My head was thumping. My throat soaked with the golden yellowish liquid which continued to affect and control my every move. But I felt good.

“ what are you doing.?” my mind seemed to speak to me.

“ You don’t do this. This is not you” .. the voice continued.

I hold on tight the green can which everybody seemed to look up as the source of divinity. People around me were dancing, laughing, singing. All under the effect of the little green can.

I was very much aware of what was happening around me. People were singing, dancing laughing. No matter how bad or great they were singing or dancing, it all showed one similar thing: Passion. They were all done from the heart. Like there was no tomorrow.

As night time was falling, I realized I had finished almost a liter of the golden liquid – in less than an hour.

I felt bored - looking at people drinking. I need to feel it too.

It’s not the first time.

I drink when I need to. When the crowd is right. When I think I should.

You know you’re not enjoying the taste” my heart blurted out.

“What are you doing?” For a moment, I felt the presence of my angelic soul beside me asking to stop drinking. But at the same time I felt the aura of the devilish me smiling and winking at me.

I grabbed another can from my other half’s hand. He pushed my hand away.

“ you’re drunk..” he said. I was not.

My head was swaying. But my mind was working perfectly.

Guests were making their way home. I was just beginning to feel the heat of the dance floor. Despite my swaying vision and movement, I still managed to show a friendly smiling face and answered every question from our guests. I felt proud.

The music became louder. I looked around. Some were dancing frantically to the out of tune song. A few teenagers lost in the battle of the alcoholic influence. But maybe, THAT was what they wanted - certainly not a scene to be proud of.

I sat down at the corner of the bench where the gongs where hanged, trying to focus despite my blurry mind. A man was sitting next to me. He started a conversation – in kadazan language. He knew I was the bride of the day. A friendly handshake was offered. He started asking question which I couldn’t really understand or listen, because of the way he spoke. His eyes showed that he was also under the influence of the infamous beverage. I figured he would not dare talking to me should he was conscious.

nc says: ada sambungan lagi, :)


Stella O.K. said...

wah ko pandai minum pla nc..hehehe.. aramai tii!..hihihi...

Angel said...

wah.. suspen betul..

nc said...

stella: i dont really like to drink. but..its my secret weapon ;)

Angel: haha..inda juga ba.. cuma.. ada bnyk ba part2 yg funny sa mau share.. cuma blm sempat lagi ni :)

belleOFranau said...

hehehe..kadang2 ok ba..tapi jan selalu la...klu sy ikut mood jak..once mengantuk...then i say hello to my bed..

nc said...

belle: ya..betul tu..kalau kdg2 indapa ba kn..hehe :)

Angel said...

I like the aramai tii. The part I don't like is the HANGOVER aka KOGUTAN! Rasa menyesal pun ada pagi2 tu. Tp lain kali buat lagi. haha!

nc said...

Angel: ya, hangover kn..haha..then... sambung tidur? haha

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