It's not the usual apple that keeps the doctor awayyyyyyyy from me now.
It's this amazing tablet called spirulina.

Do you know about it? hehe..
some would know...some don't..some don't care less.
but this is the little supplement that i have taken when i was pregnant with my first baby before..given it to the baby when she's about 6 months young..n the mummy is still on it now.

what's so great about it?
it contains double double time the nutrients than many supplement or by just taking the original food alone.
56 X more irons than the ordinary bayam..spinach
5X  protein than a glass of milk
25X mor beta carotene than carrots
and..a lot more.

but..careful when you choose your spirulina.
choose only the one with the highest grade.

 of course.

..this is not a promotional ad.
just a friendly sharing and a testimonial of a consumer product. heheh..
Friday sharing ba..

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