It's been exactly a month since our cuddly cat gone missing.
I think he's in heaven now.
The little kitten above is i guess, the reincarnation of himself.
so cute.
So Gempiit.
Among all the four kittens, only this little one has the LOVE patch on its body.
Just like the father.
We love u good..wherever u are.
We miss u.


SJB said...

Soooo cute.

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

He looks so cute & innocent.. Awh I like him ^_^ Can Tiger be friends with him? Haha.. Online friends :p

I still miss Diamond too.. Together we hope that Diamond & Gempiit are happy no matter where they are..

nc said...

SJB: thnks he is.. we cant wait for him to grow up :)

Annieming: boleh ba.. kasi jadi online friend kn? hehe
ya..i really do wish they are OK wherever they maybe now :)

Kay said...

nc, bagi ba sa ni miau....hilang da 1 lagi kucing kami di kg...sikit sdh ni kucing kami.

Zikr the Jalanan Sepi Perantau said...

cute cat... :-)

nc said...

kay: ooooo...yang ni inda blh sama sekali a..hahaha..tapi ada 6 ekor lagi yg kici2 di rumah.. nanti cuti sekolah ko g rumah la,, hehe..bagus juga tu,,,dorang ada tuan baru :)

Zikr: thnks ya,, it is cute u know :)

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