Mari mari mari mari mariiiiiiiiii (^_^)
Have u heard about Mari Mari Cultural Village?
It's in inanam. Along the road leading to Kionsom waterfall.
Its the biggest cultural village in Sabah, i guess.
And full of the exciting cultural activities that you can participate.

hehe.. i was on tour with my students.
The tour package was quite expensive. rm130++ for an adult visitor. The students got half the price. I got it fOr freeeeeee hehehe..

I heard quite a lot of bad impression before i get to visit the place.
1. It's expensive.
2. It's a fake.
3. It's a double fake.

Align Center(^_^)

1. It's expensive: yep, for an independent visitor. since everything must be arranged with a travel agent. but for the environment, tour guide, activities, n buffet food..i think it's worth it. hehe..i guess.

2. It's a fake: i dont think so. You should go n visit ur self. the place is wonderful. reminds me of a real kampung.


3. It's a double fake: i hate to say this but.. i just realized this when one of my student mention this to me. It's a fake becos after each visit in the cultural houses.. u can see the murut/kadazan/lundayeh boy or man or lady just now all transform into a modern day one-of-us. - in front of us. I mean, they were walking around us with torn jeans , black glasses and stuff. (maybe they have just finished their shift) Well.. It just ruined everything. so much for the cultural feel.

ANYWAY.. here are some pictures i'd like to share.

The Lundayeh house. this one's built just nearby the river. the walls are made from tree bark.

A Dusun traditional house. Cute. hehe.. complete with spider webs. big ones. :)

We get to cook our own lunch that day. The traditional way. Chicken in bamboo anyone? sedap..
This one was used for us during the welcoming ceremony. hehe..

I really love the Bajau house. Huge. And this is just the kitchen.

Spot the lecturer. :)

The Rungus longhouse

nc says: bah.. mari la. kalau berani.. hehe


memeljoan said...

Wah nc, first time pula sa dgr psl mari mari cultural village ni...hmmm, x tau la bila pula turn sa dpt p sana...ehehhe

nc said...

memeljoan: ya.. ini la dia...hehe.. marimari cultural village. sana inanam. lama sda sa mau p sana ni.. nasib dpt juga. n nasib la inda byr.. hehe :)

Kris and Nadia said...

Hihi... tu hari sya ada nmpk jg tu dorg promote sana 1B tu hari :) hihi... wah siok oo lenkali ko bw la kamirang p sana :) kita p jalan2 bgambar kunun :)

Mama Mia said...

ni 1st time sia dgr kewujudan ni tempat. Suasananya nmpk ada kampung feel especially the houses..but the fee, too pricey la..

SJB said...

Ya look fake lah huhu.

Zoi said...

wa..sia rindu g tripping o..skrg ni da masuk hotkat (hotelkatering) sia nda dpt ikut sdh aktiviti tourism. clash jadual..uwaaa..

Gallivanter said...

Is this that Cultural village in KK ka?

nc said...

nadia: hehe..blh ba.. tpi mahal ba byr mau pgi sna..nda sanggup o kdg2

Mama Mia: actaully dari last year lagi sa penah dgr.. n slu limpas2 ja ni sana.. tpi nda penah masuk. baru skg dpt masuk. worth it. but of cos.. a bit pricey

SJB: they actually dont look fake at all if they (the staff) know how to take care of their work ethics.

uzoi: hehe..ya.. sa mcm rajin2 malas2 juga mau buat ba ni.. tapi dorang si MClean yg mau bawa.

Gallivanter: its in the area of Inanam.

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