23 December 2009

The Amazing Avatar

Please let me nominate this as the Movie of the Year.. (^_^)
One word for it ~ aMaZinG.

2 hours and 43 minutes.
Crossing the line between dreams and reality.
Would you turn ur back against ur own race and be..one of them?

The story just twist with wonder, passion, and how destructive human kind can be.
I'm not sure about the rest of the viewers.. but..
It..makes me want to crawl into one of the machine.. and be bonded with my own avatar (eseh)..and just live my life there in Pandora.
I guess the most distinguishing element about the movie is the creation of the Na'vi characters - which is very different from the normal alien structure thingy:green, one eye, small, with an antenna thingy?
Please nod if u agree.. :)

Should i say more..?
Haha..please don't miss this movie for anything.
The underlying moral lesson to us is all around.
And that love is beyond what meets the eye ~ it is what the heart sees.

I wish i could ride in one of those beautiful Ikran.

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Can you imagine yourself in such Avatar?

nc says: often, what the human kind claim what is humane..that is when is the most destructive.


Walker said...

I am off to see it on Tuesday with the whole family on 3d imax.
I can't wait

Kris and Nadia said...

wahhh.. byknya org ckp best. ba nanti sya p tinguk :)

Stella O.K. said...

the graphic was fantastic, but the storyline is predictable..
Overall it was okay.. :)

should bring ur whole family and friends to watch it!..:)

Ervina said...

Nan... i like this phase " I SEE U!" awwwhhh so romantic. Love it!

nc said...

walker: im sure u have watched it already by now :)and..loving it?

nadia: memang best o.. msti ko p tguk nanti a

stella: superb graphic kn,, makes everything so real.

ervina: " I See You"

Antonia said...

yeah i've watched it and its the best movie very entertaining and the graphic is just amazing (although 2D ja)..even the storyline is good.

Antonia said...

makes me wanna have my own Avatar too..lol!!

nc said...

antonia: yep, very good stroyline. me wan to hav me own avatar too..can be blue n big n. hey.. sexy ba diorang kn haha

Ervina said...

orang bilang... storyline dia mcm Pocahontas... mcm butul jg ooo!

nc said...

ervina: sa inda penah tgk Pocahontas o.. gitu ka pla cerita dia? tpi, memang best la ba avatar kn. dont u think Neytri is sexy? esp the way she talks? haha

Sheena said...

I am so in love with this movie!!! This was the first movie ever I watched at the cinema after I have my baby..
Loved the scenery and the story line!!

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