24 June 2008


o my blog.. (^_^)
Its been a while since I last blog.
A bit busy living life and seeking the way of everlasting happiness. – I guess.
Not depressed or anything, its just that..life, can sometimes bring you to the point of thinking what really is your destiny . - I remember asking myself when I was a kid,,was I really a being, and how a weird feeling it is to be alive and breathing . – that was innocence, speaking.
Life goes on.
Yep, life goes on.
And for me,, appreciating the simple work of art and photography is a way to make life goes on more meaningful..fun..and satisfying.
(^_^) I was about to delete a few of these pictures that i have taken with my handphones before..(the random pictures of kids and friends not in their best smile - they say)..since there's nothing to be proud of from it.
Fortunately i did not. :)
Challenging my creative side is pure satisfaction for me.
so,,these about-to be deleted photos are to here to stay anyway :)
..trying my best to put the moment of truth in a different perspective - which was a great challenge. Made it.
and got it into black and white mode with a wide black background, hopefully to give it a more classic touch (^_^) haha..hope it works.
Introucing 'Jason'. - the name of this handsome child.

' Innocence'

'Mother & Child'. One of my close friends, with her son.


A few nieces - happy, sweet and cute.

'Michelle'. My niece.

One of the blissful kids just now.


My hardworking mum with her favourite cat, which is often spoilt by the whole family ;)

'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' - i luv my friends.

and i would simply call this one 'Joy'.


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