17 March 2010


hehe..just want to share with you the other side of me in my new baby blog.
I call it
It's a place to share my creative pursuit in little crafs and designs.
Want to know more..? hehe
Don't be shy shy to visit me there.

If you have a dream, believe in it.
(come on.. u know i'm not talking about nightmares haha)

Align CenterFollow your dreams :)
Click on the picture below and i'll take you there.

nc says: best juga bah kalau kita share2 dreams and desire sometimes kn.. :)


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

I've been there! ;) And will visit regularly from now on. Hehehe..

dreamChaser said...

Annieming: thnks.. :) the blog is no super duper perfect anyway.. but im loving all the support given hehe

Angel said...

Sa pun ada buka blog baru. Craft blogshop tp belum ada apa2 lagi. Kalo ada suda, sa share k :)

SJB said...

See you there (^_*).

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