27 January 2010

L E G i O N

(During movie)
I was so excited to finally get to watch Legion yesterday.
I have always been in love with angels.
I was glued to the seat the whole movie time not wanting to lose any moment and scenes in the movie

(After the movie)
I asked J to give me one word to define LEGION.
He gave me this: MENGARUT


I wanted to disagree so badly. But..
Yes. Its a crap. I agree. A whole lotta crap.
  • It seemed so easy for a lot of movie directors and producers nowadays to make a religion's belief a theme of their movies. Who are we to predict how He is going to end the world? So it is the angels who destroy mankind?
  • It is a replica of a modern, sad, cruel Christmas story. The whole story started (kunun) on the 23rd December.
  • The zombie-like (men possessed by angels) people who tried to kill the baby was a badddd idea. And then there's the time when Michael (yes, its the archangel Michael kunun) mention that "The dogs of heaven will be unleashed" , i thought..may be the movie really has something concrete to offer - then came the bandits. huhu..okay.
  • The fight between Michael and Gabriel. I personally despise that.
  • Have you watched GABRIEL before? Same theme. Same angel characters.

Nc says:
I love angels.
I know they are real.
I believe in archangels.
I love Gabriel.
I love Michael.

There’s this one phrase that Michael said to Gabriel I remembered the most:

“ You gave HIM what HE want. I gave HIM what HE need”

Legion anyone? Hope I did not ruin the mood. Sorry.

I love the movie. I hate the story?


Ervina said...

Yeah...i love angels too... i almost watched Legion last week, wanted too, soo badly but my companion "ffk" me at last minute by saying the movie sucks! (according to his friends, the whole cinema was laughing all the way to the end!) wow... He said Legion is worst than Ghost Rider! wow... so bad arr?? but i love the Thriller.. macam teda sabar want to watch, oh well maybe another DVD to buy i guess la.. i want to watch juga itu nanti! just see la...

C.Alv.B said...

Yes..it is mengarut..but if you look deeper the message is actually about the battle within ourself. The baby represent hope even though the mother rejecting him. She's blinded by revenge and lost hope. The son (who the love the mother very much)still have faith that the world will change one day. There is little faith in humankind which hardly recognized by ourself due to the 'darkness' of the world ~ created by us.

There is 3 message I found here

1. Hope (baby)
2. Faith (the son~ cant remember his name hehhee..)
3. Love (Micheal)

Rungitom said...

It's disappointing movie... :(

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

I regretted to pay and watch such movie.. Can't believe those creepy humans were possessed by angels. As far as I know, angels are saviors.. But in the movie, they portrayed 'angels' as destroyers and killers. Burrruk lagi tu. Sad..

nc said...

Ervina: i luv the trailer too :) mcm ada misteri kunun ni.. tpi..betul la ba..geram tgk jalan cerita dia yg menggunakan agama kita sebagai teras nya..esehh..
walau pn hnya movie.. but..sheesh..buat la ba yg logik2 sikit.

Alv: i agree with you on the message in the movie.Love and faith and hope. the three things that we are bestowed with. :) but never appreciated by us. hmmm..if its really going to end this way.. i really hope Michael will be there. o ya,, si JEEP ba nama the son tu.. one thing about him yg left me clueless is: ada apa la dgn itu tattoo yg keluar di badan dia tu? there's no continuation of how the 'prophecy' works on him. hehe..sorry,, i am such a critic. :)

Rungitom: true. but a lesson is learned in a lot of ways kn. :)

Annieming: u know wat.. i was blinded by the sexy angel wings. thats y i thought it was a brilliant movie. not until my hubby 'cuci otak' sia. baru la sia sedar. haha..but in a way, i guess we cannot deny that nothing is impossible.

Kris and Nadia said...

wawa... br sya pun mo p tgk movie ni..huhu.. sya nda pernah tgk movie angel2 wooo.. dunno why, just dun like it :) but i think i totally agree wif you.. :) hihi..

Rungitom said...

Hope, Love, Faith... I do feel it in this movie but the emphasis is not strong enough to get a good feel.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

baaaru ja i thought of watching the movie. then i heard the bad reviews. although i didn't watch it, i agree that it does give a bad image about God and angels to people who aren't Christians. Now they think that the world is going to end because God sends his angels to destroy the world T_T

Angel said...

'I love angels'.

Ah, thank you, nc! Hahaha! xba.

Mesti tengok ni.

SJB said...

Best juga kah?. terpaksalah i tunggu nanti keluar dulu di dvd baru lah boleh tengok hehhe.

nc said...

nadia:haha..ngam la tu. nda pyh la pgi tgk,, bagus lagi tgk jackie chan ja hehe

Rungitom: true. they have a good idea actually kn, but..everything seem so odd (>.<)

Amanda: ya bah,, angels? adui.

SJB: :) ya, bagus lagi tggu keluar di astro o dvd version ka.. :)

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