13 April 2011

My Dream Journal 1

What is it with pregnancy and dreams?
Bad dreams..weird dreams..u name it. None of the common effect of the REM.
I have been experiencing a series of bad bad dreams since my early months of pregnancy.
And for the record..i'll start an online journal here to keep track on things.
Nothing personal though..just badddddd dreams.

11th April 2011.
The marathon of bad dreams started. I slept early.
I was having a chat with a few colleagues..and somehow i was lying on my bed while chit chatting with them.
Could not remember the stories.
But then, i remember vividly the silky touch of long strands of hair on my bed.
I could not see a thing. Just an accidental touch of the hair. Which made me want to scream - but couldn't.
I woke up almost screaming my heart out..and shivering cold.
( I don't think it was my hair that i was touching. My hair tak silky ..wuhuhu...)
Fell asleep. Still trembling a bit from the HAIR effect.
..I saw my colleagues again. They were teaching in front. I was walking around the empty students' desks.
Goosebump. I suddenly saw a scary white apparition standing in between them. Facing..looking straight at me. Long graying hair. Eyes bulging out. White robe. 
I let out another faint scream...waking up.
Changed my sleep position. Hubby was worried but knew that it's almost every night i dream and scream.
Then it began again.
This time it seemed that it was my hubby that was whispering scary voices in my ear and jolted me with fear.
I couldn't scream. Woke up.
Afraid to sleep again.
Something startled me.
I kicked the edge of our bed.
I could not remember the place.
But i saw a man woke up from the dead on a verandah of a building. Weird. Right in front of me.
The supposed to be dead man who was wrapped in white cloth took off everything..spoke to me..and walked away. Like it was nothing.

Went to work the next day feeling exhausted.
Took a half day leave.

12th April 2011..Last night
Instead of filling our room with garlic and lime..like many friends have advised.
I took the chance of sprinkling every corner of our room with the Holy Water.

I was scared to turn the lights off.
But then.. fell asleep anyway.

Hubby and i were suddenly shopping for baby's clothes.

O how i wish to have THiS kind of dream every night.


a-Me said...

Hi nc.. seram jga ko pny bad dream ni.. & actually sa pn pndai jga da bgini smp tkut mo tdo, sometime utk kasi hilang tu tkut, sa kasi psang lagu-lagu rohani yg slow utk teman sa tdor. Juz pray ya spaya ko xda bad dream lagi.. :) God Bless You & Family.. :)

nc said...

Hi a-Me :)
thnks for the comment.
ni la ni.. biasa sda mimpi2 begini skg.. tpi masih bikin takut la. nda siok.

germaine said...

Hi nc.. Having your first baby? :)
you got a lot of nightmares oh kan.. Dont forget to pray before sleep and sleep with your rosary by your side..
Hope that the nightmares will stop and you'll be having sweet dream instead.. :) God Bless you Nc.. ^^

Kay Masingan said...

mainan tidur ja tu...tapi pastikan pray before sleep..dun wory mama heheh

CathJ said...

It's all due to our hormone NC.. bad dreams.. and make us scared to sleep all.. That is why, org preggy ni kena byk sembayang...

(Nda berani saya baca...apa yg kau mimpi2 tu, maklum lah saya masih belum meletup.. nanti saya pula mengigau hihihi)

Like me.. aduh.. tekanan jiwa betul.. asal mlm susah tidur.. mcm tidak boleh bernafas... lepas tu ke hulur kehilir mcm lipas kudung... mcm mau keluar rumah... tapi when my mom came.. she pray a lot for me and so do I.. and slowly itu symptom faded away.. my mom ckp, memang tu asal org preggy.. ada2 saja yg suka mengacau.. so we trust on God lah..

I hope that feeling will pass very fast.. rajin2 sembayang k..

CathJ said...

Oh lupa.. during my 1st baby lagi teruk saya... saya kena 'cekik'.. sampai saya menjerit2... macam2 betul... tapi itu lah kena byk sembayang...

take care..

Just said...

sia jarang mimpi and sia susah mo ingat apa mimpi sia... anyway, mainan tidur seja ba tu. u take care aa... :D

chegu carol said...

Like everyone would say, keep praying for strength and courage ya.

Take care nc!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

eee..mcm2 juga mimpi ko tu nc..sya pun ada juga mimpi yg bikin takut

nc said...

thnks for the advise..yep.. im doing it now.. :) hehe

kadg2 telupa pray ba.. trus TER tidur.kunun. hahaha..tpi skg.. msti mau ingat sda la..hehe

atukkkoi..tu lagi teruk..smpai kena cekik. mesti mcm real betul2 tu kn.. isk2.. begitu la yg bnyk org ckp. bnyk kena kacau :(

yep, mainan tidur yg menakut kn.. nda mau la slu o..

Chegu Carol:
thnk u chegu. yep, will be doing that from now on.. hehe..ketara betul sblm ni inda pernah ba kn. haha

itu laitu.. ba take care sja la kita kn.. n just believe in God :)

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

teruk o mimpi ko kan..kalau saya kan sy cenderung mengabaikan mimpi-mimpi sya oo..sy ignore ja. tak kisah la yg baik ka yg buruk. kalau sa mimpi yang baik, saya cuba mau ingat sebab sy mau cerita sama orang tapi, besok paginya nda juga sa ingat..mungkin kena program sdh otak sa 'mimpi mainan tidur, jadi ignore saja'..haha.

tapi itu la itu..sembahyang dan kalau boleh, buka ja lampu @ pakai lampu tidur time tidur..
take care.

Santafire said...

ish, sorry to say la, tahyul juga tu garlic and lime thing.

Nasib you did according to your faith. I think it's a test ba tu. And you pulled through :)

Will be praying for your tenteram-ness. sweet dreams ^^

nc said...

susah mau lupa ba kalu sia.. buruk kah bagus ka.. mimang dpt ingat. terutama yg buruk2..teruk kn.. kalau sa kasi cerita lagi yg sblm2 ni punya mimpi.. wuwhuhu...lagi bikin takut. kikikik...

its what some people believe. i almost did it. but i dont want the room to smell of garlic. but then i always sprinkle the Holy Water around the house. isn't it a blessing? and then..its actually the faith ba kn ;)

Arif said...

cuci kaki :)

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