In the midst of the aramai tii mood and the festive celebration everywhere..
It would make me really happy to share this breaking news with you.
Cewah cewah..

Nothing big actually.
It's just that,
I recently earn the title 


M  A N A G E R

for a multi million multi level marketing company.
Well..least for me and some other 30 more individuals in Sabah.

Here's the thing that made me even happier.

A crystal MANAGER title trophy and a pair of golden pins.
siok kn?

hehehe..i'm still an educator with my ever different yet loving institution.
But, i don't think it's wrong for me to feel proud for earning such a title with another organization. Right? Right.
It's quite hard for me to achieve such title because of my full time profession.
But in less than 3 weeks..hey hey.. i did it.
And the rewardssss is really really good.

. . Ok, yes. I am with ELKEN. if you noticed the logo in the picture above anyway.hehe..
A very established organization that focuses on marketing health and beauty products.
Quality health and beauty products.
Expensive health and beauty products.

But, which everybody can afford nowadays.
Inda lagi mcm dulu2.

mau dingar cerita lagi? mcm mna kunun sa boleh terjebak dlm semua ni? hehe..
bulih ba.

tapi kn.. kalu kamu ada cerita  o komen pasal semua ni.. lagi la sa hargai.

- - - - -
I know this thingy is not new.
But then the experience to me is very very very la the new.. :)

Please allow me to give a million thanks to my good friends and fellow bloggers Uzoiey/Zoi, Kay, and Mia for the support and trust that you have given me.

bah, nanti la sambung cirita ni :)
till then..

Enjoy our last nite in May..cos tomoro is June :)


Mia said...

congrats2......he he sama2 bah Nc...tolong2 bah kawan2.....tapi lain cerita jeles bah sya tengo ko punya title tu kunu...macam mana mo dapat tu...kasi ajar sikit kunu....(^_^)

nc said...

Mia: bulih ba kalau kau.. nanti kita cerita2 a.. :)

memeljoan said...

Kc cerita sa jg hehe

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