20 January 2010

When a Heart Stops Beating

Rest in peace.
mr Charles D.G.
everybody is thinking of you now.

I never thought i'd be writing an entry about u.
Despite the sad sombrero surrounding us now, everybody still manages to laugh remembering your antiques..and i can feel it strongly that you are watching everyone around now..saying..
"i knew it. korang rindu sia sda kn?"
while imagining ur sly smile that goes "I've passed this stage. Jumpa juga kamu nanti tu," (^_^)

Isk.isk..isk..just the way he was. Love him, hate him. Love him more.

Take care angkol.
We'll meet again!

nc says: when a heart stops beating, its not the end of the world. its the beginning of a new journey that will lead us back home.


Cath J said...

My condolences to your family..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. I like your blog tooo... ^_^

nc said...

CJ: hi ,, thnks for visiting here ya.

i guess thats how life goes.. kn?

Anonymous said...
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Gallivanter said...

May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Ms. Anonymous said...

R.I.P Papa Charles.. really shocked when received text message from one of my friend telling me that Papa Charles already leave us. N regret than can attend his funeral.

May His Soul rest in peace.

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