28 July 2009

Finding them a Home.

..no,, they're not our cats.
These three adorable cats are abandoned, unpurposely though by their master.
There were six of them. Now left only four.

These cats are actually owned by the only neighbour of ours in our kampung area. A single guy living with six cats! can u imagine..how he could really take care of all of them. but ..things are different now,, since he has moved to another place,,thus leaving behind these lovely creatures.

It has been about a month now these cats have been roaming nearby their master's (make that X-master) house. No food, no water,, only the verandah of the house as their shelter and the vast forest as their playground.

I wish i could take them back home - all of them. It's just impossible now. :(
We (my family and i, of course) go back to our little kampung home during the weekends only.
It feels good yet saddening to see these cats live on their own there. No matter how much food and water we left behind for these cats..its imaginable that they will have to face hunger for the next few days.

But, im sure they are a survivor.
Pretty good hunters..i can assure you.

Giving them a home only during weekends is not good enough.
I'm not sure whether blogging about this will work out something or nothing. But..i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I call it as "Project Cats".
It's not going to change the world. but hopefully it will bring light to their part of the world.

The happy cats..freely roam our little house whenever we are around.
They don't really have any specific names..but looking at their fur..might give you some ideas.

Cat 1: The oldest and loudest. He has this cute tiger-like color on its mouth which makes him look a bit funny, amusing yet tough! He's a gentleCat though :)

Cat 2: The only female around a.k.a big sister of the two. Very motherly (since she likes to lick the fur of the other two) and have a mascara-eye thingy, which makes her look stunning hehe

Cat 3: My favourite. He's tiny, doesn't meow a lot..but manja gilaaaaa!! if he catches you around, he'll walk sexily (moving the tail upwards) and just rubs his head against your arms. auwww.. my dad cannot stand him sometimes! haha

Cats just love resting on your feet and rubbing their faces against it.

How tiny is the hand of the black cat. But mind you,, what sharp claws..

Okay, some CATactions now.
I just love watching them sleep,, with so many actions.

Isn't he cute. Why would anyone leave behind such a cat? :(

The manja one. Silent,, yet killing you with love.

These 3 (actually there are four, but the other one refuse to come to our house - pemalu)..are very close to one another. They would sleep together and no problem with eating together from one big plate. Adorable.

Nc says: People say that cats have nine lives. But these cats have more. Pure survivors.
How can you refuse them? :(


AngeL BeaR said...

i hate ppl abandon their pets. =.=

C.Alv.B said...

I am animal lover especially cats and dogs.. the way u express them .. make me wanna cry.. I want them but i am staying in the apt and no pets allowed... I ver have 15 cats in one time before.. huhuuuu...

nc said...

Angel: yep..cruel,,isn't it.

Avl: the world needs more people like u :) ,, caiyo2..

Kris and Nadia said...

alalalaa.. cian tu miaow.. jadi mana la ko mau simpan dia tu?? jan ko buang ar.. :) hihi..

nc said...

hi nadia :)..itu miaw smua di kg bah,, tpi tiada org jaga,, tuan dorang sda pindah..harap2 masih sana tu kucing2 ..kalu blh sa mau bawa balik rumah o..huhuhu :(

Kay said...

nc..mana miau ko mo bagi sa? di rumah di sndkn pun kami ada miau2. comel n sangat aktif. girl tu miau2.

nc said...

cigu..ko di sndakan..mcm mana mo bagi miau sama ko..haha..nda pa,, ko jaga baik2 tu miau2 sana a,, n kasi tingu gmbr dia.. hehe :)

Kay said...

sa ada balik kg ni. di rmh di kg, 9 ekor da kucing kami. comel2 semua. semuanya kuat tidur. my sis ckp tu miau2 tidur 15 jam sehari. hahaha. kuat mkn, kuat main, n kuat tidur. takut juga saya, gemuk ba, nanti obesiti pula. my sis plan lagi mau ambil anak kucing lain.

Arif said...

Hi Nancy,

It has become fairly common knowledge that cats are great therapy for nursing home residents, and it is a joy to see eyes light up when a cat is brought in by a visitor. Even more fortunate are those patients of health care facilities who have a cat in residence.

Although dogs have more traditionally been recruited as therapy animals, cats are being used more and more. After all, the advantage of being able to purr, isof huge value, and seeing eyes light up as wrinkled hands stroke a wildly vibrating furry body is a convincing argument for cats in this role.


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