01 August 2009

Mission Accomplished

(i cant help but show this to the whole world.. heheh)

..hOOrAyy.. for myself haha
another task done in the very lengthy wedding to - do list.
Yep. We finally compeleted the tiresome (but worth it, of course) pre wedding course in the cathedral today. I guess all Catholic wedding couples know that this is a MUST.

hmm..i just wish that J was with me today..and receive the certificate.
feeling neglected..?huhuh..not the right time to complaint. shouldn't be.

Having a wedding to plan and do a lot of things surely needs both the bride and groom to work together. but..work commitment and other unavoidable stuff that get in the way shouldn't be taking a toll on the relationship. kn..kn..?
(i'm sure ur smiling if you've been thru' this haha)

wellllllllllll....i'll just make sure J treats me to a nice meal once he's here heheheh
cos there are more in the list that need to be done.

tO - dO list this month: Exciting stuff (^_^)

nc says: pre wedding courses: its good to know these things. :)


Mell_f said...

All the best with the rest in ur list :D Jgn tensen2 ah.

nc said...

Hi Mell,, thanks for the wish, i will need that,, heheh..:)

Kris and Nadia said...

Hi NC.. yeay.. dapat suda ko.. atokoi lama juga kan..kalu sya ni amcm la ni..huahua.. Ba nanti kita share2 ar, byk mau tanya jua ni :) hihi.. All the best to both of you :)

Zoi said...

to do list? huhuu..ya..good luck k Nc..sambil buat list sambil nyanyi2 'tengtengtedeng' imagine ko sama gaman berjalan di carpet merah banyak kali..hehhe..

nc said...

Nadia: ya, memang lama o ni,, ada follow up kn,, mo dua bulan ni.. dari bulan 6,, bulan 8 baru siap. dont worry,, u can do it! :)

Uzoy: hehe..gitu la tu kunun..pndai berimaginasi kadg2.. ya, ada to do list ni kunun.. supya inda telupa apa2,,hehe :)

Gallivanter said...

I'll be taking my course in October.

nc said...

Gud luck Mr G. :)

it's going to be a longggg process..(if ur taking it at SCH) hehe..but worth it of coz :)

Anonymous said...

To do list :) Congratulations in advance :) Ada kek bertingkat-tingkat kah :P

nc said...

tengkiu stevie..kalau ko dpt dtg nanti,, sa bagi ko salah satu tingkat tu kek..haha :)

C.Alv.B said...

Bah all the best to you kio..

Stella O.K. said...

finally kan nc..lega lepas 1 to do list completed..congrats!... :)

Uncle Lee said...

Wayyyyyy to go, NC.
Best wishes and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Gallivanter said...

I'm currently about to go through this as well. Maybe you can share the wedding list tips? :-)

nc said...

Alv: thanks a, :)

Stella: ya, this is one of the few big steps that must be done kn,, hehe..glad we did it :)

Uncle Lee: thanks so much uncle Lee for always reminding me that..hehe..i have a song in my heart now..n im going to sing it out loud..hehe

Gallivanter: wish u all the best with the pre W course. the LIST..ya, was thinking of sharing about that one. will do it. thanks for the idea ;)

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