26 August 2011

The Birthday

I just hit 32 yesterday.
Atukkoi..berumur sda rupanya..

Was there any celebration?
Just a wish from a dear hubbi..and a thousand more from friends n families.
Thank you all.
But there will be a triple celebration next week..hehehe..
apa kah? tunggu a..


Life at 32..
Nothing is perfect..but i'm glad i'm blessed with a great husband a child this year. And with all the support from a warm family and relatives..i really shouldn't be asking for more.

But if a genie in a bottle happens to grant me 3 wishes..
These are my wishes.

1. Let the whole family be grant a healthy and prosperous life.
2. Let baby Neve be a successful child and bring pride to the family.
3. Let there be love all around all time.

...tpi kalu si genie bilang itu 3rd wish telampau 'general'..
mmbah..bagi sa kerita sport siap dgn driber yg bulih bawa sa p mana2 sja la.
heheh..ok kah. 

The babe..msih tetidur.
3 weeks today.

Age is just a number.
But right now..there's another number that keeps haunting my mind.
The post pregnancy weight.
The scale pointed 56kg the last week (last pregnancy weight was 66kg).
"cepat juga turun berat ko.." itu nurse bilang.
well..hmm..still not happy.

I sTiLL cannot fit my wedding ring.
i can ALMOST fit my hubbi ring instead.

so..that's another wish i would like to see 'happen' this year.
mm..bukan new ring..
i just want to wear my wedding ring..again.
doi gia.

Where should i start.
. . . . . . . 

I have been postponing..purposely delaying to write an entry on this one.
It's the big C.
My Cesarean story.
It's the birth story of baby Neve.

It's not something that i am proud of to choose, to do..
The way of welcoming the babe of course. Don't get me wrong.

. . . .
A lot of friends have been asking..
Was it a natural birth or not.
It was not.
I chose LSCS.
Baby Neve was born via an elective Lower Segment Cesarean Section.
A choice by me.

I am never good at pain management and the many birth stories i have heard from families and people alike gave me a faint heart.
A low hemoglobin count (red blood cells) in my system was also not helping to be strong.
I fear dying in pain and in loss of too much blood..or being continuously injected with  blood blood blood from others, so i can live.

And so..the decision.
Hubbi was being understanding and supported me all the way.

A few close friends who have also gone through the same situation ( choosing surgery over natural birth), gave me encouraging words and brief me how it would all be.

The date was chosen.
5th of August 2011.
12.00 pm.

Upon arriving at the hospital..we registered..given a room..and a hospital gown for me to change.
Awkward. Couldn't believe the day has finally came.

The baby's heart was monitored.
When the clock strike almost 12.00 pm..i was brought to the operation theatre.
I kept calm.
Hubbi was beside me.

Needles..all sorts of needles came in contact with my flesh.
I hate needles.

Then it was time for the 'spinal' injection.
It was really h*ll for me.
I almost gave up..wanting to stand up and just tell everyone there..OK..tHat's it. Nda Payahla jarum2!

What is a spinal injection?
It's the one injection that will numb you from waist below..for surgery to take place.
You are forced to bent like a foetus so it will be easier to inject you along the spinal cord.
Believe me. You would never want to be in the situation.
The room was cold.
Your bare back is exposed to the freezing temperature, lying like a foetus on my left side.
I was literally curled..for about 10 cold cold minutes.

The whole team of doctors and nurses were being very kind though.
Hubbi was not there when they did the spinal injection on me.
I would not want him to see me that way, anyway.
I'm sure you agree if you've gone through the same thing.

I could remember the faces of all the doctors clearly.
As soon as i couldn't feel my legs..i felt though, a sensation of being 'moved' and 'swayed' below my waist.
Has it started?
The doctor looked at me with her surgery mask already on. I knew she has started 'ripping' my body off.

How did it all feel?
..like someone was pulling and pushing something out or inside your stomach of course.
The sharpest and strongest tugging and pulling sensation was felt suddenly. Then i heard a loud cry. It was the babe.
'Keluar sda'..a doctor said.
It was all less than 5 minutes.

Another doctor came over and put the baby near my face.
I almost cried..but couldn't.
I was too worried of what was happening beyond the 'curtain'.
Hubbi smiled.

. . . . . .
The stitching job was done almost half an hour.
I knew it was more complicated to stitch back everything together than ripping it open.

. . . . . .
 The pain.
..was not felt when you're still under pain killers.
Waking up the next day was the hardest part of all.
I have been preparing for THAT moment since i made the decision for a cesarean surgery.
Hubbi became my pillar of strength.
I made it.

When my friends asked..how did it feel?The pain after a c section?
With or without pain killers..i would say..it felt as though ur still being cut alive. Sharp.
But with the right support, prayer, will and determination..you can push through it.

. . . . .

Day 5.
I woke up from bed without the help of anyone.

Day 6.
I did not take anymore pain killers.

Day 7.
Hey, it's baby Neve 1 week old. Nothing else matters.

. . . . .

That was a brief chapter of my life.
The coming of baby Neve.
Though many people discourage and shun surgery for birth (unless there is a medical need), i am proud to say that i am not ashamed for choosing it.
Because..the most important is still the babe to be born safe and sound.

Baby Neve is 2 weeks and 4 days old today.
Next week full moon sda. :)
huhu...my cry baby.

19 August 2011

The Wedding Gown

As soon as i saw the topic of 'My Wedding Gown' on CathJ Blog Guest topic..i knew i have to join this one.
Because..i just fell in love with my wedding gowns. Both.

Here's the story.
Nope..that's not me.
But that was the one picture of the wedding gown that had strike my heart.
And i was restless until i find it.

Did i find it?
And it was at Tanjung Aru Bridal House that i laid eyes on the gown and say YeSSSS to it at once.
I'm an old fashioned at heart..you see.
Dreaming of being cinderella-like..not too big a gown..but..still giving you that princess-like feel.
Oh..i was so happy.
Just one bridal house..and i got my dream gown.
Yep..we didn't go and survey any other bridal house after that.
Just this one.

But then..another gown strike my heart. Stronger this time.
hehehehe..(bilang sda jumpa dream gown kunun)
Well..only the ladies heart will understand this one.

You see the picture of us in the middle?
I couldn't believe my eyes how sweet and pretty the gown was.
Well..least for me..hehe..
The long ribbon around the waist tempted me to change my mind and choose this one as THE gown.
But then the kind staff of the bridal house inform me that THAT particular gown was already booked.

Oh well..tiada jodoh mungkin.

So..what happen you asked?

We came back a month later for the photoshoot.
The cinderella gown i had booked was still there. Love it still.
And the best thing was..i was told that i can have ( i mean, booked) the other gown that i wanted. 
The initial customer decided not to wear it last minute.
So..it's all mine. 
wuahahaha..ntah la  i just fell terribly in love with this gown.

isk..banyk betul BUT.
Hubbi wanted me to wear the cinderella gown for the church ceremony.
He liked it more..?
Mungkin la.

And i did.
No regrets.

I wore the other gown during the home reception.

The moral of the story?
Sometimes..you do get what you wish for.

Many friends and relatives asked..
How ever did we come up with such a name..

N e v e  S u n d u v a a n.

Just a normal process of looking looking for what suits both our hearts and the little babe..actually.

Neve (neev)..but we prefer to pronounce it as Nee Vee :) lagi kiut..was actually after the teen star below.
Recognize her?
hehe..i'm sure a lot don't.

This is Neve Campbell.
An actress famous for her potrayal as Julia Salinger in the hit series Party of Five.
A story about five siblings living together on their own.
It was one of my favourite tv shows..time muda2 dlu..hehe..
The cast of Part of Five.
Then Neve Campbell went on to more movies like Scream, Wild Things..and a lot more.
But this is the one drama series that made her my all time favourite.

huhu..ngam2 lagi 'N'  initial nama dia kn..so..why not. hehehe..
and..another great thing about the name is the meaning.
I bumped into 'Neve' in one of the baby names book..and saw the meaning as a promising princess.
In Irish.
Heheh..apa2 ja la..Irish ka..english ka.. yg penting sa suka tu nama.
Promising princess.
Jan saja jadi demanding princess la len kali a.. (^_^)

On Sunduvaan.
It's a word in Kadazan which means 'spirit'.
Why Kadazan?
Why not.
Lagi pun sebenar nya smua anak buah yg lain ada nama Kadazan ni..so..wajib.
And so..I've been looking for the right kadazan word since i knew i was pregnant  and heard the particular word during a kadazan church sermon in our kampung.
:) so..that's it.

That is it.

How do you name a child?
Share share dlu ba..
12 August 2011

A Week Old

Sharing with you a picture of our lil babe..
who is exactly one week old today.
O how time has passed.

There are still a lot to learn on the babies world.
Thank heaven for a very supportive hubbi who has been helping a lot since the arrival of our little Sunduvaan.
...kdg2..mcm si hubbi yg buat lebih bnyk dari sa..hmm..
i luv them both.

bah..nda dpt update bnyk2 slu ni.
08 August 2011

The Babe iS Here

the arrival of baby Neve Sunduvaan..
on the 5th August 2011
@Sabah Medical Centre

The wait is finally over.
As the whole family welcomes the 3.49kg bundle of joy.

My cry baby.


bah, itu sja la dulu a..nanti lagi update.
Thank u for all ur wishes..

03 August 2011

One Baby World

Just in time.
The last parcel i've been waiting for before my expected due date is finally here.
hehe..now i have everything ready.
And, i'd like to share with you this one online shopping galore for mummy n baby that you can trust!

Make way for..
yep..that's the one.
There are soo many online shops out there..but i remember a blogger friend recommended me this site..and for it being featured a lot in the Pa Ma magazine.
Thank u Rahma of Pearl Stud Earring.
I have never looked back since then.

The greatest advantage of shopping/buying online..esp from OneBabyWorld is..u normally received your parcel the next day after payment is made. Now that's what we called grrrreat service.
Been shopping a few times with the shop.
So far..it has never failed me..but just put me in more amazement.

That's a glimpse of the stuff i bought last minute via OneBabyWorld..
Notice the white canvas bag? It's free.

How do you compare bad service, good service and a great service?
I have forgotten to fully confirmed and 'check out' from my online shopping cart the other day at the OneBabyWorld website..AND have made direct payment to the account.
A bad service company would have just stayed silent and 'telan' all my money paid.
I received a personalised email a few hours later asking me what are the stuff i have ordered and whether i have checked out fully from my shopping cart.
They have received my payment.
But did not received my order.
(hehe..telampau excited be shopping2 smpai lupa confirme order n check out bah)

And so i re confirmed my order and clicked the 'checked out' button on the website again.
Order received.
Payment already made.
Thank goodness.

Later that afternoon i received an sms from the representative of the company, saying that one of the stuff i have bought was suddenly out of stock and asked me if i could wait until tomorrow?
No rush. Why not. Since they have informed me.

Nevertheless i received a phone call from the company the next morning..apologizing for the lateness of delivery and informing me the stuff i wanted was really not in yet. BUT, it will be replaced with the another set that they will carefully choose for me. hmmm...

What was it actually?
Just this morning.
A set of 4 baby rompers and 6 pair of socks worth RM36.90.
And i am one happy customer..though it's not the set of colours that i have initially chosen.

Some of the other things i have bought online via OneBabyWorld.com..
which..i don't really know where to get one here..and actually sa malas n nda berupaya sda mau jalan2 cari smua ni benda2.

A 3 piece reusable ice pack.
uish...bnyk guna nya ni.

and...i just fell in love with this one, the moment i see it.
A cooler tote bag worth RM15.

So..what are you waiting for?
If you like shopping online..for mummies and babies stuff..
Start now with OneBabyWorld.

Banyak2 online shop..i like this one the best.
Cheaper  + quality service!
02 August 2011


Have i shared the news yet?
I think it's time.
Though some of you know about it.


The delivery hormone is kicking quite hard nowadays.
I just hope i can make it on time to the delivery room.
thank you for all friends who have shared their experiences on labour and the symptoms.
Hmm...though..it might not be the same..at least i am well informed and ready?
Fingers crossed.

So yeah..it's a girl.
It's not the gender that is important actually..and i'm sure you agree.
It's the health of the babe.

Remember me in your prayers my friends..hehe
Cos the countdown says i have 3 more days?
God bless.

The same goes to all my pregnant blogger friends..Stella Claire, Annieming, Sheena.. :)
You have my prayers.

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