im nutty about crafts and stuff..but very lazy to do it..
ABC Craft is giving away these..
I soooooo want them cute.
Actually, have oredi ordered a pair..hehe

yayyyyy..lets join the fun

nc says: sia mau.
27 April 2010

Blogger Friends For Real

First of all..hehe
CONGRATSSSSSS to the newly wed Kris n Nadia on their wedding (^_^)
Welcome to the club..
Had great time during their wedding day..
and another opportunity to meet
my blogger friends - again!
All dressed up glowing..
(tpi the bride of the day masih numbur satu la, hehe)

I feel really lucky to know all these people..for reaL!
Who they are..?
Well,,, the picture says it all :)

hope the will be more future gathering with these awesome bloggers :)
do you recognize the familiar faces? hehe

What do we have in common..?
*emmm..animal lover for sure.
*photography photography!!
*we all got married in the same year.. hehe..some, same date.
(except yg baru kawin ni la ehem2)
*Jobwise..we teach people how to be good, and the coolest way. cewah..(ni tmbh sndri ni)

And the fun part is,, i get to convince my other half to join me with the rest of them haha
was so glad the hubbiesssss was great with one another

nc says: congrats once again to nadia n kriss on your beautiful wedding. bah, jn lupa join kami nanti a..
20 April 2010

Cheese KEK

Sadap bah kn..cheese kek.
bah, mari kita buat sndri la.
sepa2 pn blh buat pla ni.
tak perlu guna apa2 yg canggih.
microwave, mixer pn inda pyh guna.

Mau tau mcm mana?
Bleh ba ..
rite...tgk gmbr ja a.

As easy as 1, 2 ,3 smpai 10 juga la.

pasti kn tngan tu bersih...kalu nda, ada perasa tmbahan nanti.

Mau kasi melekat itu ruti2 ancur baitu tadi.

guna la ba bekas yg sesuai..tpi kalau teda. mangkuk kusung pn blh ba.. :)

kenapa mau warna kuning.. supaya mcm senada dgn warna cheese n butter la ba, tk kn ko mo guna yg warna hijau..?

itu agar2 tadi,, kasi tambah sikit2 n cukup smpai tu mixture jadi soft2 gitu.
Actually itu agar2 la yg akan menyatu kn smua bahan tadi.

O ya, kasi sejuk. smpai ko rasa2 bleh makan.

sori, tak sempat ambil gmbr yg sda sejuk n redi punya kek, sb nda sempat.
Abis kena makan.

nc says: so you think u can do it? of kos.....rasa dia? cheese kek la.
we made it during my father's recent birthdday.hehe..
actually i learned this from a niece. dia ckp dia kena ajar time di sekolah menengah.isk3...kenapa sa tak kena ajar dlu a..

ko ada?'s time to do something cooL for the organization i'm attached with,, and for the environment you and i love.
Come, and support this event.
It's hard work from a group of local and international college students who are thriving to save the environment and excel in their grades at the same time! huhu..
(nasib tak da mcm ni time sa study2 dlu)
What is the event all about?
It's a mixture of drama with the global warming awareness theme, colourful dance performance and fashion show.
Ticket price is only RM5 per person.
And everything will be going to the WWF Sabah fund.
Now that's cooL.
I will be there..hehe..wajib.

Want to know more..?
Jan malu2.. to contact me or the number above.

Date: 17th April 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 12.30 pm
Venue: Tun Hamdan Mini Theathre, Yayasan Sabah.
Okay,, been longing to do this since.. last month. hehe..well,, here goes.
I've tagged a few of u ladies. feel free to do it whenever u want ya..

1. Adakah anda rasa HOT??
:: ok jah ni..haha

2. Upload wallpaper pc/laptop yang anda guna sekarang.

3. Cerita pasal gambar.
:: its the header of my passion blog:

4. Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
:: last year with my hubbi - i think.

5. Lagu terakhir anda dengar?
:: sumthing palyed by DJ Othoe on the radio... hehe..lupa sda.

6. Apakah yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
:: fokus buat tag bah now.. hehe

7. Selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil nama apa?
:: nc, Miss! , nans, C

8. Tag lagi 8 orang.
1. Memeljoan
2. Kay
3. Nadia
4. Siti Rahma
5. Annieming

9. Siapakah orang no 1 kepada anda?
:: a good blogger friend

10. Katakan sesuatu kepada orang no. 5.
:: Annieming.. hehe.. keep on blogging!!!

11. No 3 ada hubungan kepada siapa?
:: aha...of course with the current fiance n hubby to be.. ;)

12. Bagaimana pula dengan no. 4?
:: with ther beloved hubby of course.. ;)

13. Pesanan kepada orang no. 6.
:: caiyo2 Mell! ari minggu ni jumpa hehe

14. Kata2 cinta kepada orang no. 2.
:: Love is blind..

15. Adakah no 7 dan no 8 mempunyai persamaan?
:: yep. they've worked with me before and i loved them :)

16. Berikan 5 perkara yang anda tau tentang orang yang mentag anda.
:: 1) ni la student sa paling manang dlm kelas? haha
:: 2) paling kuat menyakat
:: 3) has a career now..cewah
:: 4) loves her sayang very much.. kn. ;)
:: 5) is going to be a succesful person in the future hehe

17. Persamaan antara KAMBING dan LEMBU?
:: creatures of heaven

18. Perasaan anda wat tag ni?
:: guilty,, sb i wanted to do this earlier. but.. :) jn marah eh cik zue..

19. Adakah anda tau si Razman itu sengal?
:: apaitu sengal?

20 - a) GAY or b) LESS?
:: neither.

I don't know who holds tomorrow

I just live from day to day

I don't borrow from its sunshine

For its skies may turn to grey

I don't worry over the future

For i know what Jesus said

And today I'll walk beside Him

For he knows what is ahead

Many things about tomorrow

I don't seem to understand

But i know who holds tomorrow

And i know who holds my hand.

I was choking with tears while singing the verses of the song.
The solemn atmosphere filled everyone's heart with sadness and tears.
. . .
..just came back from a funeral mass service today.
- of a good friend, a good colleague's husband.
Though not really closed to the deceased, :(
looking at my good friend's condition..made me think of my own fate in the future.
Anything could happen. Anytime. Anywhere.
We might be called back HOME when He says so. When it is time.
Without a word of goodbye to our beloved, families, friends.Anyone.
Are we ready.
The priest reminded us that death is just giving way to victory.
If we hold on to our faith.
He who believes - lives.
I believe.
Still, we cannot deny the grief that comes along. can we.
I could hardly forget the moment i wrote a remembrance for a late friend, last month.
And now.. :(
Life is unpredictable.
Be strong.Align Centerg dear friend.
We are with you always.

nc says: as long as i blog lives. and hopefully will still be here, even when i am not.
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