Peace surrounded the church.
A good friend, a distant uncle, an ex colleague was sleeping in front of the altar.
It's time to pay him our last respect.
It was his funeral.

I took my seat near the front row.
Together with all colleagues of different races, faces and religion.
More people were coming in.
Some were still in their school uniforms, some were nicely dressed in office attire..
some were wearing baju kurung and head scarf.
Seated together facing the altar in full respect of the deceased, offering handshakes and exchanging warm smiles.
No issue here.
There was never the need of it.

The priest began the mass service and politely asked everyone to pray in their own faith, belief, religion. It was understood.
Not one voice of protest or rebellious action were shown during the service period.

This is Sabah.
The place where i belong.
Where everybody understood that everybody has different beliefs and faith yet can still be together under one roof.

Come to Sabah..and you will understand.

It's not about the word that classify what religion you are.
It's the faith and belief that you show - and practice.

The mass ended.
Everybody finally paid their last respect to the deceased.

nc says: angkol, siou a, sa te senyum time last respect. I could feel that u were teasing me then. (^_^) u will never change.


Kris and Nadia said...

condolence... i agree wif the quote there.. very nice.. may his soul rest in peace.. I owez remind myself, kalu tym hidup kita bagus, byk org akan pigi tym kita tiada suda kan.. *Pray to God

SJB said...

May his soul rest in peace.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

ya ba, here, the muslims can enter church without 'fear of being converted'...may your uncle RIP.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi NC, regret to read of your uncle.
May he rest in peace.
Bestr egards,Lee.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

nc said...

dear all :)

thanks for ur concer. really appreciate it..i guess he is resting in peace now.. i dreamt of him.. and he was smiling :)

C.Alv.B said...

Condolence to you..yup I agree to you..NO ISSUE YET at Borneo.. :)

David Jr said...

My Condolences. You are right as there are no major issues in Sabah. I just got back yesterday and I will say it again, I simply love Sabah, the people, the friendliness and the state.

Malaysia Asia

rahma said...

am totally agreed. heran kan d 'sana' telampau sensitif smpi snggp korbankan keamanan and sefahaman antr kaum... hhhmmm btw, sorry about ur uncle...

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