29 July 2010

Whenever You Call

What do you do when you miss someone, and there's NO other way to get to that person except for a 20 minutes hill -climbing to find a mobile connection - if the weather permits?

You have to walk uphill this one.
Would you do it?

Welcome to the remote jungle of Borneo.
It is where my hubbi is stationed to work for more than 3years now.

Where every phone calls is precious and there's no way returning THAT call if you've missed iT.

Bored living in the city?

Fancy a four hours boat ride via the Kinabatangan river and watch wildlife along the way?

Then, this should be the place for you.
Though i haven't set my foot there yet, i do want to explore and experience myself the great Kinabatangan and Kuamut life. Don't you? The picture above are views of the Kuamut jetty where the water levels would rise and flood the village and school area during rainy season. In the meantime, it IS where everyone fishes and an alternative source of water (say.. when it doesn't rain for a few weeks?).

A view on top of the hill where everyone will go and make a call.
Mi hubbi says it keeps him fit and on the go (sebab slu naik bukit kn).
I really appreciate him for this. Sincerely. Since i have no way to get to him.
And if you're thinking of the journey coming home or going back there?

Get ready for a 3 hours bumpy and wet wet ride.
The Kuamut river. Pray that it doesn't rain, so the water level will not rise, and you get to cross - safely.

Come back home safely, mi dier - everytime.
God bless.

nc says: no wonder a lot of people sing.. " climb the highest mountain, swim the widest ocean, just for u"
But for me? I'll sing: "I will follow youuuuuu" ..sebab line DiGi ja ada sana..huhu

A Story Never Told.
Y e s.
I was an active CSS member way back in my campus study years in UMS.
CSS stands for Catholic Students Society.
It felt welcomed by being in the circle of strangers (then) but with the same faith. I learn how to praise the Almighty not just by prayers but through singing (especially those with actions, gosh..best bah) and our everyday words and deeds.
Looking back, i couldn't believe i have gone through all three years of studies and filled my schedule with the CSS activities as well (though not a super active member hehe) AND enjoyed it.
One of the most memorable thing that strike me still is the Belia Masuk Kampung activity.
An activity that was looked foward by all members every semester.
An activity that has brought us to the deep of the interior to share the news of Love from God. AND at the same time, a chance to learn the culture, lifestyles and stay with a foster family for a few days.
It might not be THE activity that all students was excited about at the time, but it was for a biG chunk of us.
Believe me,
when you are in a the middle of the interior, with Mount Kinabalu as your backdrop and cool weather surrounding you, there's nothing else you would want - but be AMAZED at the work of God.
Kampung Bunga Raya, Keningau.
Taking a picture with fellow friends and villagers at the church.
A masjid is nearby. This is Sabah.
Perhaps, it was the curiosty of the unknown that fired up my instinct to go places and meet people a.k.a jarang masuk kampung. My foster family owned a big wooden house. Yet, i could really feel their loneliness. A widow and two kids. I was glad we were there.
Second masuk kampung trip.
We were at the breathtaking interior of Tiang Lama in Ranau.
This was the most unforgettable, i guessed. My fellow friends and i stayed with senior parents in a sulap.
And they kept calling us ugou. :)
Ugou is a kadazandusun word that means 'dear'.
And the water running down from a bamboo-made pipe - cold. very cold. That's for shower - kampung style yeahh! Yet being there cured my almost a month of non stop coughing. I still have the hat i wore in the picture. hehe

And the last Masuk Kampung trip.

Kampung Batu Lunguyan, Keningau.
How could i ever forget crossing this river and strike a pose at the same time.

Want to know more about this place?
You can read it up here

I wrote it as part of the Borneo Colours task and as one of the finalist for the Borneo Top Blogger Award. Yayyy..i made it. But not without all your votes and effort my dear readers and buddies. And so, allow me to thank You who have voted my blog (iHaveADream Creations) in the Art and Design category..how could i ever thank u? You are in my prayers.
I would also like to congrats my fellow finalists and those who have reviewed the article. A million thanks buddies.

nc says:
did i mention that it was thru the CSS community that i met my future hubbi? heheh..yep. It happened. But looks like i have to drag him to mass now haha. hmm..i'm the angel in the family (kunun).

14 July 2010

Vacation for Two

Yeshh..will be going on a short..very shot escapade soon.
That was THE DEAL - if mi senors amigos in the World Cup won.
And ole..ole oole..they did WiN!

Looks like somebody's paying for a round of jalan2 then..hehe

But that's not the thing that i want to share with you today :)


A. Is it in the destination you're going?
B. How much $$ you're spending?
C. The many places you're visiting?
D. The souvenirs you're buying?
E. All of the above.
F. None of the above.

Ooopss..something macam terpelanting here.

Sincerely, i think it is in the person that you're going with.

Agree? :)

I remember a few days escapades that mi other half and i had recently. It was just in Sandakan. Itu pun sb ada business agenda di sana. We only stayed at budget accommodations..since we spent most times out doors. The time spent together with your significant other can never be replaced with any material gift in the world - i think. haha..but i'm sure you feel the same.

I also remember i accidentally booked a hotel room that was NOT equipped with a television set.

Yes. TV - less. It was at this jungle resort. Style jungle2 and eco friendly la kunun. And to make things worse..it was during the official opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup. There was not a single television set in the lobby or dining area. Ya, truly jungle resort i guess.
I felt guilty. He was a bit frustrated.
Inda dapat tingu siaran langsung gia..

A television-less evening of the night of the world cup opening ceremony. What could be worse than that?

Nothing. It was amazing.

An amazing television - less evening, on the night of one of the most important event in the world.

You get to spend the time together (okay, i'm really careful in choosing my words right now since i think i know what's in your mind NOW)

Laughter and jokes, teasing and everything..it's a DATE. Heheh..

All said and done - i'm ready for the next escapade.

So..how do you know u had a good time during ur holiday?

Taking a picture at the Balin Rooftop Garden & Bistro, Nak Hotel Sandakan.
xie xie ni amoi michelle..for bringing us there.
Cheers :)

A view of the Rooftop Garden at day. Amazing.
(courtesy of Sabah Tourism Board)

nc says: unduiii gia..honey lemon bah. hehe..driving bah.
..walaupn sa bukan peminat bulasipak..
tpi sa sgt gumbira Spain manang.
Sebab..sa pun manangggggg

Oo..yg ni kasi Spain sja la..

ni la bah ni kan..
time2 world cup ni..ada juga manfaat untuk yg bukan peminat bulasipak hardcore

apa yg sa manang..?
more precious than money.

Tapi kn..kalau la Spain Vs Sabah (negeri di bawah bayu)

siapa yg manang a...?

Bulih ba kalau si pauL

nc says: the FiFa world Cup is officially over, so is my opportunity to win a lot of betting sessions..
hehe..nanti la sa cerita a..
kamu pun ber betting2 juga kah?
Gracias Spain -Te Quiero Mucho

07 July 2010

KNiGHT and (what )DAY?

Meet, Tom Cruise.

..and Ms. Diaz.
Cameron Diaz.

Put them together on a bike in the middle of the bull run festival in Spain..

and you've got..



Not a TomCruise fan?
Don't fret..
The movie is quite exhilarating that you forgot it IS the Cruise man him self in the movie.

Watched it last weekend at MegaLong Cineplex
(first time nih..p sana haha)
The cinema was great..its just that we had to walk from one end (of the shopping mall) to the other.


Back to the movie:
Car chasing + CRUISE action + romance + FBI = and i still have no idea behind the word DAY in the movie.

Its okay..cos..kena belanja tgk wyang kn..
hehe..Okai, seriously.
I've learnt something from the movie
(cewah..mcm moral lesson kunun)
and that's

You don't have to wait for SOMEDAY to happen and make you happy..
That SOMEDAY could be today..if you want it to be.

(remember when we always say..SOMEDAY..bila sa jadi kaya..bila sa ada masa..mau round the world tingu bulan dan bintang..bla3..)

hahaha..nevermind..watch the movie ladies and gentlemen..
you'll be entertained.
Align Left
nc says: the ordering of drinks at the Megalong food court is irritating. Agree? No?
hehe..will tell you why after this.

Sounds familiar?
If you're a Twilight fan.

And..it's decision time.

One of the highly anticipated movie this year.
And we're all waiting for THE decision.

will Friendship or Love prevails?

Everything always begins with a choice.
what's yours?

nc says: i tot its going to premiered this week? minggu dapan kali ka? uhuhuhu..
heii..mo tingu ni tau.

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