Yep, you're going to read a lot of pregnancy stories from nc..nowadays.
Hehe.. it's a way of life.
Your life changes..your writing changes as well. 
Inda kah.. but one thing for sure.. i'm enjoying every minute digging into lots of pregnancy stories and tips.. that i would like to share with you. 

And today.. its..about the various way people use to tell whether you're going to have a baby boy or girl.
Hehehe..want to find out? Read on..
1. A woman’s dietary preferences prior to conception will influence a baby’s gender. A diet rich in dairy and magnesium will result in the birth of a girl while a diet rich in red meat and salt will result in the birth of a boy.
(slu nya org bagi tau sa, kalau suka makan manis2. baby girl. kalau suka asam2..boy. hmm..tpi..ada kawan yg suka makan asam2..her baby? GiRL.)

2. Take your wedding ring off and dangle it directly over your baby bump by a piece of your husbands hair and if the ring swings back and forth you are having a boy! If it swings in a circle you are having a girl!
(bulih juga buat time teda keja ni kn.. hahaha..cincin pun sa nda muat sda skg. sb jari2 ku sakit n pndai bengkak2)

3. Got morning sickness? If you morning sickness is more like morning, noon and night sickness then you are having a girl.
(checked. tpi ramai ba juga yg ada morning sicknes..then boy juga..hahaha)

4.  Got acne? You are having a girl
(alalala..ya kah..)

5.Craving chocolate and sweets galore – having a girl.
(i have a sweet tooth now..but im starting to crave for mangga at the same time)

6. Craving sour foods like lemons, limes and citrus fruits – then congratulations you are having a boy.
 (kalu singaja p makan2 tu asam2? hahaha)

7.If you are pregnant with your second child then your first child’s first word will determine the gender of your unborn child. If he/she said “mama” as his/her first word then you are pregnant with a girl. If he/she said “dada” first then you are pregnant with a boy.
 (mommies out there..present your case a..)

8. Take your age at conception and the year that you conceived. If both numbers are even or if both numbers are odd you are having a girl. If one number is even and one number is odd you are having a boy. This is ancient Mayan folklore
(atukkoi...ambil kalkeleter dlu ni..)

9. If your baby bump is high you are having a girl; if it is low you are having a boy
(but iver heard the other way around pla..hehe)

10.A fetal heart rate above 140 is indicative of a girl and below 140 is indicative of a boy
 (bah, lets start counting :)

I have done my ultra sound scan last weekend.
And i just knew it.
Girl or's not the most important issue.
As long as baby is healthy , that is more than enough.
kan? :)


Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

hehehe..ko sudah tau ni kan Nc kalau sudah scan..bercampur aduk sudah ba hints mau tau boy or girl ni..pigi godek2 di internet pun saja2 mau tau..tapi yong2 cakap mama dulu oo.hehe.of course la mama dulu sebab mama yang selalu dengan dia.
ba, yang penting kita sihat kan..

Anne B. said...

hi nc...

eh cam tebalik2 ja ni tanda2 antara bby girl or boy (for me lah) kalau sa kan asal suka makan asam2 gtu and perut bulat mmg girl la tu hehee from my experience ;)

AnnieMing said...

Wah siok o ko Nc. Ya like you said, it's not important if the baby is boy or girl. As long as it's healthy, okey sudah tu. Hehe.. Stay healthy, mummy-to-be!

Vienne said...

part morning sickness tu bukan morning sickness all day all night sickness suda..hehe

nc said...

memang becampur2 kn.. ni tips2 smua.. hehe.. sa pun mengisi masa lapang sja ba ni..utk mau tau2 smua ni hehehe

Anne B:
kalau suka makan asam2 kah baby girl? o....hehe...bah, thnks for the tips Anne.

yep, yg penting sihat ba kn. boy 0 girl.. will make me happy :)

sa pun lebih kurang gitu.. terutama petang2 n malam ni.. time mau tidur malam pun masih blh rasa mau muntah2 ni. isk3...

CathJ said...

Funny tips.. tapi susah lah mau kaish tau hehehhehe... saya 1st time punya suka makan asam2... last2 change p makan manis2 and ice2... sekali boy ... hihihihi...

My mom ada 1 tip yg lucu... you pinjam baby yg sudah 6 bulan kah gitu, kau kaish berdiri dia di perut kau.. kalau itu baby yg kau pinjam girl.. dia mcm tidak mau pijak itu perut kau, dia selalu kaish naik... means you having a boy...and kalau dia no problem to place her both legs on your belly... means girl.. hihihihi... funny....

so.. sudah tau jantina??? ^_^

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Sunder Bisht said...

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