau inda mau..kena buat.
i don't receive a lot feedback from the readers though..since they're not bloggers.
so, its a little bit hard for me to know how well it is in the eye of the readers.
jadi kn, sa mau minta tlg ba ni.. dgn para2 blogger2 yg di hormati sekalian..

do tell me what you think of 'the other blog' that i'm spending most of my time on.

bah, kounsikou in advance a..


The other one that's keeping me busy.
12 December 2011

Reunion, Work, Logos

Here's some updates from nc..
kekekek..mcm la ada yg berminat kn..
but i really feel like updating my blog this rainy afternoon.
Paperwork..sasr dlu kamurang saaaaaana..

we had this little reunion last weekend.
with some of our university mates back in UMS.
We had it at the Roof Restaurant in Imperial Hotel, KK.
Urm..it was a great venue,, because it seemed we're the only people accommodating the place. 
Kay of Tulus Dari Hati was part of the little reunion.
Notice which one is Kay?

A few nites back before..
our college held an annual dinner for its staff..and i got an award!!!
award apa? hehe..ada la kunun tu.
Our college was given the 5 star rating award by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Only two colleges in Sabah got that award.
So..mari2...study di sini..
haha..sempat lagi promosi.

Thats me..kunun, being presented with the sijil award (doi) by one of our bosses.

And finally of course..
a few more nites before that..
i got the chance to visit Logos Hope with my sister..
I thought i was not going to buy any books.
ada juga 4 buku ni kena beli..
siap beli poster itu logos hope lagi.
sa lakat bilik sana kampung...hahaha
cantik bah kn..

Nope, i didn't buy this book.
Tapi kalau kena kasi hadian..bulih juga ba kn.

Hehe..hope to update again soon.

Have a great holiday to all
01 December 2011

Faces of Neve

We blog about things that we love..right?
And right now its just Neve Neve and more Neve..before she grows out of her baby fat..
and out of me.
The babe is growing up fast.
I really miss her when she was just a little little one..

A few more days before reaching 4 months.
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