02 March 2010

So it is March.

So its march 2010.

I’ve been away for a few weeks: wire-less.

A lot of things happened the past month and I couldn’t care less to blog about them. Yet, I thank u my dear blogger friends who have dropped by despite the silent from me.


Hmm..Chinese New Year was spent in the hospital visiting my father who had an accident while using a parang. Deep cut in the hand. Lots of blood and he lost a few veins. Incident time: 4pm. He was only taken to the hospital around 8pm the same night by mi hubby after he fetched me from work. Gosh..i wish we were back earlier that night. But there were no way of communications. Thank goodness J was there that time. By the time everything was settled (my father admitted to SMC), it was 12 midnight. The next few days were spent by all of us taking turns visiting him in the hospital.

That was ChineseNewYear.

School holidays were also working holidays for me, fortunately. A good one and a half week away from work was healing and refreshing. Our office premise did a lot of facelift. That explained the unusual holidays given to all staff.

What else..?

No extraordinary activities or recreations took place, since we have to take care of a very special patient at home then – father. Hehe..he was doing fine but it will take time to heal and I can see that he is getting bored with the limited things he can do with the big bandage still attached to his hand.

And so, it’s mi hubby and the kittens who kept me company all the time. I couldn’t get my hands off them.haha..they’re getting bigger. All 7 of them. I love them too much. Maybe its because they’re the kittens of our lost cat..whom the whole family never had enough of. We loved him too much. And now we love his kittens wayyyyyyyyy too much.

What about Valentine’s Day?

Hehe..nothing special. I have a date with the whole family since all of us went to visit father at the hospital. J and I actually managed to bite a lunch at my favourite food stall in 1B (while the rest of the gang went shopping) and we were served by an ex student of mine who whispered to us “Happy Valentine’s Day”. That was cute.

The rest? – is history.

Let the March-ing begins!!!

the real reason why we're late home the day my father had the accident was to get our delayed wedding photobook. i still wish we could got home earlier.

everyone like the outcome anyway.

the house little joy. the kitten.

seven of them.

nc says: thnks for reading.. i luv u.


Mama Mia said...

7 kittens? banyaknya...i have 5 kittens at home and my mom is already looking for anybody who wants to adopt them...

Rungitom said...

Lucky 7 kitteh will make you smile hehehe, hope your father get better soon :)

Kay said...

turus sa rindu kucing sa yg half siamese o..

memeljoan said...

Hi nc, hope ur dad cepat sembuh...

Wow, kiut eh kucing2 ko tu...same with me la...at my hometown, kami ada 10 ekor miau...termasuk laci n her 3 kittens...yg lain tu, kucing peliharaan mummy sa...ekekek

Santafire said...

Hope you have a great March ahead^^

Zoi said...

aduii..nasib la father ko nda pa2 Nc..semoga capat dia sembuh..

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

A bunch of kittens! Yii sa mau.. Hehehe.. Pedahal ada suda dua sini rumah ;) Sama itu c Diamond punya soul which I believe maC sama2 kami :p

Your father is gonna be fine Nancy.. ;) He's so lucky for having such a caring family. Attention pun bikin heal juga tu..

Wah nice la tu wedding photobook kamu! Sa pun ada buat dulu but I fogot to blog about it.. Now I'm finalising my 2nd photobook, bulan ni baru mau process hehe.. Nanti sa blog jua la pasal tu..

Walker said...

Who's getting bigger the kittens or the hubby HA HA HA

I'm sorry about your father.
I hope he heals quickly.
My father cut half his finger off once when he was working at a restaurant as the cook and in the rush to get him to the hospital they forgot the rest of the finger.
The hospital needed it to reattach but when they got back it had already been cooked then served so they just attached a piece bacon to it instead.
It looks fine now but he has to guard it all the time because the dogs always try to bite it off

mommieZee said...

harap dad ko cepat sembuh. bestnya ada banyak anak kucing....

Deanona said...

aww.. hope ur dad will get well soon.. & kirim salam miaw2 suma k ;)

Kris and Nadia said...

ooooo so sorry to hear.. hope your dad will recover soon.. ya.. waawa.. mcm sya trus mau pg tmpt ko mau tgk tu photobook ooo..huhu.. siok2.. :) btw, selamat kembali :) hihi..

nc said...

Hi all :)

MamaMia: yep, 7 of them. we luv them all. so cute to see them all runing around. we have toilet-train them.so..no problem. hehe

Rungitom: thnks ya, he is recovering.n enjoying the company of the kittens as well.hehe

kay: ba, cari lagi ba anak2 kucing baru hehe :)

memeljoan: thanks MJ hehe , syok ba kn ada binatang peliharaan ni.. tak juga sunyi2 ni.

santafire: thanks :) same to u ya

zoi: tengkiu :) ok2 juga sda tu,, tpi blm blh driving ni

Annieming: hehe.. thanks.. yep the kittens are so cute. yg bikin tmbah kiut ni kn, smuaaa sama warna dorang ni. black n white only. itu photobook lama sda ter delay mau ambil ba tu.. bah, kasi share2 juga kamu punya photobook a :)

walker: serious? bacon? (^_^)
o ya, the kittens and the hubbi are getting bigger haha..

mommiezee: thanks ya :)ya, best o hehe

deanona: orait, :) bah, salam diterima

nadia: thanks :) bah, nanti la kita tukar2 tingu gambar a.. hehe..msti siok kn kikikik..

SJB said...

Punya banyak kuching cute lagi tu.

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