If we knew that life would end tomorrow,
would we still waste today on our
quarrels? would we fritter the precious
hours away, taking refuge behind that wall
of icy silence, creeping out only to hurl
another barrage of angry words - invisible
missiles, but in every way as deadly as
broken bricks or bottles?

If we knew that life would end tomorrow
would we keep a tally of wrongs,
determined not to be the first one to give
in? Or would we cease to care who had
started it, knowing that no one is
completely in the right, and that in this
kind of war we shall both end up as losers?

If we knew that life would end tomorrow,
surely we would treasure today. Fill the
hours to the brim with love and laughter
instead of anger and bitterness, creating
jewel - bright memories which would
lighten our hearts instead of dark regrets
which could twist and destroy.

If we knew that life would end tomorrow...
but who can say that it will not? The only
time of which we be certain is today.
So today I will reach out for your hand.
Today I will say "I'm sorry" and "I love you".

Life is harder on the sea of love nowadays - not smooth sailing as it was. Been out and about with my partner this week in mad town (where people go crazy over small things..that dont really matter) :(
Not such a memorable Kaamatan this year i would say. more of a sad n full of resentment days with mr fiance (*sigh..)..wondering the 4W 1H question on live and love. - What, Why, Where, When, How.. + nokuro(s)..
TODAY, i accidently found this beautiful piece of art slipped in one of my Customer Service book - borrowed from a friend since last year, which he has just given back TODAY - ok, not going to comment on that one.. ;) A very meaningful poem (writer unknown) simply called TODAY.
What a coincidence. Could this be God's soft intervention and calling to me today? (thinking deeply now..)
Each and every words just hit me in the face :(
Forgive me o Lord for i have sinned.
p/s: o ya, kounsikou to my dear friend Ervina for the very cute,,melancholic picture of a panda.


ErviNna said...

Love is passion, love is blind!
Love is a gift, love is pain!
Love is kind, beautiful and harmless but still... love is pain!
To love someone, u have to sacrifice yourself and learn the lovely word called "PATIENCE!"
Nancy, Welcome to the "old Love story" world !!
-Ivy Tseu-

Ya... itu panda cute kan... sia suka and i will be visiting Panda this coming August! yeah panda and elephant here i come!!!

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