Once upon a campus, 5 young ladies believed that hotel management was running through their veins
(* wink wink*).haha..presenting 2 u..batch 4 of HE08.

From left to right: Teng, Mia, Cath, Uzoiey n simply me .
This picture holds so much memory.
It was early morning before lecture that we were overtaken by craziness thus took a lot of pictures with silly actions – one of it was this one. Maybe it was the breakfast thing..hehe..for we were not really in FULL mode that morning.
A friend of ours used to joke telling us its like picture of handphones advertisement..hahhaa..of coz we were just pretending holding the hand phones at that time ;).

Teng: The cutest n one of the smartest HE08 student that time. Was pretty much busy in the love department until the end of study year…but.. hehe..well, One of our friends said that we look- alike, n gave us the thumb up as a ‘buy 1 free 1’. Damn. Now, a teacher, mother of a baby boy and happily married to another teacher..perfect couple.
Mia: My room mate. Couldn’t believe we could actually talk about anything n everything!!from serious to the stupidest thing on earth..or at the back of our home , n laugh crazily– haha. Auww..i really missed those days. Now, pregnant with child number two, she’s an occasional lunch companion in a get- together or mini reunion held..of course in KFC!! J
Cath: or famously known as Khairunissa@kay now, is a cikgu – mithali to be,,was actually very friendly n down to earth person after getting to know her. My source of inspiration in the blogging world. Having a very Chinese look, people always misjudge her as a Chinese girl before..haha..amoi…ni hao ma..
Uzoiey: one of my close friend until today. Was a very happy go lucky lady in campus..and an active outing companion then n now..that is before u need to juggle work, marriage n family la..hehe. well,, now a mother of a baby boy. My collegue, my friend.
Me:?? What else can I say? I wish I was a little wiser and work harder in campus. But..as a phrase says..”never regret something that has once made u smile”. So, im not going to complaint. Hmm..looking at the marriage – o – meter..its just me n cath left. All are proud mamas n wives now. Ba cath..u first..i don’t mind. Though happily engaged with mr fiancé now, I really wouldn’t mind waiting for some time when he will be transferred here in Kota Kinabalu..so that married life will be like a married life.

By the way, none of us stayed in the hotel lines. Haha..
My fav pic of campus life. i wonder who took the picture that time..may be it was Jacky..,
O jacky..jacky..where art thou..now

Really missed those days..young..free..lazeee..hehe

And how could we forget this one..mocktail making in front of the lecturer's room?hahaha

Friends come n go..some..gone..forever. but some remain in the heart..warmer n warmer everyday.

BUt..there's a saying that says..

"dont worry about your the people in your past. There's a reason why they didn't make it to your future"

and..that's why..i would agree to the saying that goes..

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there!"


Kay said...

ko tau sa bangun pagi ni, rasa sunyi sangat. sa abis exam sudah n bolehlah dikatakan habis pengajian sudah ni. tinggal mau pratikal lagi. sa baca blog ko pagi ni, tambah sa rasa sunyi..sa rindu betul mo balik sabah..

best entry ko ni..

mm..rindu betul sabah o..

Borneo Belle said...

Those of us who spend a few years at university, often leave with more than the qualification. There are other, more, priceless treasures - friends for example. Lovely entry, x

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