Mum called from our kampung home just now.
With the saddest news that is breaking my heart now:
Two of the seven kittens at home died today. Three more are sick. :(
They vomited. Couldn't eat or drink.

Gosh. Why God..

i was just blogging about this very cute kitten last week. He died this morning.

One died yesterday, another is still sick now.

my most kesayangan. he's the only one with the love patch inherited from our lost cat.
Now, no more.


Deanona said...

awww napa?? mungkin keracunan mknan.. huhu :(

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Nancy, sorry to hear that..

My friend's cats pun died, sebelum tu durang x makan & durang muntah2 ja..

Maybe it's because the cuaca?

Be strong Nancy, I understand how you feel now :(

Yang tiga2 tu, try refer sama vet la.. Manatau still can be cured?

SJB said...

What happen?. kali termakan sesuatu yang tidak bagus kali. Ohhhh kesian oh.

mommieZee said...

sorry for your loss..tapi yang another 3 cuba bawa p vet. mungkin durang salah makan or ada worm dalam badan durang.kalau kitten yang masih kecil if ada worm memang susah mo survive.durang memang xmo makan n minum tu but tapi paksa jak durang minum.

Rungitom said...

Save the other kitteh, medical check-up on vet clinic

C.Alv.B said...

Sorry to hear that..dum worry still got few take care them more

nc said...

thank u dear friends for ur kind words n advice..

:( we just lost another one this morning.

very sad.

Mama Mia said...

sorry for your loss,Nc..

Cath J said...

kesiannn... sorry to hear that.... tia apa ada 5 lagi kan... ^_^

Take care...

memeljoan said...

Eee sedih o kan klu pet kesygn kita mati...huhu, teringat sa masa doggy kesygn sa mati, sa nangis spjg hari...huhuhu

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