11 December 2012

My Facebook Blog aka Journal

 Hellow everyone..

This might the last time i will ever write and make an entry here.
I have a new 'home'!!!!

and its something very different..and not really a blog. hahaha... yaii.
anu bah..

its something i wanted to do long time ago..yep. a looooong time ago..so that its easier for me to share without  having to write tooo much..tooo long and take up too much time.  hehe.. i gues this is the norm for a working lady and mummy.. :)

i still love blogging.  and so.. this is it. the new home.


please click the link above so i can take you to my new home.. and share with you more. :)

It's a facebook group page actually. so only those who join or wants to read from Yours Sincerely, Nc will get to do so.  :) Its really a great way of sharing my thoughts and moments that i treasure with people whom i am connected with already in facebook.

So..here we go.

You are always welcome. Anytime. :)

Merry Christmas everyone. :)
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