26 June 2009


It's a sad day. 26th June 2009. The world see two beautiful soul going back home - as we all will one day.


Decided to look for pictures that can cheer up a cloudy day. What else than my favourite furry friends - the miawwwwsss (^_^)

For the cats lover check on THIS website and see more collections of the adorable furry and funny.


They crawl. They jump. They scratch. They run.
Beautiful. Adorable. Healing. Loving.
Whatever they do
Wherever they sleep
Whenever they purr
It makes you smile
It makes you wonder
It makes you YOU.

kesian ni kucing..hehe

how true.. :)

don't you just feel like saying MOOOOO and cuddle this cat :)

my cat does this - kena marah,, trus dia merajuk o.haha

ah..just like our love patch miaw at home


candid confucius

they're grumpy, but still adorable

spot the cat

and the best of all :)
22 June 2009

The Photo Shoot

..it's been a week since we took The photo shoot, and all i can remember was the excitement of changing gowns and hairdos and posing romantically - haha.. yep. i remember the photographer asking us how we would like the pose and setting to be.. and we chose, simple and romantic. yikesss...but yes.
(im a hopeless romantic)

..for all the brides to be out there.. esp to nad nad (^_^) there are a lot of bridal house out there. but to find the right one is very hard, esp if ur a fussy (make that double fussy) customer like me. heheh..

i guess i made the right choice: Tanjung Aru Bridal House.

Tis' was the photo gifted to us (on the spot ni ,,), when we were just outsourcing them for info during their bridal promotion last March held in Wisma Merdeka. Nope,, its not bcos of this photo that made us decided to sign with them. Its because of their unique and execptional service.

Unique: all photo shoot is done outdoor or anywhere but the studio + the photographer is very people - oriented, open to suggestion,, and of course professional.
(ive heard and seen cases where the in-house photographer was a snob)

Exceptional service: customer care 100%, no matter how fussy or _________ (fill in the blank) u can be.

And.. and extra point for me is that this new bridal house is located in Tg Aru beach area - the place where i was born.. and my favourite sunset point.

Though the bridal package was quite expensive.. ( we got a promotion price, however),, everything.. (well, almost everything) was superb - esp the photo result. hehe.. will share some once i got the copies ya..,

I'm a tough customer.
That's why im really amazed at how they deal with my craziness and antiques. hmmm.. .smile if u know wat i mean ya (^_^)

and by the way,, we bumped into blogger JEJ and his fiancee getting some dresses for their occasion as well.. hehe.. too bad.. we didnt really know one another that time.. kalau nda.. berenti bercerita lagi kali. esehh..but they did see our crazy photo session. malu pla. (^,^)
posing balik2 nda jadi. sb katawa ja.

Finally, nc says: A great photo is much more than just a photo.
It's the click of the moment - that will always stay in your heart.

..curi2 snap .
19 June 2009

Like A Rose

i luv roses. red, yellow, pink, ..purple..if there's any.

was browsing thru YouTube videos looking for the LikeARose video clip,, when i found this meaningful piece instead.

"Love is the biggest promise u can make, and the worst one u can break." ...

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

..to all the lovey dovey couples out there: this one's for u.

Nc says: Love is destiny. U cant see it but u know its there.

..let's LoVe.
05 June 2009

The Pre Talk 1

..my frens said im having THE marriage fever. perhaps. - been doing preparation stuff at the wrong time, wrong place, writing messages to wrong people..this..that..that..this. huh..and the big date is actually in November. i know..its quite a long way to go yet. but i dont have a sidekick in this. i hate doing thingssssssssssssssssssssss alone.

it's the school holiday. everybody important seems to be a teacher. now u see them. now u dont. For now..i see them.

(..BiG sighhh)


was at the pre marriage talk last nite - part 1.
About 50 couples were there. too bad nad nad,, ur not there,, kalu nda,, blh kita katawa2 ni..at some real life stories the speaker shared that can really be related with each of us.

hmm..so this is what pre talk is all about.

2 words for me to describe it: reality bites.
It's obvious that no marriage is a fairy tale. If you can make it to 3 years,, u might have a chance..and if u've been together for 20 years or so..then ur doing fine. yes, fine. Not FANTASTIC or SUPERB, since some couples still face the risks of a divorce even at this stage. reason? Communication.


What is communication..why communicate..how to communicate..hmmm..
It all seemed like the topics ive been preaching before in lecture.
When suddenly it became interesting when the speaker relates it communication between husband and wife.

My fiance couldnt stop laughing..isk3..at the jokes of the speaker - esp when the topic was about men having to be AWARE or BEWARE..of their ladies season.
Red, Yellow, Green.

wanna guess?

but it was great.
as i've realized. reality bites.

and the most precious lesson of the day was knowing that the root of all evil is love..for money. which is even mentioned in the holy scriptures. how could anyone fail to realize this? Money. $$$$$

(..stuff flashing in my mind)


(..another BIG sigh)

i've got one week.school holiday will be over in a blink. wish me luck.

..i luv cartoonstock. it keeps my feet on the ground.
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